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  1. an alternative would be to just drag and drop the image into the body of a note.
  2. A forum etiquette note: There is no need to make essentially the same post in multiple locations. Either add to a thread that is related to your problem, or start a new thread and provide as much information as possible. Now you will get fragments of responses spread across at least the three posts you have made. Please see my post from another thread in response to you: also, updating to the latest version of the application removes the integrated browser so that should also un-stick you. However, its sounds like you are actually experiencing a different issue. Could you describe the problem you are experiencing? Is it crashing on launch? Is an error displayed? is it freezing at a certain point? If so, what precedes the freeze? Now that you have your own thread, lets stick with this one you've started here. Can you respond to the text in the quote that I have bolded.
  3. If you are experiencing the same issue as the original poster, that is, you are stuck in Evernote's integrated browser, then you should follow the directions below: also, updating to the latest version of the application removes the integrated browser so that should also un-stick you. However, its sounds like you are actually experiencing a different issue. Could you describe the problem you are experiencing? Is it crashing on launch? Is an error displayed? is it freezing at a certain point? If so, what precedes the freeze?
  4. Glad I could offer a useful suggestion. It certainly isn't elegant. I too really hope we will see some significant attention directed at penultimate. It certainly isn't being neglected by Evernote, lots of stuff being added fairly regularly, but my wishlist for that application is nevertheless still rather long Cheers!
  5. This may not accurately reflect how the Jot Script and Jot Touch interact with the iPad display since they use very different tips from the Mini, Flip, and Pro. No, he is correct, the Jot Script is a POS. There is a plastic guard for the stylus tip that fell off right after I got an early production model. I was tapping on my iPAD screen with a piece of metal. Returned it in the second week. That is odd. I haven't ever seen the top fall off either of my Jot Scripts. That being said, it still isn't clear that the quoted post refers specifically to the Script. While it may well refer to the Script, the other Adonit models have this reputation, and have had it well before the Script existed. I think the moral of the story is, if your stylus tip isn't rubber, be careful.
  6. Indeed I think the integration is rather limited, in many of the ways you identify. The point, I think, is that your hand-written notes are searchable as text, along with all of your other notes. You can also copy the pages from your Penultimate notebook as images and plop them into standard Evernote notes. They will remain searchable there too. In fact, I've had luck moving entire penultimate notebooks (which are represented by a single Evernote note) to different notebooks where they are relevant, and they remain accessible in Penultimate. This means you can have your hand written notes alongside your text notes.
  7. The similar, but slightly higher end Jot Touch, does appear there. I think the Evernote branding automatically marginalizes the Jot Script to a niche.
  8. You can access your penultimate content in the desktop Evernote client on your laptop. Since Evernote on desktop stores a copy of your database on your hard drive,they are accessible offline. You do not need an internet connection. You can view, export, transfer, etc. your penultimate content, offline, using the Evernote application installed on your laptop (NOT the web interface, they actual application installed on your computer).
  9. They should appear in whichever notebook is set as your default notebook, or whichever notebook you specified in the subject line of the email. See more about emailing to Evernote here: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23480523 If you aren't sure which notebook it is it, just view all your notes (cmd-shift-a) sorted by date updated, and the most recent notes such as one you just emailed to your account, should be at the top.
  10. In penultimate, you can log into your Evernote account. Syncing happens automatically. Penultimate content shows up as notes in Evernote so they will turn up in search results and what not. You can also copy penultimate pages into regular Evernote notes. See the penultimate getting started guide if you haven't already: https://evernote.com/penultimate/guide/
  11. 1) There is no way to export your Penultimate data to an external drive directly from an iPad. 2) Options: A) You can use a 30-pin/Lightning (depending on which iPad you have)->VGA/HDMI/DV-I to connect your iPad directly to a projector which should allow you to display your Penultiamte content on the projector directly. Penultimate content is automatically, immediately synchronized to your Evernote account. You can use Evernote's Presentation mode on either your iPad or your Laptop hooked up to a projector to immediately begin a presentation. C) Using Evernote on your Laptop, locate your Penultimate content. For each "page", export it as an image, which you can then insert into a presentation using your favourite presentation software.
  12. You can install Evernote on Windows, sign in with your account, and view your penultimate content that way.
  13. Penultimate works only on the iPad. It syncs automatically with Evernote. The relationship is one-way. That is, your penultimate content is saved, and can be viewed in Evernote on any device (including your laptop). So, your Penultimate notes are always already stored in Evernote (usually in a notebook called Penultimate). This means your penultimate notes will turn up in search results and can be viewed from any Evernote client (your iPad, your laptop, smartphone, web interface, and so on). YOU CANNOT: Add content to penultimate from evernote. That is, you cannot effectively modify penultimate content in Evernote. It is a one way street - Penultimate->Evernote. There is no Evernote->Penultimate communication.
  14. This has been elaborated on in great detail in another thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39110-how-do-i-become-an-evernote-ambassador/ See some of the more recent posts for more specific, up to date details.
  15. A user can already set up something somewhat similar to this on their own. At least, I've got a system that vaguely approximates this. I have a notebook called .inbox (the . keeps it at the top!). This is my default notebook. It is a temporary location. Nothing lives permanently in this notebook. It's a landing pad, a "bin" if you prefer. Because this is my default notebook, whenever I use one of the quick note buttons in iOS (one of the 5 round buttons on the home screen of the Evernote application) to say, take a "quick note", it will always end up in the .inbox notebook. Once an item is in .inbox, I can act on it and delete it, or tag it and place appropriately it in one of my few notebooks. So, as I said at the outset, .inbox is only ever a temporary location. Whenever I need to (sometimes every couple of days, sometimes a couple times per hour, depending on what I'm doing), I'll go through the .inbox and put whatever has accumulated there into their appropriate notebooks and tags, or delete them if they are no longer needed. I keep very few notebooks, so this isn't normally too onerous. Because this happens reasonably often, the .inbox is usually always empty or close to empty, at least by the end of the day once I've proceed anything that's been put in there. This has a number of advantages: 1) If an email sent to evernote fails to be placed in the correct Notebook, it ends up predictably in the .inbox, and since there are usually VERY few notes in there at any given time, it's easy to find and file appropriately 2) It means I can rapid-fire content into Evernote from email, the clipper, the menubar helper, and the quick note links (in iOS) without spending any time selecting a notebook, then go into Evernote and focus on organizing them. Again, since .inbox is not a permanent home, only things I just added will be there. EASY! 3) Any quick notes I make that I might need to retrieve very soon are right there in the very first notebook I see, and are not buried under hundreds of notes. .inbox is right there at the top and contains only a few notes, so it is easy to retrieve a quickly made note in a short period of time.
  16. There is no way to remove a specific PDF from the local cache on your mobile device. Under ideal circumstances, the local Evernote cache should always prune itself back when needed. In other words, that locally stored PDF should likely be cleared away over time or when additional space is required. That being said, I personally haven't always found this to be the case, and I've also found that the "clear cache" setting in Evernote doesn't necessarily have the effect I would have anticipated. If things are getting really dire on your iPad, you can try logging out of Evernote and back in, or even uninstalling the application entirely. A bit of a PITA, but if you are down to your last MB of storage, it is effective.
  17. You could always use a Zapier "zap". Clip the statement to a notebook in Evernote, and have Zapier take new notes from that notebook and send it to your gmail. That being said, if you already clip the statement to Evernote, why send it to gmail? Evernote and Gmail are effectively doing the same job in this scenario, do you really need it done twice? Once the statement is in evernote, the same search query you have been using in Gmail should return the statement you are looking for.
  18. What do you mean "home page"..... There is the website for skitch, but there is no reason to go there on your iPad: https://evernote.com/skitch/ What happens when you try and open the Skitch application on your iPad?
  19. This sounds like an issue with Eventnoted, not Evernote specifically. You should contact the developer of EventNoted here: https://www.eventnoted.com/contact/
  20. That's really brutal Alex, I've flagged this for staff attention. Hopefully they will contact you and help you sort this out.
  21. Preview.app was indeed the application I was referring to. Yes, "annotate the entire note" is a workaround since it effectively creates an entirely new PDF file from the contents of the note. This sounds like it works in your situation but it may not be a practical workaround for all future needs. But, at least for now things are working!
  22. this is puzzling and very likely has something to do with file permissions, though it may not be a problem in the way that Disk Utility is designed to fix. If this is indeed the case, then it is quite likely that you will get the same error when annotating in preview. Perhaps this would be worth testing. Locate a PDF that has generated that error reliably. Try annotating it in Preview and saving it (just hit cmd-s, it will save the changes to your EN database). Do you get the same error?
  23. Normally any PDF I have in Evernote I annotate in Preview, so I haven't come across this in my day-to-day. Just tried it with a couple of PDFs using Evernote's annotation tools. After a few attempts I wasn't able to reproduce your error. One thing to try: Open Disk Utility on your mac (Applications>Utilities, or search spotlight for "Disk Utility") Select the drive Evernote is installed on and under "First Aid" select "repair permissions". It is possible that something is wonky with the permission in the directory where evernote is storing your database, and it has lost "write" privileges to that directory.
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