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  1. while composing a brief postach.io post on my iPad this evening using markdown, I noticed that a URL will always be auto-detected. This even occurs when the note is simplified or converted to plain text. The issue is that when using markdown, the detected URL messes with the rendering and breaks the link. This means that if you wanted to do this: [evernote's official website](http://evernote.com)the desired HTML output sent to Postach.io would be: <a href="http://evernote.com">Evernote's official website</a>Instead, since evernote auto-detects the URL on iOS, the markdown translation doesn't work and the link is broken, meaning you are unable to use markdown to create linked text. Now I just realized you MAY get away with using HTML directly, but I haven't tried using hTML containing an autodeteced URL. Does anyone know how to get around this? Anyone know how to de-link the URL on iOS? Any markdown or HTML workarounds?
  2. That fix was stated explicitly in the release notes From the release notes: - Fixed: Issues attaching documents in OS X 10.6 That's great to know. Thanks for the reply. But where are these release notes? I tried to check precisely that before installing the new update but couldn't find them anywhere on the evernote web site. release notes appear in the dialogue box that shows when it detects an update (Evernote>Check for Updates) Also you can check release notes for the currently installed version: Help>Release Notes
  3. Definitely contact support about this, they will be able to help you by seeing if there were any account-related hiccups... In the meantime, I assure you this type of situation is very rare...
  4. The files, regardless of which computer was used, will be synced to the hard drive of all computers where you are logged in. Scan at work, then it will appear on you home computer too where it will be backed up by whatever system you have in place.
  5. I am working under the assumption that you do not have any of these notebooks set to be accessible offline on your ipad (a premium feature). If this Is the case, then without wifi the only thing you can access is a small cache of your note content and you cannot access attachments because they are stored on the server. If you have notebooks set up to be available offline using the premium feature, then I can only imagine you are right in speculating that the search query is sent to servers to look inside attachments but I have no evidence except your anecdote to go on! Perhaps a staffer will comment!
  6. Evernote has a FAQ on this here: http://evernote.com/partner/scansnap/guide/#5 And as part of a lengthy discussion elsewhere in this forum there is a comparison linked to here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/43257-scansnap-evernote-edition/page-3#entry237676 Check out the Fujitsu link in the forum post I linked to, but also read through the rest of the thread for further discussion
  7. Bringing content (other than camera roll images) into penultimate is not something it supports unfortunately! At this point in time there is no way to bring content FROM evernote into penultimate.
  8. If you downloaded evernote from the evernote webite, try checking for updates to get the latest version 5.4.4 If you download this from the Mac App Store, Try uninstalling 5.4.3 and try downloading Evernote 5.4.4 from their website:https://evernote.com/evernote/ the latest version of Evernote is 5.4.4 but because of Apple's approval process it has not made it through the App Store yet. This may help resolve your issue
  9. Can you provide more information? What specifically is provoking you to repair your directory structure? System slow downs? Hangs? Related - How do you know evernote/clipper is the cause? When you say "repair the hard drive directory structure", are you referring to a "Disk Repair" or a "permissions repair"?
  10. This is unnecessarily antagonistic and unhelpful. We don't know what operating system version she is using, let alone if she is even using a Mac! Ignore Ankenn's post. It may not be relevant to your situation. can you provide us with a bit more information? What operating system are you running? What version of Evernote? Does this occur with PDFs of any size? Do you have any upload quota remaining this month? (check your "Account Info" for this info). Are you able to drag and drop a PDF onto a note? What happens when you try?
  11. Les, http://hosting.edo-soft.com/stickynotes/ Is this the product you have? If these are what you are seeing you will have to contact the developer that has made this app via the website above. From what you have told us this does not appear to be an Evernote issue.
  12. I understand your frustration, and a part of the issue if Evernote's ambition. They appear to really be into rapid development, in addition to being radically cross-platform. With this set of ambitions, the possibility of something breaking or of breaking something is very HIGH. 1) Every time a new feature (or even a bug fix) is rolled out, it could potentially cause a break somewhere else, even with extensive beta testing. The impact of a new feature will differ on each platform as well, and sometimes the outcome could be unexpected or unanticipated, or could be harder to fix than expected. It may also require that other clients on different platforms also be modified to accommodate a fix in another client. 2) In addition to Evernote breaking thing themselves is the possibility that an update to any of the supported OSs could break something. Of course there are developer previews for most OSs, think of all the supported platforms and the development schedule of each platform, officially annual for iOS and OSX, something around annual for Android and Windows, none of these occurring at the same time. This means for any given platform, a new release could break something that Evernote has to chase down while actively maintaining all other clients, ensuring a fix on one client doesn't create issues on another, updating other clients to accommodate the fix on the first, all while pursuing new features and fixing the problems they create for themselves with issue (1) above. This usually means that, when all clients are considered, they are almost perpetually hunting down bugs on one platform or another, many of which are the result of changes made to the host OS/Platform, and which may not be easily fixed during the developer preview period. This is not to excuse Evernote. Indeed there have been a number of gaffs that really make you wonder how they even made it out the door. But Evernote is ambitious and we are choosing to use (and pay for) the product and service of a pretty ambitious company, which means we choose to go along for the ride and hope our own needs don't get disrupted too badly along the way. Perhaps it would be nice if Evernote focused solely on stability and bug fixes, but when you look at the number of posts in these forums requesting features, a whole new set of users would rise up. Catch 22?
  13. Unfortunately you must share each notebook one at a time. It is not currently possible to share multiple notebooks simultaneously.
  14. The reason for this is that the user may not know exactly what is being imported, or it may be that the user are importing a pile of notes that they are not sure how they want categorized in advance. Rather than dumping a bunch of notes into a bunch of different notebooks that you then need to sift through and re-categorize, it puts it into a single location so you can categorize as needed. You should be able to just drag and drop out of the newly created "Import" notebook into whatever notebook you like. You can select all of the notes in the import notebook simultaneously (select one note and press cmd-a) and drag them, or, in the preview pane (where note contents normally show up) you can select the correct notebook with the "move to notebook..." drop down,
  15. Hi Ginger, Not a problem at all, happy to help! I am glad that we were able to find a solution. Enjoy getting to know Evernote and feel free to browse/search/post in the forums for ideas, answers and so on!
  16. Ok, so I see the problem. Your file is named filename.enex.xml The portion that comes after the period (.enex.xml) is called a file extension. Evernote wants ONLY .enex and NOT the additional .xml. try renaming the file so that it is just filename.enex removing the .xml portion. then try importing that.
  17. Just tried this on 10.9 with Evernote 5.4.4 and evernote notes are showing up in Spotlight.
  18. That is correct, they will always show up on any of her clients (iOS, Windows, Android, OS X, etc), until the owner (you, in this case) changes the sharing permission. They will behave largely like one of her own notebooks with only a few caveats (she can only ADD to it if you are a premium user; she can only add tags that already exist in the notebook).
  19. Hm, sorry, since the post was tagged "mac" I assumed you were using the Mac client. I am not sure why the file is greyed out, for example, see the attached screenshot for how the import screen appears for me. Perhaps someone else who has encountered this issue can chime in with their suggestions.
  20. Ok so that looks perfectly normal. Can you explain what you are attempting to do? If this is an Evernote .enex file and you want to access the content of the notes within, you must go File>Import and direct Evernote to the file on your hard drive. Dragging and dropping will not work to import the contents of the .enex. Time zone can be modified by editing your forum profile settings which can be accessed by clicking on your name in the top right and selecting "my settings".
  21. 残念ながら、私はiPadでEvernoteのサムネイル画像を選択する方法があるとは思わない。私は私が変更をバック願って、アプリケーションの動作が変更されたと思います! 今のところ、私はそれだけで理想的ではない、これランダムに画像を選ぶと思います。 I don't think there is currently a way to choose a thumbnail image in Evernote for the ipad. for now, I think it just picks an image at random, which is not ideal.
  22. Hi Ginger, I had no problem finding your topic in the General forum, so i'm not sure why you are having trouble seeing it, hopefully it is just a browser cache issue... When you say that "the link is there", do you mean that, in the note, there is a coloured link (like on a website) that you are clicking? What SHOULD happen is when you drag and drop a a file onto a note, it should show up as an attachment, so, either a relatively elongated button/bar-like icon, or it should show up in-line (like if it was a PDF you'd see the contents of the PDF). What type of file are you dropping into the note? It is worth noting that you if you drag and drop FOLDERS into notes, Evernote automatically creates a .zip file out of the folder.
  23. Hi Rextilleon, I think you hit the nail on the head. They do their best to optimize their application for the widest possible variety of use cases, but inevitably there are shortcomings of one type or another. These could be related to hardware/OS limitations, or unanticipated use cases, or extreme difficulty in implementing the feature (especially across platforms, and often times it is minor or seemingly simple features that can be the most troublesome!), or because they simply do not see Evernote as being the optimal application/service for a particular use case and would rather not complicate it unnecessarily. Now, if you or I could develop the program of our dreams, that would really be something! Alas, we must work with someone else's vision of what the software ought to be which will always fall short here or there, no matter how good the developer is. Glad you enjoy Evernote and the community here is always happy to help or just "talk shop" about Evernote!
  24. well perhaps one day it will be easier to bulk-share notebooks. Unfortunately Evernote doesn't publish their roadmap so we can only speculate! We'll just have to wait and see. That being said I don't imagine it will be high-priority. Sharing is really a one-time deal, you don't have to continually re-share. That being said, if you are needing to share something like 5 or more notebooks, I can see how that can be frustrating, but again, at least once it is done, it's done!
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