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  1. Click the sharing icon for the desired not and share it publically. Evernote will automatically copy the specific URL to your clipboard. All your Evernote notes are stored on your hard drive already anyway, dumping the URL into a folder on your desktop is not going to save you any space and will just add confusion. If you are looking to avoid occupying space on your hard drive, then uninstall the Evernote app and work exclusively from the web version in your browser. You can still follow the same sharing procedure as above using the web interface, and dump the URLs to a local folder. It isn't clear to me why you'd want to do this though!
  2. The only thing I can think of would be to create "dummy" notes with a title like ---------------- and inserting those as shortcuts to act as seperators. I don't expect we'll see official dividers because I don't think evernote expects many users to amass shortcuts (which would defeat the purpose). Unfortunately for users like yourself, this workaround will have to do!
  3. Yes 3rd party stuff is not without issues. Let's see what Evernote has in store for the future....
  4. As far as I know there is no way to select which calendar Evernote draws from. There is a bit of an hierarchy however, that I have picked up. In reality it may be a bit different but based on my observation: 1) Currently occurring timed event (For example, if at 3:30pm-4:30 you have "Dentist" and you create a note at 4pm, it will be "Dentist") If there is no currently occurring timed event: 2) All day Events, in alphabetical order by calendar name. For example if you have: "Cheese" "Home" and "Work", and you have an all day event in "Cheese", that will be the suggestion, even if there are other all-day events in Home or Work. Evernote has no actual way of determining which event is relevant over another because it can't tell if "Batch b3 dry age" is any more or less important than "Remembrance day" or "Anniversary" or the event occurring in two hours called "Business meeting" if they all occur on the same day. A few workarounds, though none are terribly pleasant: 1) Remove the calendar from your iOS device by un-checking it in the calendar app (though this is, of course, a global change that will affect your entire device. or 2) Disable "Suggested note titles" in Evernote's preferences.
  5. Same problem. Nothing resolves this. I deleted the app and tried to reinstall it. Now it won't even let me sign in. Crashes immediately on startup. IOS 7.0.4 Iphone user. Have either of you tried the workaround provided by Evernote and others in this thread? Disabling Evernote's access to your devices Contacts should provide some stability.
  6. Nobody but evernote knows if they intend to add additional todo-like functionality. I do not and have never really expected Evernote to be a true to-do platform, which is fine. I keep Evernote busy enough with notes and long-term content-heavy reminders. For to-dos, I use Wunderlist. I really dig Wunderlist but I don't know if i'd recommend it over any other program. Go with what works for you. As such, I don't have any tips for ToDos in evernote because it isn't suited for it and I have no problem using a separate application to manage my todos. However, I often use note links in Wunderlist and my calendar. If there is additional information for an event or task, I store it in an evernote note and place the link in the Wunderlist item or Calendar event. That way, on my computers or on any mobile device I can always click on that link and it takes me straight to that evernote note. Some third parties are beginning to tap into evernote for managing todos. I am thinking primarily of Gneo, which is currently only available on iOS devices, though it has announced plans for a Mac application too.
  7. The free web service IFTTT.com will allow you to do this. I highly recommend them.
  8. I've shared 740 notes over the years. If one has been hit by this bug, how does one view the message: "Last edited by xxxxxx and shared publicly with others" I can't find it in either my Windows client version 5.03 or the Windows web. Good Point. On my mac, I pulled up all of my publicly shared notes and none of them have any little notice like that (the blue "share arrow" is the only indication that it is publicly shared).
  9. Happy to help. Yes the Getting Started with Evernote is a good resource. Also check out the Knowledge Base, and of course, these forums offer a fair bit of interesting additional information as well!
  10. They do not go into the computer's trash. They go into a special notebook called trash. If you look at your list of notebooks you should see a trash notebook. That should contain all of your deleted content. In the sidebar click Notebooks, which should display a list of notebooks in the main window. The last notebook is called "Trash". This exists on all of your devices and is synced to all of your devices. One mistake on one device means you can recover from that mistake on ANY device.
  11. Shoe, You are correct, you are currently unable to create a new notebook within a stack. New notebooks always appear outside of a stack and require dragging. I agree, it would be nice to be able to right-click on a stack and create a new notebook right inside. That being said, notebook and stack creation is not likely to be a daily occurrence. For example, my structure is reasonable stable from week to week, month-to-month. Typically I only need to add new notebooks when a new project comes up or I have a new teaching obligation, so every 4 months or so. As such, whether such a task takes 5 minutes or 10 minutes doesn't really make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Your suggestion is likely to save seconds and not minutes. But I am fairly flexible and my workflow not terribly particular, and my work not based on minutes and seconds. Perhaps your situation is the opposite, in which case I can understand how this minor feature could be a near-deal-breaker for you.
  12. By default anything deleted ends up in the trash where it can quickly and easily be restored. It will remain in the trash until you clear the trash. This is true for all of your devices. If you delete a note on your computer, it goes to the trash. It will also be in the trash on your mobile devices and your other computers and so on. A warning dialogue has been discussed elsewhere and could probably be a nice addition (or optional addition)
  13. I agree, allowing you to, say, right click on a stack and create a new notebook within that stack would probably be nice. However I hardly think this is software ruining "oversight". Creating notes and notebook is still a one-click or one-key-command away. Stacking them can be done at a later moment once the ideas are down.
  14. Command-N makes a new note. Command-Shift-N makes a new notebook. That's pretty darn quick. Drag things into a stack whenever you have a moment like when you're sitting on the subway on your way home. Is that seriously a big deal?
  15. This is strange behaviour. I have taken notes in Penultimate for extended periods of time without experiencing a loss of connection. Have you contact support or opened a support ticket?
  16. I have never experienced this sort of problem.
  17. One of the main reasons why neither company has made a public statement about "issues" with the Jot Script is that it is not clear that there are "issues" with it. That is, it is not clear exactly if there is some widespread problem that might indicate a fundamental design flaw in the Jot Script that deserves a press release and product recall. I am sure that Evernote and Adonit will publicly shame themselves if they find there really is a flaw in the design of the unit. Until then, open a support ticket.
  18. And EN gives me another good reason for switching... I read somewhere that OneNote for Mac will be released with Office for Mac 2014. Can't wait. Just as with anything in life, use what works best for you...
  19. To turn sharing off for a given note, select a note (perhaps starting with that "passwords" note) and click the "Share" button, there should be a "stop sharing" option in the list of options that appears. Also, I recommend a password manager for storing passwords (such as 1Password or LastPass). Storing passwords in Evernote is note necessarily wise.
  20. Ok, I did as you suggested and touched nothing related to sharing. I created a note like I usually do. I don't notice any sharing language showing up. With my other note, I saved it from an online program into Evernote. Would that have anything to do with the "sharing"? I am going to look at all of my other notes to check. Good Lord, I just noticed that all of my notes in a particular notebook say they are shared including "passwords"!!! How do you turn this off???? Further update: I went into settings for one notebook and right clicked. I chose options and made that notebook my default notebook. Going into the notes, I now see the notes aren't shared. However all of the other notebooks aren't share now either. What "online program" is it that you are using? This could very likely be a part of what you are seeing.
  21. More than likely, yes. Applications are not able to overwrite a user's privacy settings, such as access to contacts, so you'll have to go in and grant it access again.
  22. You'll know because Evernote will release an update for the application. They may or may not explicitly mention this issue as FIXED in the release notes.
  23. It is extraordinarily UNusual that notes are being publicly shared this way. This is not normal behaviour, and not the way Evernotr would want users data to be stored. For those with this problem, what happens if you: 1- create a new notebook (synchronized, not shared) 2 - in that new notebook, create a new note. Is that new note shared?
  24. Descriptive titles, careful tagging, and heavy use of the search function are crucial. I very rarely "browse" around Evernote. Typically it's selecting an appropriate notebook e.g. "Academic literature" or "manuscript blah", drilling down by tag, e.g., "Marxist materialism" or "survey manuscript", then browsing the very specific results presented. Or I search for something specific, perhaps within a specific notebook. So perhaps I isolate the academic literature notebook and I want to find my notes on Articles about "performativity", so I search for that word and it returns instances of that phrase in the notebook, so presumably every note that is presented has to do with "performativity".
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