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  1. This has been discussed a great deal on these forums. In addition to what I suggest here, I recommend you do some searching for more detailed discussion. I'd also suggest you post which operating system you are using here so we can make more relevant recommendations. First of all, it is important to remember that all of your Evernote data is synchronized with Evernote's servers (Excepting Local Notebooks which are not synced). This means that in the event of a hard drive crash or computer loss, your data (except that which was stored in Local Notebooks) should easily be recovered simply by re-sycning from the servers. But, this isn't really "backup", to be safe, a traditional backup is definitely worthwhile. There are a number of approaches. First of all, if you have the Evernote application installed on your computer, you have a copy of your Evernote data stored locally on your hard drive. If you are on a Mac, this database will be backed up along with your Time Machine backup. If you are on windows, just make sure the .exb file is included in whatever your hard drive backup solution is. Other backup systems should also back up your Evernote database. CrashPlan and BackBlaze will backup your Evernote database. It is important, however, to remember that these databases are not terribly human-readable, and in most cases must be restored in full. This means that if you need to recover one note, or a set of notes, or a single notebook, you will have to recover the entire database. This is where individual, manual backups can be helpful. Individual notebooks or other sub-sets of notes can be regularly exported as a .enex file, then backed up in the manner of your choosing (such as by Time Machine or CrashPlan, or Carbon Copy Cloner). So you might set up a habit of exporting subsets of your data on a regular basis, such as daily or weekly (perhaps depending on how active your use of that subset it). You might export a notebook for a very active project on a daily basis, while you might export notebooks for old projects once when the project is complete, and then never again since the data will not be changed. The manual system is labour intensive. On the Mac it might be possible to use Automator to create script that gets run at regular intervals. Again, you'd be wise to search the boards for the many other discussions on this topic, but my post should at least get you started.
  2. For the record, the knowledge base article I linked to was retrieved using "conflicting" as the search term. That being said, documentation on this could be much, much better (part of a broader documentation issue that i have been rather vocal about for quite a while!)
  3. many responses throughout the penultimate forum from Evernote staff.
  4. That isn't the way conflicting change should behave. There should be one version of the note, left in the notebook where it lived before, and a conflicting note in a local "conflicting changes" notebook. Also, there is official documentation about conflicts (though there is no single "conflicting changes" article), this might clarify some of the ambiguity: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23275623 https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23275423
  5. Are those "lost" penultimate notebooks still visible from the Evernote application?
  6. You should be able to add them to penultimate (if they aren't already there), then using Evernote, view your penultimate content. You could also export these notes from Evernote as a PDF.
  7. No backups? If not, then indeed, reverting isn't likely going to help. You could try reverting to a previous iCloud backup, assuming Penultimate was set to backup to iCloud (you can choose which app content is or is not backed up). This is a real pain, but it might get your stuff back.
  8. Have you reached, or are you approaching your monthly upload limit? When annotating a PDF, the entire PDF is re-uploaded and counts against your limit. If the PDF is 3mb, and you make a change, its a new 3mb upload. Do that 6 times and you've got 18mb counted against your limit. How big is the PDF? how big is the note? (These can be seen in the header for the attached PDF, and the note information popover, respectively). Do either of these exceed the limits of your Evernote account? It could be a file permissions issue, perhaps the PDF is "locked" for some reason (I encounter this from time to time for a reason I cannot explain)What happens if you: 1) save the PDF back to your desktop. 2) try to modify and the PDF using Preview 3) If that works, create a NEW note in Evernote and attach the PDF to that note 4) try annotating the PDF again. If (2) doesn't work, it sounds like an issue of file permission, and not necessarily an Evernote issue. You can try saving a new copy of the PDF which might have more linnet and appropriate file permissions. Also, you say you click the "Annotate this note" icon. Why not click on the annotate button for the PDF itself (or right-click and select "Annotate this PDF")?
  9. Is that PDF encrypted by any chance? sometimes mobile devices have a hard time handling encrypted PDFs.
  10. If you view a penultimate note in Evernote, you should be able to just drag and drop the pages out of the note onto your desktop and they will be saved as images. You can also right/ctrl-click in Evernote and select "save as" for a given page. I don't have any new penultimate notes created after the version 6 update to test, but this seems to work on all of my version 5 created notes that were converted to version 6 style notes.
  11. Phil Libin, Evernote's CEO hasn't exactly been silent: https://twitter.com/plibin/status/534378189934440449 That being said, he hasn't been specific about how they are going to respond in practice, but he has not been "silent".
  12. I understand how frustrating this penultimate situation is. However, it is no excuse to violate forum code of conduct (e.g., cross posting):https://discussion.evernote.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules
  13. There is already a thread with a rather detailed discussion about alternatives. I suggest you consult that. It's in this very sub-forum.https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/75511-please-anyone-suggest-a-new-note-taking-app/
  14. To be totally accurate, they haven't abandoned the notebook metaphor, they've just aligned the Evernote and Penultimate metaphors. It used to be that Penultimate had its own Evernote notebook, which in Penultimate didn't correspond to anything or have any meaning. You ended up with a strange incoherence: Penultimate Evernote Notebook = Note Note = Content within an Evernote note Now as of Penultimate 6.0: Penultimate Evernote Notebook = Notebook Note = Note Note content = Note content While I have a huge number of gripes with Penultimate 6.0, the alignment of the metaphors between EN and Penultimate is not one. I am grateful they have done this. Now, I think their execution is not without some problems, for example, the absence of pagination (or perhaps, the conversion of previously paginated content into non-paginated content). I ultimately think this alignment will spare a great deal of confusion and will (already has) facilitated some greater flexibility with respect to how notes (by which I mean both Penulimate and Evernote notes, since they are the same thing) can be organized. Again, a few issues with this execution, among a slew of other much more significant issues. But in general, this metaphor change is welcomed by me.
  15. Libin seems to know what's going on:https://twitter.com/plibin/status/534378189934440449 While it is impossible to know how Evernote Execs and staff will actually respond in practice, there's no doubt that the outcry has made it to the top.
  16. This was distributed to all beta testers. You can be a part of this beta testing team (many of us around here are) by "applying" here: Omnibus Beta Tester Beg Now, I think, aside from the very obvious bugs, the design and feature choices here couldn't likely have been changed by any amount of beta testing. I suspect to a large extent these are defined by the broader vision for the application. Some whinging from beta testers isn't likely to have made a huge difference. I think the outcry here is likely to have significantly more impact.
  17. As it turns out, Penultimate does not support marking up of any type of document. This has been an oft requested feature (I know I'd love PDF markup capabilities). Personally I use PDF Expert 5 or Notability for marking up my PDFs. As for free-hand marking up of Word documents, I don't think I am aware of any application that allows this because this isn't something that is supported in the .docx MS Word format. The most straightforward way to markup a Word document would be to save it as a PDF first.
  18. Notability is well reviewed, and feature rich. You might find that to be a useful application, if you don't require easy syncing with Evernote. Notability does iCloud and Dropbox, so it has some solid syncing facilities.
  19. Evernote staff responded to user concerns within one day of the release. See the posts beginning with this one: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/74824-penultimate-60-released/?p=320403
  20. If you actually read this thread, you'd notice that an Evernote employee, Joshua Taylor, has chimed in at least a half dozen times within the fits few pages. Take a deep breath,
  21. I can see why you might take issue with the way they have decided to conduct business here. Indeed it does privilege those who are willing to/able to pay, and disadvantage those who don't/can't. (though I hadn't even considered the possibility that Evernote would pay media companies, to me that seemed backwards, but not wrong, just backwards relative to how I saw it and understand the biz). With respect to privacy, apparently, according to Evernote's blog: So, nothing being handed over to third-parties. Though of course, as with any situation where you store information on someone else's servers, and this applies not just Evernote, these terms can always change. But I don't think any ToS had to change for Evernote to offer context since they have always mined your Evernote data to feed it back to you (related content, as well as all the OCR stuff and type-ahead searching etc). So, this is something to be concerned with, for sure, and has always been the case with Evernote (and, well, every company like Dropbox and Google, and Apple, and Facebook and Amazon, and.....)
  22. Where are you seeing these conflicting notes? There are two types of conflicts I've experienced in Evernote. 1) A sync issue has resulted in two version of a note to conflict. In this case one note gets placed in a newly created local notebook called "conflicting changes DATE", the other version stays wherever it has always been. 2) A sync issue has resulted in Evernote losing track of which modifications to a note were made at what time. Evernote appends another version of the note to the same note, resulting in your original note being followed by a "Conflicting modifications DATE" heading, which is followed by the modified version of the note. In (1), evernote creates TWO notes. One is in the original location, one is located in a newly created conflicting notes notebook. In (2), Evernote appends the conflicting content to the note itself. To resolve EITHER of these issues, you review the conflict manually and reconcile any changes that need reconciling. Once the changes are reconciled, you can delete whatever is extraneous, either the appended content at the end of the note as in (2), or the no-longer-needed additional notes created as in (1). Which one of these are you seeing? Are you seeing your original note with conflicting material appended (e.g., 2)? or are you seeing an entirely separately created note in addition to your original note (e.g., 1)? If you have reconciled the conflicts, just delete the conflicting notes, or deleting the appended conflicting content.
  23. Glad you found a solution, thanks for posting your method. Can you post the name of the application you used to access the files on your iPad? I'm curious about it and I'm sure others who find themselves in your same situation might appreciate knowing!
  24. After reading this Techcrunch article I'm doubly leery of the whole Context feature. Obviously I don't expect Evernote to share its business plans or strategy, but it really seems like this could be a budding plan for Evernote to eventually make money with promoted content masquerading as Context, especially in light of the Nikkei article and the fact that all the content providers are corporate and advertising funded and Wikipedia is omitted. I'd rather you guys just sell the pencil holders and premium subscriptions. After reading this Techcrunch article I'm doubly leery of the whole Context feature. Obviously I don't expect Evernote to share its business plans or strategy, but it really seems like this could be a budding plan for Evernote to eventually make money with promoted content masquerading as Context, especially in light of the Nikkei article and the fact that all the content providers are corporate and advertising funded and Wikipedia is omitted. I'd rather you guys just sell the pencil holders and premium subscriptions. I'm not sure why this article, and Context in general, makes you leery. First, it isn't anything masqueraded as "promoted content", it is promoted content plain as day. There are companies paying Evernote to be included in Context, to me this falls in the definition of promoted content (in at least a broad sense). (I can't speak to why Wikipedia is excluded, so I choose not to read anything into this, lacking any information whatsoever to make any meaningful inferences). Second, Context is entirely optional. If you don't like it, you can simply un-tick the box (as I have done). Either way, your data are not fed to the content producers. Third, and picking up your point about "corporate and advertising funded" content providers being the only available sources, I have two points: 1) This is early days. I suspect Evernote is starting with the low-hanging fruit to demonstrate to investors and potential partners the viability of the scheme. High-readership, reasonably mainstream, catering to some large proportion of Evernote's user base (as measured by or perceived by Evernote). Maybe there will be some more niche content (e.g., www.rabble.ca; sorry for the Canadian example, I'm not familiar with US alternative media), but for the time being I suspect the "corporate" is going to dominate; 2) The vast majority of media outlets producing digital content are funded at least in part through advertising (except for publicly funded outlets like the BBC, CBC, and NPR, or a few alternative media outlets, though even these all have some small amount of advertising in some forms or another). Aside from academic journal databases (which are EXTREMELY corporate), and wikipedia, I can't think of any non-advertising-based media outlet that isn't either extremely alternative, or extremely niche. Now, I don't find Context useful at all, because none of the sources are sufficiently credible or have any relation to my own work. But I'm not leery of Context because of this, just as I'm not leery of Evernote having introduced Evernote Business a while back, something that I also have no need for. Aside from the possible diversion of resources from other pressing tasks (though this could be counterbalanced by increased revenue, and thus, increased resources), what makes you leery?
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