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  1. I think the point is so that there are people who prefer the opposite to your preference. I have a lot of longer PDFs that I don't want to see inline. Unlike you, saving those PDFs to finder is not an acceptable solution to me. Being able to view them "as attachment" is much appreciated. Moreover, there are some PDFs I prefer to be viewable in-line. So, I am grateful that users have the choice, since I make use of both settings. Cheers
  2. Just tested a bunch of notes (none were explicitly intended to be presentations, but they did reflect a wide variety of content and formatting). All of them seemed to have the title (or the line taken to be the title) near the top, in the top 1/4 for sure. Obviously your best bet is to try it yourself rather than take someone else's word, but from what I can see, the title no longer appears smack in the middle of the screen.
  3. I don't know what "fall is past" means in this context. I don't think Evernote had made any promises to integrate with Office (nor did Microsoft make promises to integrate Office with Evernote). While both Microsoft and Evernote are taking advantage of iOS 8's extension features, It looks like neither Evernote nor Microsoft have used iOS 8's sharing extensions in a way that allows them to communicate seamlessly. I don't foresee there being many changes unless Microsoft uses Evernote's API to access files, but I can't see them doing that any time soon. Nor do I see Evernote switching to using third-party service like Dropbox or iCloud drive for sync (which Word would have access to). So, no updates here.
  4. While it is, perhaps, a bit puzzling that they are duplicating a lot of features between the core and standalone apps, having scannable as a standalone application does mean that you can use it to scan things you don't intend to send to Evernote, or even if you aren't an Evernote user at all. This is a fairly big advantage for me since I use Evernote only for a subset of my needs, often scanning things for use in other applications. The flexibility offered by having scannable as a standalone option is welcomed, not the least because its a pretty damned good scanner (though it is not actually my go-to scanner). That being said, some of the product-related decisions really do make Evernote's product development trajectory look somewhat confused and uncertain, from an outsider's perspective at least....
  5. Since you are a free user you have very limited options for official technical support. You can always submit a ticket at the link in my signature, but the help you get, if any, will likely be limited, and won't be prompt. There is more troubleshooting you can do. How is your Evernote Trash notebooks on these devices? If I am not mistaken, the quota as displayed on your desktop (at least, if not other devices) also considers what could be uploaded, such as if you had a large item in the trash that had never been uploaded to the servers (e.g., you created it and deleted it before it could synchronize, such as if you accidentally dragged a very large file to Evernote then deleted the note it ended up attached to immediately). In this instance, you could potentially restore the item from trash to a synced notebook, subsequently uploading it. Because of this, it gets displayed on that device against your quote even though it hasn't actually used your quota, just because the potential exists. So, if you can swing it (I rarely if ever have deleted the contents of my evernote trash), consider deleting the contents of your Evernote trash on your desktop client. You might consider just sorting your trash by note size (enter the trash, switch to list view, add the "size" column if needed, then click the size column to sort by size) and just delete any large files.
  6. We can definitely try and help you overcome any hurdles you might be encountering, or we can clarify if its "just you" or if a feature really isn't there! But echoing the posts of others, certainly it is you and only you who can decide the suitability of Evernote in your organization. Again, without knowing very clearly what your needs are, it can be hard to make explicit recommendations. That being said, I think Evernote for business can work for some organizations as numerous business users in this community can attest. Not that it works flawlessly, but indeed, it has been successful. There are a lot of other options out there and their suitability depends a bit on your needs and how your business is organized. If you anticipate doing a lot of on-boarding of employees, you might consider a solution like Igloo, which is an intra/extranet that allows for sharing of documents, makes on-boarding and auditing employees easy, and has a whole slew of other features. However, while Igloo is certainly more advanced, it does require a great deal more effort to implement than EN for Business will, so if you don't have a full-time IT guy or an employee who is savvy and willing to install and maintain an intranet, EN Business might be more up your alley. EN business works (well) for some people and not for others. Thankfully there are a slew of other services out there for you to explore.
  7. Vastly different solutions to very different problems. Saferoom is capable of encrypting the entire contents of a note, both the text you write and the attachments you add. This means you could have a reasonably active note that you are modifying fairly regularly that is also zero-knowledge encrypted. Saferoom also works on iOS and Mac and Windows (perhaps Android?). You can access your encrypted content on any of those devices. Encrypted PDFs work well for, well, safeguarding PDF content. This content, however, is not easily modifiable, so this solution applies primarily to content you are not actively editing. Encrypted PDFs can also trip up some mobile devices, or some apps on some mobile devices, which makes it potentially a bit unreliable for ensuring you have access on all of your devices. It really depends on your needs. Encrypted PDFs are pretty easy to create and solve a very specific problem well. Saferoom works well for encrypting totally arbitrary content that you may be actively modifying, but it is a bit clunky.
  8. There is a third-party application that should be available soon to help alleviate the problem. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/81336-saferoom-zero-knowledge-encryption-for-evernote-and-more/ I've been beta-testing Saferoom for Mac and iOS, and it seems to do an admirable job of encrypting, though it comes with some MASSIVE trade-offs, and it is not exactly a simple application to use. The trade-offs largely are a result not of Saferoom's shortcomings, but because Evernote was simply not designed to have fully zero-knowledge-encrypted data within it. That being said, for people who desperately need to store confidential information in Evernote and are unable to use other options that exist because of finances or workflow constraints, Saferoom is deficiently a great option. I store my confidential information (well, its actually other people's confidential information), in a different program, Everything I store in Evernote is largely inconsequential if it leaks, so I'm not sure if I will have to rely on Saferoom a great deal, but it has definitely been fun to beta test.
  9. yikes, that shared note never even loaded for me (the Evernote decorations loaded, but just a persistent spinner for the note content!). What are the file sizes of those images?
  10. To select multiple files for print, hold cmd and click the notes you want to print, if they aren't contiguous (one right after the other). Or, select the first, hold shift, then select the last to select a contiguous group. Once you have made this selection press cmd-p or File>Print, then select the appropriate options, Note that the print dialogue ONLY shows ONE of the notes you have selected, but once your print it to PDF it will actually proceed to print all of your selection.
  11. If your accountant uses Evernote, you can create a notebook, put your scans in it, and share the notebook with them. Otherwise, depending on the contents of the notes and how the scans are attached you can: a) Select all of the notes that contain the scans, right click and "save attachments" to any folder you like which can then be sent to them b ) Select any number of notes and print them to PDFs (this would be on the Mac, on Windows I'm sure a similar thing can be done) There may be some other folks here with a genius idea to how to accomplish this. Might also help if you let us know what operating system and evernote version you are using.
  12. Don't they already have social media integrations? You seem to have stuck around longer than you intended Personally, I liked the original anti-social network approach to building an external brain. I don't collaborate with Evernote. I don't do the Facebook. I don't tweet my notes. Some of us have questioned the path Evernote embarked on when it started adding all of this sharing stuff. However, judging by the people I see around me every day, the sharing is probably helping them grow the user base, so we may need to just put up with it. The more revenue Evernote has, the more potential there is for it to meet the needs of private, external brain users as well. If Facebook/Twitter nonsense is currently integrated, it's well hidden and buried - nothing like the silly Work Chat icon that nobody uses. Share>Post Public Link To>Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn. Never ever have I used that feature.
  13. Notes should appear on all devices, and this should happen fairly swiftly. If you are noticing discrepancies, it may be due to a sync error on one of the devices. It sounds like Windows<-->Web works, so it seems like the issue lies with the iPhone. Are you sure you have logged in to the same account on Windows, Web, and iPhone? Double check. Do notes you create on your iPhone show up on the Web/Windows?
  14. Workchat misleading? It certainly is. I don't want to schedule a Workchat to discuss my views of the content. I don't want the recipient to be faced with an obscure request to "WorkChat". I've avoided even trying Workchat - specifically due to its odd name. 1) I don't appreciate my words being so brutally misconstrued. If you have a thought to express, express it in your own words rather than mis-attributing that sentiment to someone else. 2) What scheduling? Just send the notebook share via work chat whenever you feel like it, and your recipient will receive it whenever they happen to log into Evernote. This is no different than email except your recipient didn't need to open their email client. 3) If you are sharing a notebook, you are by necessity sharing with another Evernote user. In this case there should be nothing "obscure" about a work chat request. 4) If you are sharing an individual note, it may or may not be with a fellow Evernote user. If you are sharing with a fellow EN user, again, a Work Chat share won't be obscure, it will just show up in their evernote. If your recipient ISN'T an EN user, just use the still-in-(a different) place email functionality.
  15. Glad my advice was helpful for at least one instance of this. However, as of a few versions ago (around their iOS 8 optimized version was released), Evernote has removed the browser from the application. Are you getting stuck in some other part of Evernote?
  16. Which is the solution to miketyson's request, but miketyson's request fails to acknowledge the fact that all of that data is still completely vulnerable to anyone who happens to have access to his computer's user account, even if he has logged out of Evernote. As I see it, short of having Evernote place local Evernote data in a totally sandboxed password protected container which I do not think is possible, there is no way that Evernote can actually legitimately address the issue. The ONLY way to address the issue is to have separate user accounts on the computer, a practice that has so many more benefits than just protecting Evernote data, all the sympathy in my bones does not allow me to understand why this isn't a practical solution.
  17. Just to add to what Metrodon has contributed: Workchat is perhaps a bit of a misleading name. It is the mechanics that allows Evernote users to share content, it also just happens to be a way to send messages. You can share notebooks or notes without chatting.
  18. ScottLougheed


    I've found the quality from Scannable to be pretty high. I get the odd smear-fest, but no more than with any other application. Scannable offers a manual option too, so you can choose when it capture the image instead of letting it do it automatically. Scanning capabilities are built into the Evernote for iOS application. Scannable isn't necessarily anything revolutionary (though its ability to control the ScanSnap Evernote Edition is pretty cool). It's another scanner in an already crowded category, though its probably one of the best free options. Scannable is being offered as a separate product and doesn't require a user to be an Evernote user, unlike the built-in scanning capabilities. Scannable offers a great deal more features than the scanner built into the Evernote for iOS app. It offers the option of scanning to JPEG or PDF (not available in Evernote app), it allows easy uploads to other cloud services (Not available in Evernote App), it allow you to control the ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanner as if it were a remote (not available in the Evernote app). So scannable offers some significant flexibility that isn't available in the scanner built into the Evernote for iOS application. If you don't like it, there's the the scanner built into the Evernote for iOS app, as well as plenty of other applications you can choose from. Personally I use a different, paid scanning application. However, I frequently recommend Scannable as a high-quality free scanning application even to those who are not Evernote users.
  19. I'd be interested in seeing evidence for this claim about Apple. It is demonstrably false, because Apple does not use zero knowledge encryption and holds the keys. They explain this in their documentation.Data is encrypted at rest (which is an improvement on Evernote), but as far as security goes, I'd suggest reading up on Matt Honan, Jennifer Lawrence, or the folks in China. Apple is responding to threats and trying to increase security, but the point remains (as I mentioned before) that everything on the cloud is at risk. Until Apple adopts zero knowledge encryption, it will not be able to overcome this problem (I think). And, even then, encryption isn't a silver bullet. If you use Evernote, follow jefito's advice. I do think there is zero-knowledge encryption for iMessage content because it generates a unique encryption token for each device registered with Messages and sends a specially encrypted version of the message for each token. This would be why, if you re-install OS X on your computer, for example, none of your previous iMessages appear because there was no message created for that newly created token. Only messages sent/received after that new device is registered will be displayed. That means that you, Grumpy, couldn't hack Apple's servers and get an interpretable history of my iMessage chats. I don't think they store them indefinitely, they only have a cache of recent ones to make sure they get delivered to each registered device, and the ones they do store can only be decrypted by an existing token which is unique to each device. Now, that's entirely separate from icloud and backups of your iOS device including iMessages. GM, I think you are correct in that none of this is encrypted with zero knowledge encryption. So, all that iMessages security is rendered moot when it gets backed up to iCloud. While all of these iCloud files and backups are encrypted, they are not, as you rightly state, zero-knowldge, so Apple or a hacker who acquires both the keys and encrypted content, could potentially piece this together. I think CrashPlan is one of the few mainstream cloud services I have encountered with true zero-knowledge encryption, and Crashplan isn't terribly mainstream either!
  20. FYI: Moderators are just regular users who get the "moderator" title because they have posted more than 300 times, so the title really has no bearing on the things they talk about (the people in the 300+ category are pretty split between being very enthusiastic about EN and very critical of EN). As others have pointed out, the experience of honestly losing data into the ether is pretty rare, especially the instances that occurred totally independent of user error. People's comments about the rarity of the occurrence aren't intended to be dismissive. It is a shame that it isn't working well for you. Indeed EN is not the solution for everyone. Sometimes it is because of a strangely error-fraught experience as is the case with you, sometimes it is because the features simply aren't what are needed by the user. There are a number of threads in this community that address some of these concerns and what workarounds or alternatives exist. They might help you find a good strategy for either relating evernote to specific tasks or finding another option entirely.
  21. The statement you have made could be applied to almost every mainstream cloud service. There are a few exceptions, sure, but Google, Apple, Evernote, Dropbox, Box, any email provider ever, it's all about the same situation.
  22. There is currently no way to get a scan from Scannable directly to a local notebook. Workarounds like AirDropping to your computer then adding to a Local Notebook would be your best bet.
  23. I suspect it will be found in the File menu.
  24. Yikes, it is dismaying to hear this. There are definitely some loose screws with Evernote as a service for businesses. I mean, even Squarespace offers 24/7 support for their online storefront customers (heck, even for their plain-jane state-your-opinion bloggers like myself). That sort of thing is pretty damned important when you have an international user base of businesspeople. I think Evernote needs to step up their game here if they want to really be an enterprise staple. Also, while Paul and any other business/non-business user can backup their contents, the backup system is rather clumsy at best. Either you get granular backups you perform manually when you remember (export notebook X, export notebook Y) and/or you get automatic backups of a database that can only be restored in whole or not at all. Neither of these are ideal because restoring a database, especially with lots of shared content could cause problems for other members, and it also could, well, just cause problems altogether! Manually exporting is fine, but the possibility for human error is so great. Even had Paul had a good backup system, it wouldn't have necessarily meant he was back up and productive a whole lot sooner. While other database-based applications don't have it much better, there are some more elegant implementations of database backups that ease the pain at least a little bit. Nevertheless, this is precisely one of the reasons why I have moved my work-related content out of Evernote (in addition to the fact that I can't legally store some of it there). To me the reliability issues and the clumsiness of backup were too risky to put my money on. I still keep my household and some personal stuff in EN, because in most cases I can go without that for a while if it takes time to get my data back in the event of loss/disruption, but I can't afford to lose days of productivity with work. And I'm not even a Business user, just a regular Premium user. I'm confident that EN will step things up, these things take time, and while EN is not a small company any more, they aren't a huge one either. The question is, how long will it take to become as robust as is required to be reliable in mission critical contexts. Glad you got access to your files again, damned shame you lost so many days of productivity.
  25. I agree with you that the slick-ness really ought to get baked into the EN application. I see no reason why they shouldn't do that. Perhaps its just a bit of latency with the development process.
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