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  1. I don't believe the note list can be hidden because it is they only way you can access notes. Some suggestions: 1) Create a notebook dedicated to your personal and private notes so that can isolate them from your work stuff. When at work, simply do not select the personal notebook. 2) double click any given note in the note list to open that note in its own window, which can then be resized to occupy any proportion of the screen you like. Do this with all the notes that may be relevant to a coworker peering over your shoulder and minimize the main Evernote window so it cannot be seen.
  2. No progress that I am aware of. You can clip the entire contents of a page, then convert that to a PDF or image if you wanted, but that would likely be about as cumbersome as your current method.
  3. I don't see any way of doing that from the web interface? You can only encrypt using the mac and windows clients. You can decrypt on web and mobile clients.
  4. You'll need to contact Evernote Support then. They are the only ones who can help you. You can use whatever account you are using to post here, or you can log into support as a "guest".
  5. You deactivated your gmail account? You can't even access it from www.gmail.com? If you have totally completely deactivated your gmail account and do now know your evernote password, you should contact Support. They MAY be able to help you out.
  6. Where else would you suggest storing your recovery keys that is safer than 1Password? Paper? sure, but that is easily compromised, lost, or damaged. A file one the hard drive? That's more easily compromised than 1Password.... As for keylogging, if a keylogger compromised 1Password, it would compromise every single account in 1Password. Then again, for those who do not use 1Password, a keylogger would still compromise any account the user happens to access by manually signing in (and unlike devoted 1Password users, these users are very much more likely to recycle passwords across accounts, meaning even those they don't access may get compromised if they share passwords and email address logins), so I don't see a terribly significant difference. A keylogger is also just as likely to compromise any other digital means of storing your recovery codes, as well as to capture the recovery process (including resetting your password). Honestly if you have a keylogger on your system, your pretty much toast no matter what.
  7. Super comment - thanks for adding it. I am moving to central Maine and there is zero reception for my T-Mobile phone there. So I will have to get a new service (and phone). I presume there is a way to move the 2 factor authentication from one phone to a new phone, but I don't want to take the chance on risking the entire setup with a keystroking mistake. So I stick with huge random generated passwords managed by LastPass. In a situation like yours where you can anticipate a move like this, I think the best plan would be to disable two factor NOW, and re-enable it once you have settled in Maine with a new provider and phone#. I believe re-setting it up like this allows you to change your number (the key here, of course, is being able to disable 2-factor BEFORE you lose access!). But yes, really freaking strong passwords is also good and how I roll with many of my services too.
  8. Well, indeed there is room for improvement, but in all honesty, a lot of things would have to go wrong simultaneously to actually result in you being locked out of your account. 1) You could need to lose physical access to a device that was approved to keep you logged in (like you personal laptop which you might tell Evernote to "remember"). 2) You'd need to lose physical access to an approved verification device 3) A phone you have authorized to receive txt codes to (if you aren't using Google Authenticator or Authy) would have to be bungled (E.g., phone # Problem) 4) You'd need to lose your recovery codes For me, My recovery codes are stored in my password manager (1Password), which is backed up on three computers, local external drives, and two off-site backups (total of 6 locations, 2 are offsite). so they will not be lost except in the apocalypse. So even if 1, 2, and 3 all occur, which is unlikely anyway, I'd still have the recovery codes. If you are really concerned about the two-factor process, don't use it for Evernote and opt for the next best thing and use a complex, randomly generated, unique password. A password manager like 1Password or LastPass would be an asset here (and they are also very useful when using two-factor too). If you are concerned about phone number losses, you can use Google Authenticator, or my personal favourite: Authy.
  9. That seems to be a correct assessment. Although I haven't looked at what automator/apple script could do here, so I can't say for sure.
  10. I've flagged this for staff attention. Hopefully this will get you some attention and get you in the premium support queue where you belong. Keep in mind that the weekend will have slowed things down since support is only in the office weekdays, as such, response times are always calculated in business days. Either way, you're flagged and should hopefully get some attention soon.
  11. I am not entirely certain that clipping to local storage will resolve your speed issues with clipping.
  12. If you have actually been over-charged, you'll certainly get your money back. No need for luck, just a support ticket. See my signature.
  13. I'm sure Evernote welcomes your suggestions, of course. However, I should point out that Evernote staff have stated elsewhere in I similar discussions that 1)most browsers make it very difficult to write extensions that directly interact with local storage, if not impossible. 2) that Evernote does not intend to change the behaviour. Sadly despite the feedback, I wouldn't keep your fingers crossed for too long. Looks like EN has put their foot down on this one.
  14. I have another question, is it possible to take a pic of the back of a biz card too? Some have information on both sides and it would be good to have both sides accounted for, but I am not seeing how. Thanks! Not currently but it will be possible in a future release.
  15. Correct. Classic note links paste as Evernote:/// no matter where you paste.
  16. Keep in mind that the new functionality will still paste an evernote:/// link within evernote. So if your pasting destination is evernote itself (such as adding a link in one note to another note), you don't need a classic link. But, I also agree, a keyboard shortcut for classic note links would be great for the times (fairly often) when pasting outside of evernote and the evernote:/// link is desired. Or at least place it as a menu bar item so that we can create a shortcut manually in the Mac system preferences. I mostly use it with omnifocus. So, it would be good to have some kind of access to it (via applescript or keyboard shortcut) so I could automate. Thanks for the reply! I'm the same, I'd say half of my note links are evernote:/// links I paste into my calendar application and my to-do list application (Wunderlist in this case) so a menubar item/hotkey would be ideal for me. In the mean time a few extra clicks isn't a deal breaker, but it's not luxurious either!
  17. Keep in mind that the new functionality will still paste an evernote:/// link within evernote. So if your pasting destination is evernote itself (such as adding a link in one note to another note), you don't need a classic link. But, I also agree, a keyboard shortcut for classic note links would be great for the times (fairly often) when pasting outside of evernote and the evernote:/// link is desired. Or at least place it as a menu bar item so that we can create a shortcut manually in the Mac system preferences.
  18. This is promising (and much-needed). Is there anywhere I could look for more details, or is this more of just a thing that's been mentioned here and there? Just posts here and there. As is typical of Evernote, they are tight lipped, so it is surprising we have as much info as we do on this. We'll just have to hang in there! Once it hits the betas, details will start to appear on the forums.
  19. There haven't been any public statements specifically regarding this behaviour. However, EN staff have commented on these forums that they are reworking the text editor, so this might be something they will address in these revisions, which I am sure we will see sooner rather than later... at least I hope!
  20. Can you give us more details? Are you getting an error message? Are you seeing only some, or none of your Evernote content? Are you absolutely sure you are logged into the same Evernote account? (this happens more often than you'd think!)
  21. Because you'll show up as "free" in the support system and therefore be at the bottom of the queue, I went ahead and flagged this for staff attention even though I'm not sure when you submitted your support request. Hopefully that will get someone on it a bit faster than waiting in the "free" line.
  22. When did you submit that support ticket? Evernote support works weekdays only, and yesterday was apparently a US holiday, so if you submitted it late friday evening or any time during the weekend, today is the VERY first day (pacific time too, no less) that ANYONE at support would be looking at it.
  23. Three options: 1) In Evernote on your iOS device, tap your Evernote username at the top to open settings. Navigate to: General>Camera>Business Cards And at the bottom, enable "Save to Contacts". For your already-saved contact notes 2) For any contact note on your iOS device, select the ellipsis (the three dots) and select "save to contacts". 3) Same process on the Mac: Select any single/multiple contact notes, then from the menu bar Note>share>send to Contact (I believe its the same on Windows). Related posts you might want to read: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/52344-can-scanned-business-cards-be-exported-to-contact-lists/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/59615-how-to-add-address-field/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/58659-evernote-business-card-scanning-and-cardmunch-transition/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/54153-business-card-scanning-both-sides/
  24. Ah, I understand. Either here or the Evernote blog will be the place to see any updates. However, as you will quickly learn, Evernote is rather infamously tight-lipped on their development plans and schedule so most of the time we won't know until it happens or it doesn't!
  25. There been no update as of yet. Any update that occurs, I'm sure, will reveal itself on these forums, or bare itself to you when you use the app!
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