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  1. Fortunately, I found an old .ipa file inside my iTunes> Mobile Applications folder on my Mac dating from November 2015, removed the V.8 update in iTunes, dragged a copy of the Evernote .ipa file back into iTunes, resynced my devices and bingo, I can use Evernote on my iPhone and iPad again without the nonsense and confusion that is V8!
  2. I've no idea, I hope it eventually happens but fortunately I managed to roll back to version 7, so ever since I've been blissfully unaware of all the nasty problems with version 8.
  3. Reinstatement of Card View - Evernote Version 8 Lacks Retrieval Cues of Version 7 Evernote's aspiration has always been ambitious in seeking to provide users with a kind of external super-brain, capable of remembering everything, forever, in an organized, ubiquitously available way, with effortless capture and recall. However, for this virtual repository to come close to being an annexe of one's own brain, a basic grasp of neurology and emulation of the processes by which memory works would be helpful ie. in terms of encoding, consolidating, retaining and retrieving. Neurol
  4. I've not seen it mentioned here yet but previews of notes no longer contain audio, sketch or attached files, they only show title, body text and photos. This is a major problem for me as there is no way of knowing which notes contain them without going through and opening each note individually. I need to refer quickly between notes containing such items but since the update this does not appear to be possible. Another issue I've noticed which presents potential security issues is that when the app first opens, there's a delay before the password screen comes up which is long enough for n
  5. The Previews for Notes now only seem to show note Titles, Body Text and Photos. In the Previews of Notes I can no longer see which contain my Audio, Sketch or Attached files. This is a problem as I need to quickly refer between Notes and now have no way of knowing which Notes contain them. When the app first opens, there's a delay before the password screen comes up, long enough for Notes to be read or screen captured. As someone has already noted (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/103418-grid-view-missing/?do=findComment&comment=449347) the grid view is essential
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