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  1. According to the Windows standard, Alt+F4 should close all of the evernote windows, including the main window. It doesn't do this currently; should it? Possibly. I might raise an enhancement request to have the Alt+F4 functionality corrected. What does everyone think?
  2. Yes, Alt+F4 is a very standard key sequence right from day dot. Ctrl-W is used as "close one tab not the whole window" in multiple tab screens e.g. Notepad++ (where Ctrl-F4 does not work, to my mild annoyance). In your browser, Alt+F4 will shut the whole thing - while Ctrl-W closes just the current tab. As to which is closest to the Evernote multi-window approach ... I'm not sure. Testing with Excel (2010), which is the only multi-window program I can easily put my hands on: * Ctrl+W and Ctrl-F4 both close the current file/window * Alt+F4 closes all open windows - surprising (to me). Would we expect that Alt+F4 behaviour for Evernote? I probably wouldn't, so it goes to show how hard it is to be consistent. What do you reckon, jefito?
  3. Hi, re "I think I press Esc at times when I want to de-select something" ... I looked for but could not identify a single applications where the Esc key acts to remove a selection. I tried the browsers, Word, Notepad++, Visual Studio, FileZilla, Foxit Reader, uTorrent, calibre. Also, I noted that in Keepass the Esc key closes the window unless you have made edits, where it asks, which as we agreed is not an option for Evernote. Devs, if you do change this, please be sure to make it optional. Regards, David
  4. An option would be fine, a great idea. But for heaven's sake don't unilaterally change the behaviour without an option. Many of us totally like the current way it works. Still not sure why you keep pressing the Escape key if you don't want to exit the window, Do you keep pressing other keys you don't mean to? Not being sarcastic, am really genuinely puzzled here. Current behaviour exactly follows Outlook's. Microsoft actually do a lot of UI experience modelling.
  5. Yes it does 😀 Because in Outlook there is a choice of saving or not saving. In Evernote it is automatically saved There is not any possibility of asking the Evernote user whether they wish to save. So Evernote is equivalent to Outlook with an unedited email i.e. a read-only window. Both exit on an Escape key. And Evenote behaves the same as Outlook in this respect of the Escape key, and should remain so. Not sure what the issue is really, just don't press the key. There are many keys on the keyboard, the Esc is located well out of the way. Kind regards David
  6. Click on "Side List" in the options of that icon in the middle of the three icons to the upper right of the main note panel.
  7. Evernote behaves *exactly* the same as Outlook. Why are you not complaining to Microsoft about Outlook then? Outlook closes an email on Escape, but this doesn't affect the main window. Precisely as Evernote have implemented it. When my team are developing apps we would look to mimic popular behaviour as this is the most familiar. Outlook does *not* have an option to control this. I put it to you that Outlook has at least as many users as Evernote.
  8. Hi, You both seem to be saying that sorting by note title isn't working. That's odd because it's a very common pattern/usage and if it were widely broken we would know about it. Can you confirm the settings ? On mine I added a couple of notes with your dates as titles. It all sorts as expected. I am on Side List view, with three panels side-by-side (notes books, note list, preview on the right).
  9. Hi, v6.16.4.8094 running on Windows 10. I have repeatedly seen typing updates to be lost from a note. I have rebooted but still the problem recurs. The particular note I am editing is a complex one, in that it has approx 900 hyperlinks. It is a list of tickets of interest I've seen, one per line. The issue is probably triggered by the complexity. The other possible triggering factor is that pretty much immediately after the typing, I clicked the X in the corner. I normally hit the Esc key. I haven't seen the issue when I hit Esc but will try to verify. Select All on this particular note takes over a second, much slower than other notes, and so does removing the selection. In the most recent loss, the new text was saved but the hyperlink, which was added last, was lost. Previously whole lines have been lost. I'm thinking this looks like a timing condition where the close of the window interrupts the normal processing, Evernote devs: to try to reproduce, get a big note (possibly on a slow PC to exaggerate it or have some CPU intensive going), preferably with hyperlinks in it, do some typing and add a hyperlink them immediately hit the X in top right. All the best, Dave P.S. I love Evernote and don't want to panic anyone; I think this is a real corner case restricted to my one massively hyperlinked note.
  10. Android version now has a Dark theme option built in. Come on Windows team, you can do it! Steal their code.
  11. Give that man a cigar, and a free year of Premium. This is gold. If only we could get a variation that includes text search while excluding OCR search results. Evernote team, stage 1 would be to flag each search dictionary item with a source flag.
  12. Yes, as DTLow says, the Local are definitely not sync'd online. To check where they are stored locally, click Options > General > scroll down to the bottom of the pane,l and click the Open Database folder link. Just make sure that folder is in a location that is being backed up.
  13. Hi AchillesThunder, Looks like Outlook 2016? Try right-clicking around the ribbon area until you can get a pop-up with "Customise the Ribbon". Then look for the Evernote in the right hand side. It is probably going to be under Home (something). May have to expand some of the items until you locate it. But it certainly should be in there somewhere. Once you find it, Remove will solve this.
  14. I vote against this suggestion. The Escape key to close is something I have enjoyed from the early days and continue to use all the time. Please ensure this valuable feature is not lost.
  15. If you don't have a 20-year-old's eyes, the colour of the icon is a critical part of identifying it. At my normal viewing distance I cannot make out all the detail on the elephant such as the eye, the ear. Please consider the wide range of all your users and not just base it on the particular features of your UI designer. Please add an option for a green elephant or a green background to him. Many thanks, David
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