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  1. Thank you. I notice there are quite a few +1's in the comments, but only one upvote ... Just saying. :^)
  2. "Evernote for Windows GA Release Notes We've put a lot of effort into improving our note editing experience in this release. Hope you enjoy! New: Images can be resized directly inside of your notes. Click an image and drag the handle in the bottom right corner to resize. ..." Woo hoo! Thanks.
  3. I'm using Evernote for Android (version on a tablet. For the text in a body of a note, I can copy by long pressing. However, this doesn't workk with the note title text. In the case of title text, you do need to enter edit mode. [This is another feature that works as I'd like with MS OneNote.]
  4. You really need to fix this. I'm an Evernote premium user, and yet many times when I start a new project I find myself switching over to Microsoft OneNote because I know what a headache inserting and resizing images will be. Then I think, "Why am I paying for Evernote, again?" In OneNote, resizing images is a matter of two clicks: One click on the image to select it, and a click-and-drag to resize it. Done. In general, many formatting user stories are painful in Evernote, and a breeze in OneNote. Another example is applying headings to text. In OneNote it's a matter of pressing Ctrl-Alt-1, Ctrl-Alt-2, etc. With Evernote, I have to pick the font (from a very long and often slow pulldown list) and then pick the point size, every time, and try to remember what settings I've been using to indicate which heading level. If I don't remember, I have to scroll to another part of the document, click in a heading, see what the font and type size are, and then go back to format the heading I was working on. Yes, I could copy-and-paste an existing heading, but I often have typed the heading text already. Also, it still necessitates needless scrolling. Listen: please spend less time trying to sell me business socks (???) in the Evernote Market, and more time making your core product better. I think you've lost focus. If you don't get it back, Microsoft is going to eat your lunch: OneNote for Mac coming this month as Microsoft eyes Evernote http://www.theverge.com/2014/3/12/5499904/onenote-for-mac-web-clipper-features -David
  5. I meant to share this earlier: I opened a trouble ticket last month regarding this issue. After going back and forth a few times, sending screen captures and an error log, this is what I was told: Jesus Mendivil (Evernote Support) Oct 15 11:58 (PDT) We apologize for the inconvenience, however it appears there is currently a bug causing this. We appreciate you taking the time to send us this error. We have filed an internal bug report with the QA team lead. She will classify and fix the bugs in the order determined by the project Lead. Unfortunately this is not something I can fix for you at this time. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for making Evernote a better product, So they're at least aware of the problem. -David
  6. In Evernote for Windows 5, if I press the Escape key when a note is open in its own window, the note window is closed. This behavior is unexpected -- no other windows application I know of uses the Escape key to close a window. This has bitten me a few times. The only shortcut keys that make sense are ALT+F4 and CTRL+F4. The Escape key should only be used to stop or cancel a task. From the Microsoft Windows UX Design Guidelines: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa511331.aspx#keyboard Don't assign different meanings to well-known shortcut keys. Because they are memorized, inconsistent meanings for well-known shortcuts are frustrating and error prone. For the well-known shortcut keys used by Windows programs, see Windows Keyboard Shortcut Keys. And also: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms971323.aspx#atg_keyboardshortcuts_windows_shortcut_keys Windows Shortcut Keys As noted in the Designing the Keyboard UI section, it is important for applications to be consistent with other applications when using shortcut keys. This section introduces a series of shortcut keys that are used in Windows. To be consistent with other Windows-based applications, it is recommended that you map shortcut keys in a similar way. For more information, see General Shortcut Keys for Applications. -David
  7. Another +1. In Microsoft OneNote, you can achieve this with 'Ctrl+Alt+1', 'Ctrl+Alt+2', etc. (or from the ribbon). Something similar would be nice. -David
  8. Same problem here: I frequently get all-black images with the page camera feature. I took two photos for a single note this morning -- first photo is black, the second is OK. I hope you can get this working -- it's a nice feature. Phone: Nexus S Evernote Version: Android Version: 4.1.2
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