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  1. Are folks still expecting this to change? It should be very clear by now... Evernote doesn't care about what their paying users (you know -- the ones that actually use the app daily) really want. Instead, they want to focus things that will make it more friendly for your Nana to store her recipes in. Just look at the abomination (at least is was the last time I looked) that is the beta of what the 'new' app is supposed to be. I've given up asking about improvements, because suggestions go without even being acknowledged. If you really want to change the icon it can be done if you're willi
  2. All - Please up vote if you think the icon should be changed or in some way a selectable option. Thank you for your input and ideas. It's driving me nuts!
  3. Hi, I'm usually very accepting of when applications update UI / UX. Things change and I get that not everyone will like it, however I'm hoping compromises and options can be made. I personally have issue with the redesigned tray icon. IMO, it's no longer easily identifiable given that most of the Windows native icons in the task bar are monochromatic as well. I'm constantly clicking on the icon throughout the day and now it just blends in with everything else making it much more difficult (for me anyway) to use. May we have different options for this icon? A green variant again?
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