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  1. Hello, I have been away from the forums for several months, and this last week was surprised by the version 10 download - I built a new PC, and absentmindedly downloaded ver 10.x, thinking it might be a huge step forward. Am I alone in thinking this application is a pile of kludge? I removed ver 10, and installed ver - because the newer version did not seem to store a copy of my database locally, there appear to be features in 6.25 that are absent in 10 - can someone say how in any sense the newer version is better than the older one? Thanks - feeling kind of irrita
  2. Hello, In version - I was searching for notes about airline reservations I had made through a website run by CheapOair. I know, stupid name, and all... What I found surprising is that, not remembering the full website name, I searched for "CheapO" and got zero results. When I next tried with the full name "CheapOair" I got several results including exactly what I was looking for. In the past, searching by partial words as described above, I got results; now, none. Is this by design? If so, I think it's not a good idea. Attached are two images that - I hope
  3. Hi, I updated the iOS app to version 8.15.365275 release 8/15 last night, and since then I can see unsynchronized notes that remain that way for over a minute. I've been on WiFi, and sync setting is set to only on WiFi. I've seen this with 3-4 small notes in the list; previously, sync would complete within 10-15 seconds. What's causing this, and will it be fixed?
  4. Hi there. I signed on to be a beta tester awhile back, and this is the latest beta version released.
  5. Hello, I am using Evernote for iOS ver 8.11.362642-release.8.11, and have encountered a problem with taking a photo while in the note editor. In a note, I was adding a photo in a bulleted list by tapping the green "+" above the keyboard and choose "Take Photo" - see the photo with the red arrow. After taking the photo and tapping the return key to start a new bullet to add a new photo, the formatting bar above the keyboard is just ... gone. See the photo with the black arrow. The only way to restore functionality is to exit the note, close the app, and then open the app and note a
  6. Hello ... zero replies: is there a problem with where/how I posted my question?
  7. Hi, good evening. I installed (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) today, and ran across what I think is unintentional behavior by the application; I did search the forum for existing mentions of this issue - if my post is redundant, please advise. There is an existing note which contains multiple photos taken in Evernote on iOS, using the phone's camera. About 20 images are in this note - and inadvertently created additional, related images in a separate note. Once synced from the phone, I open Evernote in Windows wait for sync to complete, then copy the simila
  8. Evernote is a fantastic product, no doubt - and seeing this information about tables is great news. Seeing the improvements made along the way has been encouraging - I love the product, and appreciate the developers asking for our feedback.
  9. Kudos to EdH for explaining exactly what some of us have had to resort to, to accomplish the function of "paste and match style." I do not remember having an issue like this with previous versions; having to keep notepad open to accomplish what Evernote should do is an interesting experience.
  10. So, it appears there are still issues with "Paste and Match Style." The first attached file shows selected text from an Evernote support page - file is "1 .jpg" The second screenshot, "2 .jpg" shows a portion of a note in Evernote - where I want to paste the selected text from the first screenshot - using "Paste and Match Style" (see file "3 .jpg" showing I have chosen Paste and Match Style) - and the result is shown in "4 .jpg" The same applies to pasting links that are formatted in a web page - the formatting and color remain when pasted into a note using Paste and Match Style.
  11. I thought I was the only one to whom that happened... Wonder if it will actually be fixed?
  12. Hello, When sorting notes by date created, the newest Notes show up at the top. When sorting by title, the sort order is reversed. I would like to request that short order be customizable. I use dates (in the format of 161203, for a note created today), in the titles of my notes, and it would be very useful to be able to see the newest notes at the top, not just the bottom.
  13. I regret the delay in responding, I've been sick off and on, but am improving. I had done all the things you'd suggested, yet still got the same results. Guessing the next step is to open a support ticket with Evernote. Thank you :-)
  14. Hello, After updating to iOS 10 on the iPad mini, and updating Evernote to 7.17.1, the performance of the app when entering notes, or typing *anything* in Evernote is abysmal. Meaning that, it will on average, take 5-10 seconds after having typed a sentence for the keyboard to animate and for the characters to display onscreen. Have restarted - more than once - and have tried deleting/reinstalling, but the behavior remains. Kind of stuck on this one - any thoughts welcome. Thanks.
  15. No, because in this scenario (a frequent one), I am looking for the instance of a word or phrase, say, "Microsoft Word" - I don't know what notes have that term, and I want to find out, but only from my own content most of the time. Does that help clarify what I am looking for?
  16. Thank you for the link. My confusion (frustration?) stems from the now-lost ability to differentiate searches between all notebooks - including those shared with me - and just my own notebooks. That ability was quite useful; I have been learning the value of using tags, and am relying on them far more than ever - your suggestion about tag:shared or -tag:shared is brilliant. Thank you!
  17. I made three screenshots to (hopefully) explain what I mean. The first image shows the Notebooks object in the left panel. The second screenshot focuses on the "Viewing xxxx notes in "All Notebooks" and the third shows the expanded list of "All Notebooks." Through version 5, I was able to differentiate between MY notes, and SHARED notes. That differentiation appears to be gone now. Doesn't this bother anyone else as well?
  18. Hello @Austin G, has any progress been made on this request? I subscribe to some shared notebooks, but I do not want to always have to sift through them in addition to my own notes looking for information. Is this a structural change to discourage subscribing to shared notebooks? It is tremendously frustrating...
  19. @Austin G, this was one hell of a lengthy process - optimizing the database - I had no idea it would be over an hour of "optimizing" but yet, the application has not stumbled once since... Thank you for the information.
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