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  1. Simply Thank you

    Some many know Ive been critical of Evernote for adding new features without getting the core notetaking ones correct, so in fairness I have to be willing to praise them when they get it right. Evernote Thank u for fixing the title from scrolling within the document. Its the little things that will make the app a joy to use.
  2. Note title scrolls off top of page

    Well if you guys are still evernote users you will be happy to know this has been fixed.. the title stays to the top of the screen!!!
  3. Why should I need Alternote?

    Yep, I mentioned this before in another thread and was berated for it.. wish i had the link
  4. Yep I mentioned this before, and was mocked for it.. one day it will happen, one day..
  5. mac REQUEST: Narrower window

    any updates? it is these features that are more core to the task of taking notes that i wish that were improved before evernote added before the ability to chat or present within Evernote existed. maybe the core features will be worked on for the next release!
  6. Suggestion: Add Strikethrough as format menu button

    Its really the little things that count, nothing more nothing less. I agree with this post.
  7. Discovered Scrivener

    I am not opposed to you disagreeing, I just I dont think you see what I am saying so I will try to be clear. Im going to be careful and start where we agree and go to where we may not agree. then tell me what u think... This is the point ive been ive been trying to make when i say low hanging fruit. That true however Im not talking about doing that. Again you speak nothing but the truth. I agree, that would go against the principle I am am against, trying to fit all in one. However the changes Ive suggested before and in this thread are not that. OCR is a technology probably requiring a new set of apis, etc. 1) Frank.dg, the ability to see all notes from clicking on a notebook, or just having a split screen to show two notes at one time is not a drastic change feature. Its not easy but if you are saying u cant see the usefulness of seeing two notes side by side.. or seeing all notes from subtags withing another tag .. then id be surprised but id respect your disagreement. ... 2, Then I would ask how come you nor no one else to my knowledge can see that when Evernote adds Work Chat ( gchat, etc) and the ability to present ( Keynote Powerpoint) How come no one sees the argument of focusing that that that is totally confusing to me lol. There is a few different philosophies out there that say focus on your core strengths.businesses or what have you. To me the items i suggest enhance the experience to create notes without presenting a new disruptive feature for lack of a better word. I wont ever say the features I added are easy, but I can say, that they are much easier than spending energy on chatting and presenting. Hope this helps.
  8. Discovered Scrivener

    No, I did not. It didnt make sense to start from scratch when something like evernote existed, it just made more sense to push for the additional features, but i stopped pushing because folks didnt want to hear it. GrumpyMonkey if they were interested in pairing down then id think adding in presentation and a chat dont come to my mind..maybe to you. That, frank dg is doing everything ...Grumpy You are right to call out Scriveners promised ipad app but i dont use evernote on the ipad ... and if we are to compare whats better having an ipad app than have a desktop app that does little but great things, i am in the minority that prefer the latter. I dont care if scrivener looks like its from the 2000s, i used to tho, but now after being around apps that look great but focus less on functionality, core functionality my thinking has changed. Mind you in case anyone has noticed all of the items i suggested are core to its essential function of notewriting..and i know the difference between scrivener and evernote, but the usefulness of *only* the 3 features scrivener has that i mentioned, scroll up if u missed them... no doubt...... would be super useful in evernote. Im not sure the sci fi/chick flick analogy applies here. Thanks for responding.
  9. Discovered Scrivener

    oh ok its been taken out of context, understood Gbarry though u gotta admit, that the two things i mentioned would be SUPER D Duper useful.. clicking on a group tag and seeing all notes in the tags that are in the group...and split screen two different notes. this post is not so much about scrivener as it is about people who suggest features that are what i like to consider easy hanging fruit and to my surprise just by randomly searching it was implemented elsewhere u know.. its just a crazy coincidence... Despite Evernote current success I just see a lot of opportunity and potential for evernote to really be powerful, without the amount of programming man hours you would think... just my two cents
  10. Discovered Scrivener

    This was the first article i saw in my google search results The CEO of $1 billion Evernote is stepping down because he wasn't 'passionate about it' Read more:
  11. Discovered Scrivener

    You know, I just have to say one thing, I remember suggesting specific features on this forum. And it wasn't received well. I think i asked for a mini version of evernote that would be similar to OS X sticky ( light and flexible )... sometimes u don't want the chrome around the window and need it as light as a os x sticky is. Someone said that its a totally different program and that it wouldnt make if a chat program and powerpoint program, items that are in evernote, are not separate programs... I also remember someone else asked for the ability to click on a group, that when clicked either a notebook stack or tag stack and have the list show you all of the notes in there to me that was a simple request that represented low hanging fruit. Its funny that now i just happened to find an app scrivener that does the above and more for example the ability to split its screen a note into two screens to cross reference - its one of the most awesome features i could ever dreamed for... I also was hoping that evernote had a way to do kanban and sure they had some work arounds...and even tho u cant do it to the tee again Scrivener comes through with a way to at least have a visual representation of its notes as cards u can kind of move around. Im impressed. This way you satisfy list makers and visual thinkers.. too me that is easy to decide... Im not sure if scrivener listened to their customers or not but they are some useful features that i think evernote users may want to check out. Also, and now i see the ceo is stepping down because he lost interest in the product. Wonder what new direction Evernote will go in.
  12. Evernote for Mac 6.0.11 Released

    After upgrading to 6.0.11, it crashes upon start up consistenly. Can i downgrade, please? I am on a macbook bro with yosemite running.
  13. The cursor always skips the title and goes to the note

    OMG. Here is my beef with Evernote. There are so many EASY PEASY simple little things they could do to make their programs 40 percent more usuable and faster. Its crickets. All I am saying is master the little things the low hanging fruit before deciding to turn a note taking program into a presentation tool and chat client. lol smh
  14. mac Why can't search apply to Trash Notebook?

    I am pissed this only has three replies. Yeah man again this is basic stuff. Even when you search gmail it says there files that match your search. I think i need to be a UX guy and for get about web app develeopment. Gang let this be a consolation. Im going to try and not use Trash anymore and just put all my notes in a notebook so it could be search. Its a hacky workaround but its all we can do at the moment. I hope this helps the previous posters.