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  1. alwayzambitious

    Dark Theme

    I learned of a similarly purposed app called notion that has a dark mode, worth checking out in the mean time
  2. alwayzambitious

    Dark Theme

    Makes sense It's pretty obvious the focus is not the customers. But to be fair i think its a trend among software companies in general
  3. 90% of my posts express displeasure with evernote but this time I have to say thanks when they get something right....speifically in this case the thanks is for for fixing the way you can hide new notes... its the little things that important and hopefully the team will continue to find more low hangin fruit things to fix.
  4. alwayzambitious

    productivity Using EN for To Do/GTD - Am I asking too much?

    They are a lot ui tasks that take 5+ more steps than necessary. . Ill check out remember the milk
  5. alwayzambitious

    Right Click to "Add New Notebook Here"

    Yes, that works if you right click on an existing stack. My ideas was that If you right click on a notebook EN would assume you want to create a new stack and create a new notebook... which could save clicks
  6. Hey how hard would it be to add this feature... I am cleaning up and resetting up gtd system in evernote again. I have a lot of work to do because the current way to add a notebook is bit tedious ( takes more clicks ) I propose a different way. 1. Right Click on a Notebook 2. Select " Add Notebook " Here 3. Stack gets created and a new notebook is created, waiting to be renamed.
  7. alwayzambitious

    Introducing 'Spaces' for Evernote Business!

    I took a look at Spaces by chance, and I have to say it looks like a cosmetic change, at best. They have a gif that shows a user moving notes, from one notebook to another the only difference is thats vertical. as opposed to draggin notebooks to the left nav bar. Is it useful? There is a spot for recent notes in spaces too, which at first seems not too different from the recent notes on the left nav. Its not really new its just presented as such because it uses the notes from within the space.
  8. alwayzambitious

    Introducing 'Spaces' for Evernote Business!

    Core functionality is not whether its used for note taking or cabinet. It could be that but that's not what I meant. It's the basic features of the software that enables us to use it for whatever we desire, Features that actually exist already but are very limited in how we access it, features that to me are low hanging fruit. Editing I am not able to delete a tag using the keyboard shortcut like delete or using the menu. Just by right clicking. Users who use keyboard shortcuts perform tasks fastest in general. If a tag is selected and I hit enter or spacebar, the tag should be editable. Even if I click it its not editable. Same thing with notebooks, currently you have to go a second screen "Notebook" to then rename. We might as well put it deep inside of preferences.
  9. alwayzambitious

    saved search on left nav possibility?

    No problem, I'm just getting back into evernote after using other programs and i rather keep it simple...Ill live with it.thank you.
  10. alwayzambitious

    saved search on left nav possibility?

    oh ok, thank you DTLow, i notice the shortcuts list comes with the recent notes list attached to the bottom. is there anyway to remove or hide the recent notes... while keeping the shortcuts list?
  11. alwayzambitious

    saved search on left nav possibility?

    I'm on a mac, and would like to see saved searches on the left side nav instead of it hidden in the search dropdown. is this possible. i think i saw it in the windows version.
  12. I check in once every three years. Has there been any evernote alternatives available that you like? Keep is not it, but is Onenote still leading?
  13. alwayzambitious

    Dark Theme

    2018 and still no dark theme? In 5 years some programmers could have probably created a light version of evernote ( core features) with the theme already.
  14. alwayzambitious

    Introducing 'Spaces' for Evernote Business!

    Are businesses features more important than non business features? Any improvements to the core note taking functionality coming down the pike?
  15. alwayzambitious

    Simply Thank you

    Some many know Ive been critical of Evernote for adding new features without getting the core notetaking ones correct, so in fairness I have to be willing to praise them when they get it right. Evernote Thank u for fixing the title from scrolling within the document. Its the little things that will make the app a joy to use.