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  1. Hi everyone, I think they just fixed it: I tested it on my home PC and it works! Can anyone else confirm that it works with the 10.20 version before I mark this topic as solved? "Expanded link support in the editor - web addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are auto-converted to links. Links will open local files and in default apps (ex: Zoom). Link detection improvement (e.g. recognize twitch.tv and google.com.vn as web URL domains w/o needing https://)"
  2. Please use the upvote button to bump up this post. Maybe they will implement this "feature" sooner when there are more upvotes. You can also fill in the survey (under the Help button in V10) to let them now this feature is being missed in V10.
  3. Is it me or did they just change the @ in front of the #? The order in V6.25 was # and than @.
  4. This shortcut only inserts US date format for me. In the v6 it does give me the european date format.
  5. You could try the work around from Mike P mentioned above.
  6. @Shane D. I forgot to add: "... hyperlink files & folders on my ..."
  7. @Shane D.Thanks for bringing this up to the team. That sounds good!
  8. Actually never saw that topic. Thanks for giving the details! Well I use the same folder structure with sync on multiple PC's. So the link will always work on the PC's I sync the files with.
  9. So you create a shortcut in Windows and you put that shortcut in Evernote? I tried it and it gave me a file in Evernote itself. It takes 3 clicks to open it, but it works. I would still prefer the file:// protocol since it is just a hyperlink. Never mind: Double click works as well. But its still not a simple hyperlink so I would love it if the feature came back. Thanks @Mike P
  10. Nope it doesn't. And you can't create one in the V10 version. The text box becomes red.
  11. Thank you, it would be great if the Evernote team would work on such a list as well. To add something to the list:
  12. I keep track of projects in Evernote with a few notes about what the status of the project is. To do this I made links to the project folders to quickly view the files inside of them. In the V6.25 I could simply create a hyperlink with the file:// extension and it would pop out the file or folder. I would love to see this feature come back to the V10 version of Evernote.
  13. This is really concerning. Al tough the webclipper still makes a copy of the image.
  14. I'm not going to put fuel to the discussion about leaving Evernote and such, but I want to add my experience with the responsiveness. On all the Windows devices I have Evernote installed the edditing and changing notes (in the same notebook) is fast. Probably faster than the v6.25. BUT deleting a note takes up till 10sec. Opening a note in a new window is also slower than in the V6.25.
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