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(Archived) Let us Drag-n-Drop PDFs out of Evernote for Mac!



i continue to be rudely surprised everytime i try to drag a PDF out of an Evernote for Mac note. i keep doing it because its intuitively Mac and should work since it works in every other application on my computer whether by design or not and because Apple built it into the OS.

i contacted support and was told that this was not possible but what i would like to know is why and, more importantly, when this rather large oversight will be rectified.

i sometimes want to drag a PDF from within a note onto my desktop or into some other application and its getting very annoying the more I rely on Evernote for many of my loose documents.


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Intentionally removing?

Oh, I wish we got all of these features for free from Apple.

The PDF preview you see within your notes uses basically the same Apple PDF engine you see in Preview. If you open a PDF document within Preview, and then try to click within that document and drag, you'll see that Apple doesn't magically give you a "file drag" action. Instead, you get a "select text" action.

And that's the same thing you get when the same OS X PDF rendering control is displayed within Evernote ... if you click inside the PDF and move your mouse, you highlight text.

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engberg -

thanks for explaining how it works. in that case why can't the Preview-style thumbnails that are on the sidebar (if showing) of any PDF document be added? those ARE draggable individually or collectively as far as i know and provide a solution.

the other would be to add a user preference to show PDF icons or thumbnails instead of the open document within EN for Mac and couple that with Quicklook for viewing on the go.

i see, however, that there are many questions to consider.


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Yes, the Mac client should add a feature that allows you to drag the PDF preview and drop it as a file. This would be a nice alternative to the current behavior (command-click and Save the file). Our Windows client includes both right-click "Save As" and drag-and-drop.

We have an internal "feature" entry in our tracking system for this item (I filed it a few months ago).

I wasn't saying that this would be a bad feature ... I was just saying that this wasn't something that was "free" from OSX, so it requires programmers to do some programming.


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What about moving PDF's somehow between two notes... As it is now the only way I can see doing this for a PDF is to save it to your computer and then put it back in the note I want it to be in. Maybe I'm missing something.

Not sure what the programming behind this would be... but maybe have a right click menu option that gives you the option to "show attachments as icon". That way you can drag/drop the icons rather than having the problem of selecting text in the PDFs.

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