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  1. +1 urgently need this. switching allways back to "voila screen capture and annotation mac app" for this task ....
  2. Same here. It's not only very irritating but slows down web page loading and development especially when debugging things ... A refactoring regarding developers would be much appreciated!
  3. After rebooting the computer it worked again. Not sure what was going on as it only occured after installing the latest evernote beta update ...
  4. well, ... and even with the new highlighting functionality the editor is still pretty messy regarding formatting and copy, cut, paste rich text snippets ....
  5. Just wanted to know if anyone else has trouble using the paste command or cmd+v with the latest evernote beta build 401495 . for me pasting totally stopped working ... damn.
  6. Hello everybody, i as well miss the feature: "save page as pdf to evernote" very much. but meanwhile i use skitch (which was acquired by evernote lately) to save safari pages as pdf (or any other file type) and i have to say it works well. please checkout skitch. to grab the frontmost safari window you have to go to the menu on the skitch window frame and from there you can drag it into evernote after skitching it. hope that smooths things out for a while. ....
  7. strangely enough that one user seems to speak for all the other users excluding myself. that leads to the question: am i user user? :shock:
  8. hey there evernote guys, please update the text editor for the mac version. it sucks sooooooooooooo much. even the list options is hardly usable if you want to have multiple line entries which are indented. rendering errors and formatting issues without ends ....
  9. +1 for draggin out pdfs or the whole note as a pdf from evernote for mac.
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