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  1. Same here. A workaround I've found is to move it again to a third notebook (neither the original notebook nor the destination, then try to move it into the intended destination.
  2. I am still noticing the same behavior. CTRL+CMD+V from Mail will paste into a new note in Evernote with a link back to the Mail message. But I can't copy that link from the URL field of the created note into any other note. The OK button is greyed out.
  3. I had the same issue with Skitch 2.5.2 and this workaround worked around it for me too.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I did have 176 notes in the trash. When I emptied the trash and synced, my usage went down from 83MB to 52MB. Good, but still 52MB more than I have uploaded.
  5. Hi, I'm a premium user who doesn't usually use all his upload allowance. But this month I've been concentrating on digitizing a lot of my office files and uploading a lot. So I've been really conscious of my monthly upload cycle, which begins on the 28th of the month. Last night (August 27), I uploaded PDFs that brought my monthly total to something in excess of 490MB (I got the 95% warning). I quit and went to bed. This morning, I saw that my cycle had in fact reset, but it shows that I already have used 83MB of my allowance during the first 9 hours of my cycle...while I was sleeping. That's 15% of the month gone without actually doing anything. What would cause this?
  6. I get annoyed with this too every once in a while. The workaround I take is to right-click, open in Preview, then drag the icon in the the Preview window title bar wherever.
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