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  1. So, is this just not working for me? Because it's not. Drag and drop should be pretty basic functionality in just about every app circa 1998.
  2. Let it go. The image will "apear" Nope
  3. I just started using 5 for the first time and all I can say is wow did they ***** up a great product. Sorry, nothing more constructive to say at this point... it may take a while to wrap my head around everything.
  4. I just upgraded to EN 5. I'm trying to drag an attachment (photo/pdf) from an email in Mac Mail directly into an note. It's not working. How can I get this to work?
  5. What about moving PDF's somehow between two notes... As it is now the only way I can see doing this for a PDF is to save it to your computer and then put it back in the note I want it to be in. Maybe I'm missing something. Not sure what the programming behind this would be... but maybe have a right click menu option that gives you the option to "show attachments as icon". That way you can drag/drop the icons rather than having the problem of selecting text in the PDFs.
  6. That's exactly what I'm talking about above. Ok, now get it done :-)
  7. Yep... for me anyway a fix for that would be great. Other people may still want sub-notebooks, but to me that's just semantics.
  8. To make it clear, when I'm saying if you tag something Dog it should automatically be tagged Animal, I do mean it is part of the tagging process. I'm agreeing that sub-notebooks is not the problem in this instance (I actually found this thread because I WANTED sub-notebooks, but once I found out tags can be hierarchical, I realized its basically the same thing with the possibility of being better) I'm a photographer we call tags "keywords"... same difference. And, any decent keywording software makes it so if you keyword an image with a Dog, it will automatically give it an Animal keyword as well (if that's how you have your keyword hierarchy set up).
  9. I agree that tags/subtags are essentially the same as folders/subfolders. It's two names for a similar concept. But what was brought up earlier that is painfully missing from tags, that I don't think was every really covered because you keep going back to "show me a difference" argument is, the parent/child relationship. If I have the following tags (and I believe this was the example used elsewhere): - Animal -- Dog -- Cat If I tag something as a Dog, I think it's clear that it is also an Animal and should be tagged as an Animal. And if I want to see all Animals, I should be able to click on the Animal tag and see all Dogs and Cats. This is where tags can be even more useful than folders because typically folders don't work this way. You can have folders and subfolders but you only see what's in the folder you're in (like the OSX filesystem, folers in Mac Mail etc).
  10. This may not be an ideal solution - but you can highlight your text and then hit Cmd-C (copy to buffer) followed by Ctrl-Cmd-V (global Paste to Evernote command). Two keystrokes and you're done. I use this frequently in lieu of an "Evernote Capture" button in Mail.app. HTH, Erik Unfortunately, highlighting everything, copying and then pasting to Evernote does not include attachments... which is one of the main thing I'm looking for.
  11. Add me to the list for more Mac Mail support. For example, the way emails are pasted into evernote from Mac mail is a bit confusing. What would be great is, if I have an email selected in Mac Mail, but I don't have the content of the email selected and I use the menu bar to "paste to evernote", it should just send the entire email to evernote along with a link to the email. As it works now, it will send the email link and email header info (from, subject, date, etc), but the text that is sent is whatever text happens to be the last thing on the clipboard from any cut/copy which will likely not have any relevance to the email I have selected. For example: ********* Subject: Grocery List Date Received: Sunday, January 31, 2010 2:55:13 PM Date Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2010 2:54:08 PM From: Joe Smith This text is not related to the email at all, it just happens to be the last thing I copied and that could have been days ago! Not very helpful. ********* I actually just noticed that, while it does include a link... the link isn't always correct. It works sometimes and not others. Also, it would be great if I could just highlight the text I want passed on to evernote without actually needing to copy it (like when you have text selected in a message and then hit reply, only the highlighted text is quoted in the new email) It would also be great a dialog box would open up so I could then specify where in evernote to put the email and then tag it and add other information. But, I am digging evernote so far and just upgraded to premium.
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