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Questions on 6.2 options

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I just finally updated to v. 6.2, and have been working through the new options. A couple of them puzzle me:

  • Under Note > Note view options, what is "Always display formatted date"?
  • Under Clipping > Clip destination, selecting "Clip to current notebook or to default notebook" always seems to send new clips (e.g., screenshots) to the current notebook. How do you get it to go to the default (other than by selecting the other option, "Clip to selected notebook" and then selecting your default notebook)?
  • According to the version Release Notes, "Now, you can choose to see thumbnail previews of note content when viewing a list of notes. Select this from your note list view options." But where, pray tell, are those options? I can't find them in Tools > Options (even with advanced options shown), nor anywhere in the note list.

Thanks, and apologies in advance for any dumbness!

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On 9/7/2016 at 1:28 PM, csihilling said:

1.  Hover over the option and you see this


2.  Don't know about clip destination.

3.  Could it be the new thumbnail view?


Sorry for not getting back here sooner! I appreciate the help.

  1. Thanks - apparently I don't hover long enough; there's about a 2-second delay before the popup appears.
  2. Apparently it remains mysterious.
  3. Giving myself a serious dope-slap on this one! I think it was "options" in "note list view options" that sent me astray. I actually began using it before I realized that this was the answer to my question! :blush:


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On 9/8/2016 at 7:35 AM, gazumped said:

...regarding clip destinations - if you check the clipper options,  there are 'smart filing' and specific destinations there too.  My view - as long as you're happy things with the way work,  don't mess with the details...  ;)

Well, yes ... but they give you an option to mess with the details, eh, so at least the option ought to be clear! Not a biggie, just curious. (And not alone.)

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