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16 minutes ago, ChipAHoy said:

Is it possible to merge tags? I have several that I would like to just put under one tag.

My approach would be to run a search, for example     any: tag:!Journal tag:!Computer

And then use the mass change box to add a new tag, for example   !Journal-Computer
Warning: Add the new tag before deleting the old tag, otherwise you'll see the notes disappear from the search results

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 9.56.38 PM.png

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6 hours ago, BSR said:

As an aside, you can nest tags in the desktop application by dragging a tag into another tag.

In addition to this, I assume, I hope, that the new tag feature in EN Win that allows the user to include all sub-tags (child tags) in a search will be coming to EN Mac, and all EN clients, in the very near future.

@ChipAHoy, this means if all of the tags you want to merge are child tags of the same parent tag, then you don't need to merge.  You could just search on the parent tag, and it would automatically include all of its child tags.

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@JMichaelTX; While I don't have a specific timeframe or guarantee that it will be implemented, it's definitely a feature I would like to see in the Mac version myself. I went ahead and added my vote, I would recommend anyone who would like to see this in a future version of the app for Mac do the same ;)



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