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  1. Evernote is AUTO-TAGGING! How'd THAT happen?

    Where do I find the options for the auto-tagging points listed by Al Sargent? I find notebooks created that I did not create. How is that possible?
  2. Syncing seems VERY delayed

    I added some text to a note on my iPhone an hour ago. Looking on my Mac at Evernote, and new text still hasn't shown up. What settings should I check? Is this a software issue?
  3. where are these notes coming from?

    Evernote for Mac. I guess I will just have to live with this issue.
  4. where are these notes coming from?

    yes, I disabled the Evernote channel from my IFTTT settings
  5. where are these notes coming from?

    no autoforward rules in my email client
  6. I am constantly finding notes that I did not create in my EN account. From looking at the content of these notes, it appears that they are somehow generated from emails that I receive (most of which are political in nature). I have deleted all of my IFTTT recipes that involve Evernote, but I am still getting these unwanted notes in Evernote. Any tips on how to trace the origin of these notes and to stop them from showing up?
  7. Premium user on a Mac here, have been using EN for years now. When I am searching for something in my notes, I usually get many choices, most of which do not seem to find what I want. I use tags, so why am I getting so many results that do not even fit my search? It's really inefficient and makes it difficult to find what I want.
  8. Need two lists in same note

    I will try that, have never made a table, but maybe that would do it. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. I have a general to-do list, and a garden to-do list. I would really like to have them in the same note, side by side, so that I can see both. Is there any way to do this with EN?
  10. Why are my searches not working?

    One of the two notes finally showed up, I think it must have some error on my part as to why the other one isn't in Evernote, but not sure what I did wrong. When online, I click the EN icon for the add-on to my browser, then I choose either bookmark, simplified article, full page, article or screenshot, the notebook default is quick notes, and add tags. Quick Notes is one of my notebooks for when I don't want to take the time to organize immediately. My other question was, does EN have the capability to search any word in the saved item? I believe I read that it can search all words in a PDF document.
  11. I have been using EN for several years, and think it's great. But sometimes it ticks me off. Just now, on my iPad, I clipped a New York Times recipe into Quick Notes, with "recipe" as a tag. A few minutes later, I open EN, and can't find the damn thing! It doesn't show in Quick Notes and it doesn't come up when I type "recipe" in the search field. In the past, I have also had problems finding notes that I knew contained at least some word I was using to search with. Isn't EN now supposed to be able to search everywhere inside a note for the word that is searched by the user?
  12. There are some old references in the EN forums to Diigo and Evernote. Are there any recent updates for importing Diigo bookmarks into EN (and keeping them as separate, individual bookmarks)? I have tried importing bookmarks from my Chrome and Safari browsers into EN, but the import doesn't break down the bookmarks individually, as they are listed in the browsers. If they are in a lump in EN, they don't really do much good.
  13. Firefox Web Clipper not working in Firefox

    Thank you for the reply. Later today, when I returned to my computer, the red dot was gone, and the Clipper now works. But I will remember your suggestion for the future.
  14. I am still not able to use the EN Web clipper in Firefox for Mac. The web clipper icon has a red dot on it. When I click on the icon, a blank Mozilla pop up page appears. Can anyone help me fix this? Thanks very much.
  15. The note that I use most often has been completely messed up. All of my formatting is gone, and all of the text is put together, making it impossible to sort unless I fix all of the formatting. How does this happen? I am growing increasingly frustrated with EN. The whole new layout makes finding things quickly harder, even submitting a help ticket has been made harder with new prompts and more new settings.