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  1. I am unable to submit a help ticket. When I click on this link https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action?utm_source=EN Forum&utm_medium=forum post&utm_campaign=billing, I am taken to the log in screen for Evernote. I log in, and then the next screen says I am logged out. I tried several times but never get to the help ticket option. How can I get to that screen? I understand now, I had subscribed originally via the App Store.
  2. I know this topic goes under the Account Management forum, but was unable to choose that option in the drop-down box. When I look at my subscription, it says I have both Plus and Premium. It also says I will be charged for Plus if I don't cancel it before the due date. I went ahead and cancelled the Plus account, but there is no confirmation that I now only have the Premium account. How do I confirm my subscription status? I would address this question to Customer Support, but Evernote has made it ridiculously difficult to submit a ticket to ask a question. It used to be so easy to reach out to Customer Support. As a Premium subscriber, especially, this should be easier to do. "Evernote Premium  Manage subscriptionRemember to cancel your existing Evernote Plus subscription in the App Store to avoid getting charged twice. We cannot cancel it on your behalf. If you do not cancel it in the App Store, you will be charged again for a Plus subscription on May 10, 2022.Next charge May 16, 2022 for Evernote Premium"
  3. Thanks, RavBoy, I was finally able to get more options on the Toolbar following your directions. I do wish Evernote would add an UNDO button, it would sure come in handy.
  4. Which of these options would I choose to move to a previous page?
  5. On my PC, using the Evernote app (not the web page), I do not see an arrow to go back a few screens, to what was previously looking at. There's no toolbar at the top at all, just "Sync", and above that the normal menu headings.
  6. I keep getting logged out of Evernote when I click on Send an email to contact support. Anyway, I just paid for Premium subscription, but wanted to pay annually, not monthly. How do I change this?
  7. Thanks a lot for the detailed reply and links! I really appreciate it and will use this info to make my searches more accurate.
  8. I really have a hard time finding what I want using the Search feature. My results always say so-and-so was found in several notebooks. OK. So, why do I have to click on the ALL NOTEBOOKS link, why can't EN just show me those results? I find the "matching" and "words starting with" options confusing. Is there a detailed tutorial or detailed guide I can access on using Search?
  9. Why does nothing show up when I search for "conflicting changes" in Evernote? I know that they are there somewhere, because changes I made on my mobile device sometimes do not show up on other devices with Evernote. I have seen notes (maybe even a notebook?) in the past with the name Conflicting Changes. Regarding searching in Evernote, it seems that ever since a huge update about two years ago, that changed the whole way Evernote looks on my devices, the search function has become very unreliable. The search box that I type the terms in isn't clear that this search will be in all notes or just the particular notebook I happen to be in. Often, the search results are very incomplete and the results do not show all the notes with the keywords I have used. For me, the quality and reliability of Evernote has gone down ever since the app made big changes about two years ago. I use Evernote for Windows on my laptop and iPhone. Previously, I was an Apple user, but since I switched to a Windows laptop, I had to migrate to Evernote for Windows. I don't know if this might be related to my issues.
  10. Will I still be able to access all of my notes if I cancel my Premium account? I am just wondering what the repercussions are.
  11. I know I am not being specific enough. All of the text in the Evernote app on Windows just seems jammed too close together, it's not comfortable or easy to find what I am looking for.
  12. Thank you for the reply. Do you have an example of how you have your tags and notebooks organized? 200% resolution makes part of the screen go past the edge of the page that I am looking at. The left panel is dark and the right side of the EN screen I look at is light, and I am not sure how to make the left panel light.
  13. I recently switched from a Mac to a PC. Evernote on the PC is almost unusable to me unless I go to the web version. I can't get the font in the Evernote app large enough for me to read. I don't like the layout in Windows, it's hard to find anything or even to do a search. Is there a way to make the app on Windows easier to navigate or see?
  14. I am able to click on Show Fonts, and have the note title highlighted. But none of my choices in the font box will apply to the title. How do I edit my title, to change its layout? This is using Evernote on my Macbook (Mojave).
  15. https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/organize-files-in-stacks-mh35846/10.14/mac/10.14.1
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