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  1. I just wanted to say that I really prefer the old look of Evernote. I liked being able to see all my notebooks on the left side of the screen in a menu. I don't like that I have to click on the current notebook at the top of the page to bring up the menu showing all my notebooks and other menu items.
  2. I have everything in Evernote, it would be a hassle to switch to MS Note. But for Evernote to dawdle on this issue (formatting problems when cut/paste is used), when so many customers want a solution, is a sign of indifference. So many services (Spotify, LastFM, Flickr...) that provide a great product evolve into a take it or leave it attitude towards customers.
  3. Is it possible to merge tags? I have several that I would like to just put under one tag.
  4. I agree completely, I just don't understand why they haven't made this a priority.
  5. I have several IFTTT recipes for Evernote, which have created a whole lot of new notebooks. I didn't want this to happen and have edited my IFTTT recipes. I want to move the newly created notebooks' notes into my customized notebooks. Is there a quick way to do this, other than one at a time? Thanks for any help.
  6. I am on an iPad with the Evernote application open. I am reading an article on the web, and saving individual pages to a specific notebook in Evernote. Every note I save is duplicated. Should I open a new post here, or submit a help request? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  7. chrome

    I bit the bullet and upgraded my iPhone 4s to the latest iOS, and everything seems fine. Hence, no problem with EN Clipper.
  8. chrome

    Well, that's a big help. Other software apps include support for older operating system versions, don't they? I have been a Premium EN member for awhile, and there is nothing you can do so that I can use the clipper on my mobile devices? Thanks a lot.
  9. I have an older iOS phone and want to be able to clip web pages. Is clipping to EN not possible with Chrome or Safari on iOS 7?
  10. gotcha, thanks for the clarification
  11. anywhere, does it matter? i use a Macbook Air, iPhone 4s and iPad 3.
  12. When I am in Evernote and I want to create a new note, I see the box at the top (+new note in _____), which is already filled in with a notebook name. Clicking on the arrow shows me three other notebooks, the most recently accessed notebooks. But what if I want to create a note elsewhere? I have been creating a note in one of the default notebooks, and then changing it later.