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(Archived) REQ: Option to collapse attached PDFs in a note



Hi - big fan of Evernote and a premium user. I've been using EN more and more to store miscellaneous scanned PDF documents that are closely related. These (to me) belong together in a single note. In fact, I see this ability to collect multiple files into a single note to be an advantage Evernote has over a traditional file system.

Because the desktop client "expands" the PDF so that you can view it right inside the note, it is difficult to navigate between these individual files & see where one begins and ends. I would like to have an option to "collapse" PDFs down to just an icon so that they look and act just like any other inline attachment (like a Word doc, Excel file, etc.).

Not sure of the best way to activate this within the GUI... maybe an option on the context-click menu within a note that says "Collapse all Attachments" or perhaps more descriptively, "Iconify all Attachments".

** An alternative approach that may work is some kind of "navigation" panel that shows the general structure of the note from a high level and lets a user click to jump into a specific location.

Thanks for your continued work to improve an already great tool!

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Please. Please. Please sort this out.

People have been requesting this for well over a year now. This is so annoying it's getting to the point where I'm going to need to use something else to store my PDFs. Surely there is a way to iconify a pdf. To be honest I'd be happy with the option to either embed as icon or as pages without the ability to switch between the two as I wouldn't read a pdf in Evernote anyway.


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I have to add my 2 cents. I'd like to be able to iconize the PDF and/or don't expand all the pages, rather let me page through the document so that it does not take up space 'vertically' for each page. I like being able to Zoom Out and make the document smaller. What would be nice is to be able to page through the document in this smaller space instead of scrolling vertically. This would let us layout a Note that is visually appealing, and still be able to thumb through the document as needed.

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