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  1. Thank you for including this feature in the latest OS X release!
  2. Hi - big fan of Evernote and a premium user. I've been using EN more and more to store miscellaneous scanned PDF documents that are closely related. These (to me) belong together in a single note. In fact, I see this ability to collect multiple files into a single note to be an advantage Evernote has over a traditional file system. Because the desktop client "expands" the PDF so that you can view it right inside the note, it is difficult to navigate between these individual files & see where one begins and ends. I would like to have an option to "collapse" PDFs down to just an icon so that they look and act just like any other inline attachment (like a Word doc, Excel file, etc.). Not sure of the best way to activate this within the GUI... maybe an option on the context-click menu within a note that says "Collapse all Attachments" or perhaps more descriptively, "Iconify all Attachments". ** An alternative approach that may work is some kind of "navigation" panel that shows the general structure of the note from a high level and lets a user click to jump into a specific location. Thanks for your continued work to improve an already great tool!
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