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  1. Is it still on your todo list? Would really be an awesome feature. Long TODO list, eh? Just wondering if it's actually scheduled for implementation/release or is it just in a bucket of other non-scheduled "todos"?
  2. FYI, turning off the "autosave" option then turning it back on seemed to fix my problem. The web page that kept getting replicated on each "Save" must've been stuck in a weird state :-/
  3. Using on Mac OS X, and I'm getting the same behavior. Except for me, it is actually worse. When I "Clip to Save" the current page, it just keeps re-saving the last successfully saved page, and the title is not set to the current page's title, but the last thing I entered (interestingly, not the "stuck" page that is re-saving). This has to be a bug...
  4. Thanks guys - I did find the Evernote API doc which describes the search grammar: https://www.evernote.com/about/develope ... te-api.htm Like you said, the notebook name can only be used as a scope modifier and not a proper term. Tagging everything in a notebook the notebook name seems a bit redundant - the reason I think it would be useful to associate notes with more than one notebook is that sometimes a piece of information can be relevant to multiple notebooks, and (currently) there is no way to link notes within other notes, and so this was a potential workaround... Oh well :-/
  5. Is there a way to create a search that uses boolean operators and Evernote attributes in the Search field? For instance, what if I want to create a search that display all notes in the "Research" notebook as well as notes that have the tag "research" (regardless of which notebook they're in)? This type of search is currently not possible by selecting the "Research" notebook and the "research" tag at the same time, since the query that's created automatically is: The query I'd like to make and results I'd like to see would be: Is there a way to form such a query in the Search field or is it just for keyword searches?
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