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  1. en sux but i still use it

    1. spg SCOTT

      spg SCOTT

      Curious...but why?

      If you don't think it is that good, why still use it?

      What makes you still come back to it?

  2. its still there with 4.5.x [attachment=0]2011-09-02 08-14-54_Evernote.png[/attachment]
  3. hello, still there. EDIT: from another computer. check also the use of two languages...
  4. hey, thats sounds great :-) i'm not a linux user anymore, so i can't help you with betatesting here, but i'm pretty sure, if addressed correctly with a corresponding thread here in the forum, you will get a lot of people who help you betatesting. good luck!
  5. and who tells you, that using a linux version on ubuntu isnt ***** too? ;-> imho, better improving existing applications, than throwing out another semi-finished application on another OS...
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