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  1. en sux but i still use it

    1. spg SCOTT

      spg SCOTT

      Curious...but why?

      If you don't think it is that good, why still use it?

      What makes you still come back to it?

  2. ah, ok. i use the webclipper in my firefox on windows or mac osx. i never clip to the web, only to installed en-clients, so that wasnt obvious for me. i'll try to remember that cheers,
  3. thanks. i noticed, that other extensions behave similar (i.e. HTTPS everywhere), not only the EN-webclipper. disabling *all* other extensions but the webclipper didnt changed the behaviour. thanks for checking.
  4. its still there with 4.5.x [attachment=0]2011-09-02 08-14-54_Evernote.png[/attachment]
  5. hi, why is it, that the webclipper icon, placed by me to a position where i want it to be (menu bar), goes back to its standard position (navigation bar), every time firefox 6.0.1 is started? i'm not sure, if this is a firefox or an EN issue. cheers,
  6. hello, still there. EDIT: from another computer. check also the use of two languages...
  7. hmm... as far as i see in my screenshots here, i do not clip, using the web. i already clip into the client. and this is why i do not understand your answer and need to ask again: what do i need to set up to abandom this* window/popup? (*last lines in my last post show what window i'm refering to)
  8. thanks for explaining it to me :-) i checked the version number on my mac and pc: both i deinstalled the extension and installed it again. just to be sure. if something is missing, than there must be an other reason. i'm using the current version. i will now deactivate that styling option (CSS), because there are truely big problems with editing such a clipped note. good to know what that option is about, thanks. but to the most important point for me: you' ve explained the last two points. so i guess, that if i do not want to see that window/popup again, i need to set it up, like i did screenshot: my settings on the Windows7 Computer, where EN4 is installed), or? show note browser: never quicknote autosaving: remember but that window always come and nags me... so what do i need to set up to abandom this window/popup?
  9. Hi all, i'm using the Webclipper on firefox mac/win and i'm not sure about, this is the correct forum, so please move this thread if it belongs somewhere else. unfortunately i'm using a german windows XP/mac snow leopard, and cannot set firefox to show the text of the EN extension in english. although i have installed the english versions of firefox on mac/win.... i do not understand the sense of the settings which i marked in the image here: would anybody please so kind and explain to me, what those settings mean/will do? (or point me to a place where i can read about the settings.) i really do not understand and see any difference, or get the expected results, while changing something. i.e. i think, "notitzbrowser anzeigen" may be that new popup, which comes up after using the webclipper, where the user can enter some informations and then save the note into EN. i do not need such a popup, so i disabled that option "never", but it seems not to work, or i'm looking at the wrong option. so, in addition, to my fist question, can anybody tell me, how i stop this new popup from showing up every time i clip something? this happens on EN4 only, i think. my settings there are:
  10. hey, thats sounds great :-) i'm not a linux user anymore, so i can't help you with betatesting here, but i'm pretty sure, if addressed correctly with a corresponding thread here in the forum, you will get a lot of people who help you betatesting. good luck!
  11. and who tells you, that using a linux version on ubuntu isnt ***** too? ;-> imho, better improving existing applications, than throwing out another semi-finished application on another OS...
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