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Android clipping failures

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Clipping with my Samsung tablet often fails. The process produces a note that has the URL and a statement that indicates that clipping is in progress. I commented about this problem a few times but I never received a response evidently because I only had Basic membership. After I did my upgrade, I now see that I need a Premium membership to obtain technical support. Instead of taking that step, I will assess whether the clipping process has been improved a year from now. I will then decide what to do. In the meantime, I will do those clipping tasks with Evernote on my laptop. It is often annoying to make that switch but I'm usually more happy with all aspects of Evernote on the laptop. The only problem is the size and weight of the laptop. After my arms are tired, I once again go back to the erratic behavior of the Android version.

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Hi  I clip from a Samsung Note 4 (previously Galaxy S2 & 3) and often find that the note still says "clipping..." when I get to it.  I have assumed up to now that it just takes time,  so use the URL saved in the note to revisit the page and clip again.  If you're finding this a problem I'd suggest you raise a support request to get some more detailed feedback.

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Thanks for helping me.


I reached out to product support. We had an extensive discussion. However, the support person was unable to reproduce my problem. 


Now Evernote on my Samsung table always fails for articles clipped from the NY Times. It no longer has bouts of successes. It saves a snippet with a statement about the need to get a subscriptions. Later I use Evernote on my laptop to obtain the article again by using the URL information from the failed attempt. That process always leads to a save of the entire article.


Clipping often takes a long time in some unpredictable way for any site. The worst delays occur for the NY Times site. Thus for those articles, I consistently have a failure but it can be delayed by an hour or two. 


In all the cases of failure, the information that is saved enables me to easily obtain each article again by starting again using Chrome on my laptop. If I try to clip again on the Android, my recollection is that I will once again have a failure. I no longer make those attempts. 

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No problem for the 'help' although it didn't get you very far..  When my Android Note 4 saves a clip I get a spinning green icon to indicate the clip is in progress,  and if you tap the icon before it finishes - which in your case should give you plenty of time - there's an option to untick 'save full article' and just save the URL.  If you clip with that option the setting is remembered.  Does it make things move faster to deliberately clip just the URL?  Not a fix I know,  but it may help..

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Thanks for responding.


I've also had problems with a change of the clipping option. I nearly always have problems changing from the last used setting to another one. The delay can be very long. Thus I've learned that I should not change the setting for my Samsung tablet.


I'm doing an update today because I have switched back to the use of a laptop as my primary option to find and clip articles. The Android version not only is broken for the NY Times, but it also produces erratic results for other web sites. For example, I had two problems yesterday. In case, only the comments to an article were clipped. In another case, the clipped version of a wide format article seemed to be 12 characters wide.


In all cases, the URL is retained. Thus I can use my laptop version to clip the article again.


Asking a support person would not be good use of my time because there seems to be no connection between support and development. I forgot the exact wording of the statement about closure of my support request. The implication was that the development staff might be curious about the problem.

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Hello! Can you give us some specific links that you've tried where the clipper has failed? You mentioned NYTimes, but some specific article links can help us solve the problem. If you could share the note links of the "erratic" results, that would be helpful as well.

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This was the final response from Evernote support concerning my support request. The ticket number is 1253027: We are always working on improving the way we handles all of the possible types of content. I'm going to send this to our team so they have this information and can investigate as they work on ways to improve sharing results from the NY Times app.


The support person said he could not duplicate my problem.


Here is an example of a clipping failure (see below). While using my laptop, I use the URL information to go back to such articles. I then clip it again, Each laptop attempt is a success. I then delete the original clip.


I will attempt to find a good example of an erratic result. My impression from reading forum posts is that others have seen such results. I recall someone noting that much graphics can cause a problem.





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I use a Kindle running Cyanogenmod OS and there are one or two sites I visit daily where clipping fails virtually 100% of the time. When clipping does succeed it can take 10 minutes or more - a totally unreasonable time. The same sites clip perfectly on my desktop.


The android store does have some alternative clippers some free some not, and I found one that works on the problem sites, but its overall not as good as the EN clipper which I prefer (and it isn't free).


I used to use Pocket, and when I found a site that didn't save properly, I would just send them the URL and they would fix it within a day or two, not just for that specific page, but for the whole site. I wish EN would facilitate reports in that way. The clipper is a great idea, but is far from perfect.

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Hi JDish! Can you send me the sites that fail 100% of the time? This will help us make fixes.

Hi scruggles.


Yes, I'll take you up on that. I'll have to check first to make sure. I've all but stopped using Android to make clips because of the problems, I've gone back to the much less convenient desktop because the clipping works 100%, In fact the Windows clipper is brilliant.


I'll send the URLs and some notes via messenger if that's ok?

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On 12/2/2015 at 11:53 PM, scruggles said:

Hi JDish! Can you send me the sites that fail 100% of the time? This will help us make fixes.

Not NY Times here, but another news site (Dutch): www.nos.nl

Almost the same problem, the clipper grabs the cookie notification.

Your Android app has a function 'clip again', which can be invoked from the menu inside each individual note. When using this function the article gets (re)clipped as expected.

This function is not available in the web version, nor in the iOS or OSX applications. So it can only be done from Android ?

Does it use another engine to grab the contents?

Best regards,



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Worse than just not clipping, my Android is currently clogged up with a "clipping" in progress which prevents me from getting on with other work—since I can find no way of abandoning the clipping while it is in progress. 

It seems I have to wait until the message gets through to the apps brain that it is on a fool's errand and it gives up. Then I can delete the note.

I don't expect anyone to solve the clipping problem (the only current solution is cut and paste any article you need to clip, first the article itself, then the headlines etc) but how do you force a clipping in progress to stop?!!


Thanks all

James from Ireland

ps What does it tell us about the Evernote organisation that this problem still persists after five years?

What does it tell us that users are required to laboriously do the work of quoting URLs etc and reproducing the problem when the problem is flagrantly obvious, not just when clipping from the NY Times, but (in my experience) The Guardian and Bloomberg? Doubtless many other sites too. 


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1 hour ago, JamesFairhead said:

What does it tell us that users are required to laboriously do the work of quoting URLs etc and reproducing the problem when the problem is flagrantly obvious, not just when clipping from the NY Times, but (in my experience) The Guardian and Bloomberg? Doubtless many other sites too.

? Some of us haven't been getting this 'lagrantly obvious' problem this whole time - maybe those who do suffer it might like to report it to Support so it can get fixed?


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