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  1. Andy : thanks. Your suggestion is plausible and of course possible, though I have no recollection of doing anything like you said. On another note, would Admin close/lock my account here? I'm afraid I don't know how to ask directly, and Florence doesn't have the time to stumble around in the dark trying to find out (but I'd be willing to if I did have the time - Florence (he doesn't know I've inserted that)) I rather think that like myself, my account here has run it's course and also like myself, it can't serve any useful purpose. Many thanks.
  2. Pink elephant. There is nothing wierd with the content of my post. It is true that my spelling is a bit erratic, that's because I just had my latest round of chemotherapy and I'm still a bit unable to concentrate or focus my eyes properly, and the dizziness is a bit problematic as well. Meanwhile my fine motor skills have been shot to pieces. What this means in case you can't work it out for yourself is that I can't coordinate my hand movements properly, so I hit the wrong keys, and when I try to check it, I have difficulty focusing on the screen, my brain wanders and I either forget where I w
  3. Hi all this may not be the best place for my comments, bgut as usual EVernote make it impopssibole t actually talk to someone in support and we're channelled like sheep to where they want us to be, so if it is in teh wrong place, its En's fault, I've just had a tab in my browser open up shopwing me a patheticlly basic video of how to use teh clipper. Why has this happened? Is the EN addon hijacking my browser in order to push some unwanted video into myplace? Are they using my equipment to display their marketing ***** to me without my consent? If either is the place, all En cra
  4. As Gazuumped says,. check that you don't have the option referring to pdfs checked in the options. However, in my experience it makes no difference. I get this annoying nag/spam EVERY time I open a pdf in my Firefox browser. EVERY time. Sadly, there isn't any point in contacting support, as another member posts above, there are several existing threads about this problem, one going back more than 2 years, where one 'Employee Alumni' says he thinks its a good idea.... he knows where he can stick his thoughts. There hasn't been a fix yet, so I wouldn't hold my breath. EN demonstrates repea
  5. who said i was referring to this thread, or this site? That's an assumption you jumped to. I'm referring to direct contact with Evernote (who don't make it easy by the way). I've had NO acknowledgement of my contact, NOthing was done about the problem, and there was NO improvement in performance. A hat-trick of nothing. As for employees only dropping in, if the company was actually interested in meeting customer needs, they'd be proactive, and openly visited, support and moderate this site. As it is, they take the easy way out, and don't visit, instead relying on the CUSTOMER to vote for
  6. Well said MomoG, but I fear we're all talking to the wall, Evernote seem particularly unresponsive to customer feedback and have already said it's not a priority. In fact they seem very slow at fixing the bugs never mind introducing new features. For a product supposed to be convenient and let you work the way you want to, it seems to have a lot of inconvenient "like it or lump it" features.
  7. That's ok then, thought maybe you had the deluxe version! Lol Looking at the widget, shortcuts etc, but it's only making do rather than meeting the need. Having the app open to wherever it was needed would be a good feature.
  8. I don't want all notes, I would like to see a list of notebooks because I want to see notes in different folders. I'm puzzled why scruggles (and thge poster after her) says the list widget can show the notebook list.
  9. How do you do that? When creating a widget, there's two choices, Action Widget or List Widget. The List Options for the List Widget are to show: Recently Viewed, Recently Updated; Notebook (which shows the contents of a specific NB); Reminders; Shortcuts or Tags. I don't see any option to show all Notebooks. Am I missing something?
  10. Hi scruggles. Yes, I'll take you up on that. I'll have to check first to make sure. I've all but stopped using Android to make clips because of the problems, I've gone back to the much less convenient desktop because the clipping works 100%, In fact the Windows clipper is brilliant. I'll send the URLs and some notes via messenger if that's ok?
  11. setting a default notebook to open to would be useful I think. Yes, it is simple to get to your chosen notebook, why you could say that about any irritating feature. Turn the argument around - if it opened to a deafult book, its only two actions to get back to the list of notes! If the list of notes was intended to be used so much, or be the default, why have folders, AKA notebooks? Why not just put everything into one place? If a user doesn't use tags or notebooks, opening to the note list makes sense - it matches the way the user works. But I'll wager that most users use either tags/notebo
  12. I use a Kindle running Cyanogenmod OS and there are one or two sites I visit daily where clipping fails virtually 100% of the time. When clipping does succeed it can take 10 minutes or more - a totally unreasonable time. The same sites clip perfectly on my desktop. The android store does have some alternative clippers some free some not, and I found one that works on the problem sites, but its overall not as good as the EN clipper which I prefer (and it isn't free). I used to use Pocket, and when I found a site that didn't save properly, I would just send them the URL and they would fix it
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