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  1. As Gazuumped says,. check that you don't have the option referring to pdfs checked in the options. However, in my experience it makes no difference. I get this annoying nag/spam EVERY time I open a pdf in my Firefox browser. EVERY time. Sadly, there isn't any point in contacting support, as another member posts above, there are several existing threads about this problem, one going back more than 2 years, where one 'Employee Alumni' says he thinks its a good idea.... he knows where he can stick his thoughts. There hasn't been a fix yet, so I wouldn't hold my breath. EN demonstrates repeatedly that the software is what THEY want it to be, not what the users want. 'Ignoring' a problem for years like this is an example. For many people, like me, the only reason I have Evernote is because of the ability to clip web pages exactly as they appear. If I'm going to get spammed everytime a PDF opens, the add-on becomes to much trouble to bother with. For me, its future has been in doubt for some time, and the force feeding of what some clown at EN thinks is a good idea is the reason why I will never pay for the software and am steadily moving over to other solutions, Every time I encounter another problem, I increase my usage of other software. Only a matter if time before I stop using EN altogether. Instead of giving me reasons to buy the software, they just give me reasons to buy something else.
  2. Thanks Guys, I'd forgotten about the 'manual maximise'. It works well enough, though why EN doesn't respect the maximise button is beyond me. if I close a window I have manually maximised, and then re-open, the window open to its 'maximised' size, even after restarting EN/Windows, so the window size is being remembered, its just that the maximise button isn't. If I manually maximise, and then use the maximise button to get genuine maximum, then close and reopen the window, the window opens to its manually maximised size, not the true maximise.... strange, but at least the last window size is remembered (as long as it is done manually!)
  3. When I double click a note to open it in a separate window, the window always opens in a small window, ie neither maximised, or minimised to the task bar. I would like the window to open in it's maximised state. If I maximise an open window, close it, then open it again, it still opens in a small window. The window is so small I cannot see anything useful - all I see is the header and title of the saved page, so I HAVE to maximise it to see the contents. With this in mind, it makes sense for it to always open maximised. Is there a way of choosing (can't see anything in the options) or forcing a maximised window, perhaps via the registry?
  4. who said i was referring to this thread, or this site? That's an assumption you jumped to. I'm referring to direct contact with Evernote (who don't make it easy by the way). I've had NO acknowledgement of my contact, NOthing was done about the problem, and there was NO improvement in performance. A hat-trick of nothing. As for employees only dropping in, if the company was actually interested in meeting customer needs, they'd be proactive, and openly visited, support and moderate this site. As it is, they take the easy way out, and don't visit, instead relying on the CUSTOMER to vote for improvements. I've never known any company duck responsibility so much. There was a employee above who responded to say this feature wasn't being worked on. Did she mention to vote for it? No. I didn't even know about the vote button because its indistinct and anonymous looking, and in both my browsers, simply says '0' (not 'the number of votes for this idea is ...') so I have no idea if the idea is already popular or if I'm the only one interested or if the site isn't displaying correctly. As it is, voting looks a waste of time as there is no commitment from the company to actually act, and I suspect they simply act on what they want to regardless of what customer want. As for development, there's been no real new features in the last 6 or so 'updates' virtually every change can be described as a bug fix or simple changes to an existing feature. I've gone back to using Pocket. A delight to use, the webclipper works almost faultlessly unlike ENs which fails on one third of sites I use, and if ever there is a problem with the pocket clipper, its easy to contact them and within days its fixed. Unlike EN where months later it still doesn't work for me on the whole of one site, despite giving them the domain that didn't work and describing the problem. Complete waste of time trying. The only thing not perfect about Pocket is that it doesn't have folders, but its something I can live with because everything else works, unlike EN where the only thing that worked was the folders.
  5. Well said MomoG, but I fear we're all talking to the wall, Evernote seem particularly unresponsive to customer feedback and have already said it's not a priority. In fact they seem very slow at fixing the bugs never mind introducing new features. For a product supposed to be convenient and let you work the way you want to, it seems to have a lot of inconvenient "like it or lump it" features.
  6. I can only offer advice about one part of your problem, that of the clipping into the wrong account. That's happening because the clipper login is separate from the EN account. When you change EN accounts, you'll have to log out of clipper as well as EN, and then log into both clipper and EN again with the right account details. See this for more details https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/91038-webclipper-not-clipping-to-right-account/
  7. As Stuhrer says, the clipper saves the page/article or whatever you selected as it was at the time of clipping. It's a permanent copy and is never updated. I have tested this feature and the clipped page/article remains even after the original page has been removed or expired, eg a sales advert. Obviously, as Stuhrer says, you will have your copy, but you won't be able to view the original if it has been removed. The webclipper doesn't always preserve the layout of the page and sometimes, sections of the page can be moved around in the copy, but it's all there. There is a clipper for Android and Windows (not sure about Macs). The clipper for Android is less reliable at saving pages than the Win version, it works fine on some sites I visit, but not at all on others. If you're after a permanent copy of the page you visit, you need to give it a go and check that the image itself suits what you need, The permanency is not a problem, unless you delete it from your account. If you're on the basic package, I think there is a limit to how much you can save each month, so check to see if that suits you as well, no point in adopting a method and then finding out after a few weeks that it doesn't work, although if volume is the only problem, you can buy a subscription. Nb, this isn't a cache, it is the purpose of the clipper. Caches consist of data saved to speed up access to the document and may be deleted according to system parameters such as age/size on disk etc.
  8. I don't use IE either, but I don't think the problem is with the browser. The webclipper has it's own sign-in, and I think what is happening is that your wife is signing into her EN account, but the webclipper is still signed into yours. Hence, when a page is clipped, it ends up in your EN Account. If you click the CLIPPER icon, a menu box will open. Normally you would click the green SAVE button, perhaps after selecting "Article", "Full Page" or one of the other options, and maybe you would select where to save it form the "Organise" section just below those choices. Instead of doing that, look at the bottom of the box for "Options". If she clicks on options, she will see a box headed "Evernote Webclipper". The next line down has the version number eg Version:6.1, and the next line says: "Signed in as:" She will then see your account name rather than hers. All she has to do is to SIGNOUT of your account, and sign in with her own EN details. The bottom half of the box allows the default options to be changed. Have a go at that. (I'm assuming you're using windows as you don't mention. I have no idea if there is a clipper for Mac, and if there is, how it differs from the Windows clipper, but the solution for Mac, if it exists, would be similar)
  9. That's ok then, thought maybe you had the deluxe version! Lol Looking at the widget, shortcuts etc, but it's only making do rather than meeting the need. Having the app open to wherever it was needed would be a good feature.
  10. I don't want all notes, I would like to see a list of notebooks because I want to see notes in different folders. I'm puzzled why scruggles (and thge poster after her) says the list widget can show the notebook list.
  11. How do you do that? When creating a widget, there's two choices, Action Widget or List Widget. The List Options for the List Widget are to show: Recently Viewed, Recently Updated; Notebook (which shows the contents of a specific NB); Reminders; Shortcuts or Tags. I don't see any option to show all Notebooks. Am I missing something?
  12. Hi scruggles. Yes, I'll take you up on that. I'll have to check first to make sure. I've all but stopped using Android to make clips because of the problems, I've gone back to the much less convenient desktop because the clipping works 100%, In fact the Windows clipper is brilliant. I'll send the URLs and some notes via messenger if that's ok?
  13. Any takers? Disappointing not to receive any response at all.
  14. setting a default notebook to open to would be useful I think. Yes, it is simple to get to your chosen notebook, why you could say that about any irritating feature. Turn the argument around - if it opened to a deafult book, its only two actions to get back to the list of notes! If the list of notes was intended to be used so much, or be the default, why have folders, AKA notebooks? Why not just put everything into one place? If a user doesn't use tags or notebooks, opening to the note list makes sense - it matches the way the user works. But I'll wager that most users use either tags/notebooks or use both, which implies that they want to view their work in that way, with notes being differentiated/separated from each other according to some criteria. Sticking them all altogther doesn't match the way they work, and contradicts the tag/notebook design rationale. There is also the privacy issue, when EN opens, the screen is filled with your notes, maybe you wouldn't want someone looking over your shoulder to see some/any of them? Even opening to the list of notebooks would be better than a list of notes jumbled together regardless of tags of folders. A product like EN is about convenience and productivity, using UI taps just to get to see your work is neither convenient or aid productivity, quite the opposite. It's interesting that EN for Windows opens at the last viewed notebook, whilst the Web beta and Android versions open to the notes list.
  15. I use a Kindle running Cyanogenmod OS and there are one or two sites I visit daily where clipping fails virtually 100% of the time. When clipping does succeed it can take 10 minutes or more - a totally unreasonable time. The same sites clip perfectly on my desktop. The android store does have some alternative clippers some free some not, and I found one that works on the problem sites, but its overall not as good as the EN clipper which I prefer (and it isn't free). I used to use Pocket, and when I found a site that didn't save properly, I would just send them the URL and they would fix it within a day or two, not just for that specific page, but for the whole site. I wish EN would facilitate reports in that way. The clipper is a great idea, but is far from perfect.
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