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  1. Worse than just not clipping, my Android is currently clogged up with a "clipping" in progress which prevents me from getting on with other work—since I can find no way of abandoning the clipping while it is in progress. It seems I have to wait until the message gets through to the apps brain that it is on a fool's errand and it gives up. Then I can delete the note. I don't expect anyone to solve the clipping problem (the only current solution is cut and paste any article you need to clip, first the article itself, then the headlines etc) but how do you force a clipping in progress to stop?!! Thanks all James from Ireland ps What does it tell us about the Evernote organisation that this problem still persists after five years? What does it tell us that users are required to laboriously do the work of quoting URLs etc and reproducing the problem when the problem is flagrantly obvious, not just when clipping from the NY Times, but (in my experience) The Guardian and Bloomberg? Doubtless many other sites too.
  2. Message from County Cork, Ireland: Glad that this made sense to you Tracey. But this composite set of images, supposed to explain to us, looks nothing like any interface I have ever had. When we were young, we were mostly told to "label our axes and diagrams carefully" . Forgive my bluntness but this looks just looks like it's just been dumped. Whatever happened to a helpful and polite step-by-step instruction? Keep well, James.
  3. "Clip failed" error on Android for "Clip Full Article" Across several news articles, similar clipping problem here. Android Chrome to Evernote has been in "clipping" mode for four hours now. As suggested below I will try Safari, it may be a Chrome update problem James
  4. Me too... hope to hear of an easy solution SOON ! All best wishes James
  5. Does anyone here clip examples of societal pathologies? IE stories and data to document the extent of current societal problems in the Civilised West? If so, you will indeed need to create tags on the fly—I have a notebook overflowing with such horrific info. So many and various are these pathologies that tagging with just ‘pathology’ is no good. I need to tag each story with a particular descriptive type of pathology or common misfortune. So I can sort out what I have into sets and sub-sets for future analysis. In no particular order, I have tags labelled drugs pathology, anxiety pathology, body image pathology, eating pathology, poverty pathology, ideology pathology, politics pathology, PR pathology and so on. And so on. And so on... It is REALLY annoying that when on iPad I have to car park so many clips, for subsequent tagging once I am back on my laptop. It causes me to get irritated with Evernote and wish a genie would come down and whisk my notes into a less clunky sensible app, one that understands what researchers do. And yes, by the way, I also collect examples of what I call “remedies”—remedies that brave people are innovating, often with not much support from the rest of us, and/or remedies that I rescue from the oblivion of history, or perhaps from cultures that are far distant. For example, as a remedy for our current “leadership pathology” I would recommend you read Victor Turner about how the Ndembu of West Africa initiate their new leaders and get them to clean up their act, working for the whole tribe now, not themselves. So... yes please. Tags on the fly, it’s so obvious the need for any social, political or historical researcher!
  6. Dear DT Low - you are a star! Is this idea that you have to quit an app in order to effect tactical changes a standard operating procedure that I should have known about?!! I have never heard of this before, and have used Macs, and the usual basic associated apps, since 1985. Or is it effectively a bug within Evernote? If not a bug, then certainly a piece of... (well, I shall be polite) irrational inefficiency. If anyone else reads this, could you remember in future to warn people of this seeming oddity, if ever you give advice in a similar domain? Many thanks again DTL, welcome anytime in County Cork James
  7. For goodness sake... this problem of how to turn off auto-formatting is STILL not responded to properly! Can no-one give a sensible answer? Yes indeed I have tried turning off auto-format in Mac OS as well as unchecked all available boxes in Evernote. Specifically, I am driven mad by Evernote turning a simple dash that I like to use when I note things (as below) - just heard into an indented bullet • just heard Any ideas? Thanks James
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