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  1. Same here, clean install of OSX, Chrome and Web Clipper. Using the new Google Sign-in option, it does not keep me signed in.
  2. Not NY Times here, but another news site (Dutch): www.nos.nl Almost the same problem, the clipper grabs the cookie notification. Your Android app has a function 'clip again', which can be invoked from the menu inside each individual note. When using this function the article gets (re)clipped as expected. This function is not available in the web version, nor in the iOS or OSX applications. So it can only be done from Android ? Does it use another engine to grab the contents? Best regards, Maik
  3. Thanks, this is what I was looking for in this Tweet: https://twitter.com/maikr/status/757904201230024704 Hope the Evernote team will streamline user interfaces across platforms soon.
  4. Bug still not fixed... damn! Of all 938 imported and synced notes, the one with attachment(s) now have a .onebin extension. Yes I know, as a Premium user I can file a bug... again. But maybe Evernote Support should monitor this form more frequently. This post is 6 months old, so this bug is known for at least that period of time.
  5. Nope... it works fine for one or a couple of images. After that the camera freezes again or cannot focus.
  6. On iOS you can choose if images are also stored on Camera Roll or not. I like to store document pictures and business cards etc. to Evernote only, and so I prefer not storing them to my pictures as I have to delete those copies afterwards.
  7. Same here, camera freezes when trying to capture a document or business card. Disable Multi-shot doesn't make any difference. Also disabling Quick-start mode (camera setting on S6) doesn't fix it. Yes, yes... I will send a support request. And, I also would like to see an open dialogue to find a solution as quick as possible. My Evernote 'mobile document scanner' isn't useable right now.
  8. Make sharing outside of Evernote as easy as sharing within the platform again. It was one of the main reasons I've started using Evernote: ease of use and openess. User-centric instead of marketing centric.
  9. The clipper(s) for Chrome Mobile don't seem to work as expected. On all mobile platforms (I use) the clipper only grabs the url of a page and no longer it's contents. On Android clipping results in a note containing a green 'clipping' icon, and after (a server-side process?) grabbing the notes content is updated with the actual content... or (frequently) with a red 'failed' icon. Clipping from Chrome on iOS results in a note containing only the link to the website. As clipping form Safari DOES work (during clipping the popup shows a page thumbnail before saving the note), so it clould be something with the hook between the Chrome for Mobile browser(s) and the platform. Are more users experiencing this kind of problems? What's going on and how to fix this? Best regards, Maik
  10. Especially as it's another truth than in reply to the corresponding blog-post / news item when Scannable was released...
  11. Do you think your solution will also fix the problems with clipping images from Gmail? Those are only visible on the same machine on which they are clipped. Other computers or Apps will not show the image, not even when also logged in to Gmail. Please see my tickets on this one: Ticket #14345 Ticket #16051-269927 And posting: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/29059-images-have-become-broken-links—please-help/#entry194787 Best regards, Maik BUMP! This problem (also) still occurs...
  12. It's best to do all image editing before adding the images to EN. I do this eventhough I have a premium account to conserve upload space. Hi there, And how should I correct images made by the page camera feature of the mobile app? The page order gets shuffled (not the same sequence as shot), some pages get rotated, cropping is not always consistent... etc. I think very basic editing (like rotating, cropping and file resizing) should be made part of the web app. Best regards, Maik
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