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Using IFTTT but I couldn't find recipe if evernote reminder then set calendar event. Possible?

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Thanks for answers.

After using several to-do apps, TickTick is by far my favorite one.

Anyway, it sounds handy to convert important evernote notes to calendar events. Also, since evernote has a reminder interface, I thought the reminder settings triggering the event date/time would work better than some workarounds you need to follow text syntax language (indeed?).

Thanks for information about zapier since it fit perfectly what I was looking for. It seems just Zapier handles reminder to calendar.

About the pricy zapier, so far I fit the free plan profile (up to 5 zapiers and 100 triggers). Regarding the time it takes to update gcal, 15 minutes seems reasonable so far. Let's see...

I found Zapier neater and easier to handle than IFTTT. Is there somw really interesting stuff to dig in IFTT?



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