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  1. Please Evernote, consider to add at least a couple of additional colors. BROWN is the one I miss more, in order to keep a consistent tag color system through different applications. I use color tags in many applications and BROWN is available in all of them. Thanks for considering it.
  2. How to search just for notes written by me? If the syntax (source:web.clip) could be elaborated a bit more using an operator as NOT, I could find notes that weren't clipped (which would be my notes!). Is this search possible? Something like NOT source:web.clip... Anyway, any search that find just notes I wrote will help! Thanks for assistance, Carlos
  3. Hi, When PDF is selected, Evernote shows the options: "edit" or "view" the file. Choosing edit Evernote just list Skitch app in the menu, even I have other apps with PDF capabilities. I have installed Acrobat, Foxit, Xodo and none of them are listed for editing. Since Skitch is killed, how can I launch and edit a PDF app from Evernote? Thanks, Cadu
  4. I just tried ezPDF and it worked. Thanks for sharing. Hope Evernote doesn't cut it in the future!
  5. Thanks for further information! I am storing in Evernote .doc .pdf .xls and so on and just know I have information they are stored in a proprietary format just Evernote can handle. If you are a hard user and have thousands of files and notes, it seems you sign a contract for the rest of your life with Evernote! a ] Considering one have thousands of files stored through thousands of Evernote. Is there any batch operation I could retrieve/extract/convert all the attachments at once from Evernote to regular Windows file/folder system? b ] Now I am a bit concerned if my Evernote database get corrupted and I lost everything I have. Exaggerating, let's say Evernote Corporation also close its doors and won't provide anymore cloud data and then I can't retrieve information from the server. The only thing remained from Evernote is its desktop version installation file (current release 5.8.5 - the last released by Evernote!). In order to guarantee retrieving the database, to migrate it to another computer, and so on, is it possible to do handle the process just using the local files stored in my computer and the Evernote desktop version? What should be backed up to guarantee Evernote database will never be lost and can be retrieved by the Desktop version independent of Evernote servers? Best!
  6. Many thanks for reply! Skitch / Kingsoft aren't set "Launch by Default". I tried, without success: - Uninstall 3 of the PDF apps (Acrobat, Foxit, PDF Max) - Restart Android OS - Re-install the 3 PDF apps again - Restart Android OS - Open Evernote note with PDF attachment => Click on PDF => Options presented by Evernote: Edit | View => Choose Edit => List of apps appears (the same Skitch / Kingsoft) - The apps Acrobat, Foxit and PDF Max weren't listed by Evernote as apps for "Edit". If I choose "View" they are there, but they are also useless since Evernote won't present the options "Append new" or "Replace" after the editing/changes in the file. Any other idea why Evernote doesn't list these apps to "edit" a PDF file?
  7. Many thanks for info! From the database, I accessed the folder Attachments (Z:\Z_Data\Evernote\Databases\Attachments). However the PDFs I am looking for aren't there. Should the PDF files be explicitly visible and accessible as any other Windows file through the file manager (Windows Explorer)? Or are the PDFs wrapped into deeper Evernote proprietary file system in order I can access the PDF just through Evernote (open Evernote => find/access PDF => open PDF through my default PDF software)?
  8. Hi, To test Evernote storage of documents (.doc, .pdf) I inserted a PDF into a note. Then I searched for the file name but Windows Explorer couldn't find the file. I went to the Evernote local files folder and searched there but the file couldn't be found. Where are documents (.doc, .pdf) stored in Windows Evernote? Can I access them from Windows Explorer? Thanks, Cadu
  9. Hi, When I select a PDF file Evernote asks whether I want "edit" or "view" the file. Choosing edit just list Skitch an Kingsoft Office (the later hasn't even PDF edit capabilities!). On the other hand, I have installed the apps that can really edit PDFs, as Acrobat, Foxit, Xodo e OfficeSuite. Why Evernote doesn't list these apps to "edit" a PDF file? Is it possible to include them in Evernote list? Many thanks, Cadu
  10. "I solved" how do you solved? my default camera has shutter sound off, but evernote inbuilt camera has shutter sound. How to disable it? thanks!
  11. Hi, I am facing a problem collaborating with several people in same notebook: (a) there were create tags with same names in all user accounts, however tags are duplicated being user id added at the end of each tag name; ( tags created by others can't be arranged in hierarchies, being impossible to set a neat and useful environment to handle tags. I am concluding Evernote tag system is useless for team collaboration. The team is leaving the Evernote TAG system for collaboration, but for individual usage the TAGs are still useful. The solution I am looking for is to BLOCK tags to be exchange among users using same notebook. Is it possible to share a notebook setting it to not allow TAGs spreading among the users? The idea is to create a "TAG firewall" to external users' tags in order to keep in the Evernote environment just the tags create by the user from a single account! Many thanks!
  12. I am facing the same problem collaborating is academic context with multiple authors. The very bad: 1. We set a list of same tag names and each of us implemented that list in each Evernote account. After sharing same notebook among us, the tags are duplicated with the different user id at the end of each tag name. What a mess! 2. I created a tag "Others" to assembly all tags which aren't mine under this hierarchy. Evernote doesn't allow even that. So the tag mess can't even be put under the carpet! Considering this scenario, so far Evernote tag system is being useless for our team for collaboration. I would really appreciate any tip of users that may have found out workflows and workarounds to handle the mentioned tag scenario. Thanks!
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