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Web clip not scrolling in android

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I have been trying to clip a webpage with the android Clipper.

The page actually clips right as I can access the entire page in the evernote windows app and the evernote web app.


My problem is that I cannot scroll to see the whole page in android. I do not know why. I have clipped other websites before and I can scroll through them.

But with this page it does not let me scroll down.  I can only access the portion of the clip that fits on the screen.  


The page I am having trouble with is 




Its actually the browser version of a daily email I get so I have other ways to get it into evernote (forward the email).  If I forward the email or clip the email from Chrome on windows I can scroll just fine, but this version is cleaner and if the clip would work right I would not have to edit the note after I make it.


So... WHY CAN'T I SCROLL!?!??!


Can this be fixed?

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Scrolling stopped working for me on both phone and tablet with the last update. I have to edit a note to get it to scroll, which is getting real old real fast.


That doesn't seem to be quite the same issue - try uninstalling/ reinstalling the app.

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having same exact problem here, can't scroll at all or only until mid-way, can't scroll all the way through to the end.

clipped the webpage with Evernote web-clipper add-on on Chrome on Mac, accessing it on Evernote app on Android (Samsung Note 3).

if viewed on Evernote web, it works just fine, can scroll through the page with no problem whatsoever.

I've only been clipping from one website source, so I'm not sure if clipping other websites will have the same problem, or it's only specific to certain format of websites.

I hope the source of problem can be figured out soon, thank you.

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Uninstall/reinstall works for awhile (until the next update, I think) and then goes back to not scrolling. But the latest trick is to sometimes refuse to open notes at all on the phone, which is pretty awesome when it's my grocery list. At least it makes the scrolling issue moot.

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Hey folks,

Our next version of Evernote for Android will be having some text editor enhancements and fixes. I tested the URL on the new version and cannot reproduce the issue @twandawg85 reported. Stay tuned in the upcoming days for an Evernote update in the Google Play store. 


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