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  1. Doesn't matter I have tried with both. Mostly with WiFi on a WiFi only tablet. But I get the same result on my android phones data connection
  2. I have been trying to clip a webpage with the android Clipper. The page actually clips right as I can access the entire page in the evernote windows app and the evernote web app. My problem is that I cannot scroll to see the whole page in android. I do not know why. I have clipped other websites before and I can scroll through them. But with this page it does not let me scroll down. I can only access the portion of the clip that fits on the screen. The page I am having trouble with is http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=d4501004c70c49118504020c1&id=c8e519d1c9&e=b807495c12 Its actually the browser version of a daily email I get so I have other ways to get it into evernote (forward the email). If I forward the email or clip the email from Chrome on windows I can scroll just fine, but this version is cleaner and if the clip would work right I would not have to edit the note after I make it. So... WHY CAN'T I SCROLL!?!??! and Can this be fixed?
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