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  1. Easily copy-pasting tags between notes are possible in Evernote Mac version, as far as I know, it would be nice if it's possible in Evernote app for mobile devices. Right now the closest way to achieve that is by duplicating an existing tagged note, clearing its content, then copy pasting a new content to it. But if the copy-pasted content has formatting, clipped from websites for example, then sometimes the formatting will be screwed. It'll be nice if there's simply a "duplicate tags only" aside from "duplicate note" option in the menu.
  2. It would be nice if there's a solution to this for the mobile app version of Evernote. Like the "Duplicate" feature, "Duplicate tags only" and assign them to other existing notes would be very nice. For example if I saved a webpage to Evernote, with pictures and complex formatting of the original webpage and stuff, then give the Note many tags; then later I saved another webpage, also with complex formatting, and I simply want to tag it with the same tags as the previous one I saved, then maybe add 1-2 new tags. Duplicating the first Note so that it retains the tags, then c
  3. having same exact problem here, can't scroll at all or only until mid-way, can't scroll all the way through to the end. clipped the webpage with Evernote web-clipper add-on on Chrome on Mac, accessing it on Evernote app on Android (Samsung Note 3). if viewed on Evernote web, it works just fine, can scroll through the page with no problem whatsoever. I've only been clipping from one website source, so I'm not sure if clipping other websites will have the same problem, or it's only specific to certain format of websites. I hope the source of problem can be figured out soon, t
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