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Introducing Scannable: A New Mobile Scanning App



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Wow. I like taking notes on paper, for which I used Livescribe until my pen died and I learned that most Livescribe pens only last a couple of years and you're expected to just drop a few hundred on a new one. No thanks, went back to pen and paper and using my iPad camera to send to Evernote.

I just tried the Scannable app, and not only did it save me the trouble of having to remove the photo from my camera roll, but I unthinkingly photographed a document in extremely low light. As soon as I saw it through the iPad camera I realized my mistake. But no sweat - Scannable somehow adjusted the lighting to produce a readable document, even in terrible lighting. Nice work!

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Scannable works very well.  comments


-  For business cards, I still have to go to Evernote and use the photo/business card.


-  Scannable highlights a NEED in the iOS Evernote interface...  I cannot add a tag before saving.    When I clip a web article from Safari - I can add a tag.  PLEASE improve the iOS8 interface.  It will make anything, including Scannable, better.



Rick in Wichita

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Great app, its taking a while to learn how to use it though but its worth sticking with it. Business card scanning is hit and miss, depending on the card. Some cards that are more colourful turn out as photos with no option to treat it as a business card.

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