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  1. Thanks for the reply mcheng. My issue is that not everyone who sends me photos of paper documents is technically savvy and asking them to download an app and deskew etc is a bit much. You have pointed out that desktop software that does the job I am looking for is not readily available, perhaps this is an opportunity? I realise that the staff at Evernote and most of those on this forum will be able to use smartphone apps to do the required jobs, but that is, perhaps, not representative of the Evernote using population as a whole, many of whom will have been introduced to it through work.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but it's not annotations (which I have been using since skitch was first available) that I'm after. Apps like CamScanner allow photos of plain text documents (mostly invoices etc for me) to be photographed and edited easily into simple black and white pdfs, optimised for reading. The app automatically recognises the corners of a page due to the contrast with the background, so you end up with a perfect scan of the page. Annotations, while useful, are really geared more for collaborating. When, like myself and millions of others, you use Evernote mostly as a 'digital fil
  3. I would love to be able to edit jpgs of documents in a similar way to a mobile app like CamScanner to format them making easier to read. I regularly get emailed photos of paper documents by people who don't use mobile scanner apps and, short of sending them to my phone and editing there before sending to Evernote, there is no easy way to do this. Given Evernote is marketed as such a useful tool for people wishing to go 'paper-light', this would seem like an obvious feature to me...
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