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  1. Tassiecelt: I saw your 2015 comment about using Fantastical (and other apps) with Evernote. Now after 6 years and a huge redo of Evernote, are you still recommending Fantastical? (I want to sync with Windows 10 and ios). Thanks. Michael

  2. Clearly neither Evernote nor Brave have the inclination of providing a web clipper. Is it because Brave will not track your every movement? Is such a browser a threat to Evernote? I’m struggling to understand the long delay. Not happy Jan.
  3. I’ve been looking hard at Apple Notes for iOS. It’s getting closer to an Evernote replacement. It’s lacks some features, but it lacks the cost of Evernote also.
  4. I’ve given up on Evernote ever implementing this, I mean, how hard can it be?? Maybe they don’t really value our need for secure and private browsing.
  5. After a year of waiting, I give up on Brave, back to safari.
  6. Sadly many don't know of the benefits of Brave, some may not want to know, but when evernote is essential to life and Brave is the best browser for security and speed, I am BAFFLED at Evernote's reluctance to make a webclipper a priority. Is there something going on, some roadblock, that I don't know about?
  7. Brave is a browser that blocks any tracking and protects privacy as we all know who use it. Frankly, the slowness or reluctance on the part if Evernote to provide a web clipper makes me wonder if they are more concerned about tracking us and less about privacy. Maybe it's just that Evernote doesn't listen to users who dearly now to use it? it certainly raises questions in my mind.
  8. I wonder how serious evernote can be about webclipper for Brave, surely this is not a hard task for evernote. What possible reason could there be for the delay. Heck, we are paying enough money each year for Evernote. Better support on this would be welcomed.
  9. Me too, but even the lack of Webclipper is not enough to make me stop using Brave, it's a good and ethical browser. I love Evernote and I love Brave, we really need both to work together.
  10. Me too, Brave is the best browser ever, but it lacks webclipper, could be like peaches and cream please work on it, it's all I want for Christmas.
  11. I shall miss it too, I used it quite a bit while touring Brittany, France where I recorded a lot of great meals.
  12. What I find sad is that I had a question that relates to the topic of this thread, ie how to set thumbnails as I choose. My question was directed to tech support, their answer was a link to this thread, which took ages to read through only to find, as you all seem to have found, that in this very important matter of storing information in the way we choose - Evernote is found wanting. No other product support I know of would be so dismissive to a client or user of the product. This is another example of Evernote boasting as often as it does about its product, while it clearly has a lot of growing to be done in order to be as usable and useful as it claims to be.
  13. This lack of a feature is something I have only just discovered, and I am surprised. I have been looking into using EN as a journal, but without the ability to quickly resize images within the app, that idea will go nowhere.
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