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  1. Exactly the same thing is happening to me using iPad Minion ios8. Given up and gone back to main scanner until this is sorted. Managed to scan. Couple of docs to Evernote and when it works properly it will be great. Please sort this bug.
  2. Any likelihood of this happening any time soon. Don't want to have to use my iPad Mini as it just shuts down every time I try to use it. Would be so much easier to be able to use my lumia 930.
  3. Scannable just shuts down every time I try to scan a document

  4. Need this for Windows Phone 8 asap. Pretty Please.!!!!
  5. I also have this (or a similar problem). I am using IE 10 on a Windows 8 64 bit laptop. I have the addon installed and enabled but it says unavailable: - This is what I get in the 'more information' - Name: Add to Evernote Publisher: Not Available Type: Browser Extension Architecture: 32-bit Version: Not available File date: Not available Date last accessed: ‎30 ‎November ‎1999, ‏‎00:00 Class ID: {A95FE080-8F5D-11D2-A20B-00AA003C157A} Use count: 0 Block count: 0 File: Not available Folder: Not available
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