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Export a PDF in Presentation Mode? New Update v6.0.5

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Can't find a way to export to a PDF from presentation mode either. Got excited for a while there. If it is there, it must be tucked away quite cryptically. The only thing I do see is the ability to annotate an entire note as a PDF via the annotate icon next to the presentation mode icon... which is not the same thing:



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P'raps it's a cryptic message of some sort..


Hopefully a good sign of things to come.


I'm guessing it made it's way into the release notes and not the app.


I'm hoping that it's simply hiding there in plain sight. 



Maybe there's a keyboard shortcut... I may just try all the keyboard combinations known to man.

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Glass half full - I like it!   :P


I read a book on the Power of Positive Thinking years back (to no avail). But in this case, I'd like to call it giving those fine folk working on the Mac client the benefit of the doubt. That, and the fear  possibility that someone will point out that it was there all along - which has happened more than once before  :P

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Good question.  Can't find any detail on this - you may care to restate it in another thread - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79277-evernote-for-mac-605-released-app-store-and-download/

Thanks for the suggestion. Got it answered there.




That, and the fear  possibility that someone will point out that it was there all along - which has happened more than once before  :P

This was the case.

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And the answer is.... Right click while in presentation mode. Thanks! Hidden in plain sight. 


Damn! SO happy to read this! Hate not having a backup for presentation. say laptop crash and need to use stock computer in a presentation room ... without evernote on it...


Going a bit in another direction... would be nice someday to have presentation mode in web (I know... would be hard to implement, but could be useful, and it fit with the new design interface of the beta )

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Hi.  The right-click 'export to PDF' option has gone from Windows Presentation mode,  and so has a presentation of more than one note (unless you have note links to other pages). 


Are you saying that you have a single note containing a PDF but can only print the first page of that PDF?  Or that exporting a text-and-images page to PDF only prints out the first page?


If you have an issue with a multi-note presentation there's a new(ish) option (in my Windows beta EN 5.9.2) to split a presentation into pages.  Hover around the right-hand side of a presentation screen and you get a pull-out menu showing the full length of a long note with a tool to add page breaks so you can control what's visible on screen.  It may be feasible,  depending on the content of your pages,  to merge several notes into one,  add page breaks for the presentation,  but then print the single note into a PDF.  Don't know whether the page breaks transfer from presentation mode into PDF print,  or what the final output would look like,  but it might help...

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