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  1. They are not available anymore ???
  2. 3D touch really nice for he quick actions and the notes peek. I hope to see it work in the Cards or Snippets view of the notes
  3. I wrote to the postach.io team (they sent an email about the "trial" expiring), talking about the price, the not so new features (since the first verison of postach.io) and the public communication that's not very ... communicative. here's the response:
  4. you can tap the " ... more button, then the extension compatible apps are showing, tap the ... and switch the gmail app on.
  5. Damn! SO happy to read this! Hate not having a backup for presentation. say laptop crash and need to use stock computer in a presentation room ... without evernote on it... Going a bit in another direction... would be nice someday to have presentation mode in web (I know... would be hard to implement, but could be useful, and it fit with the new design interface of the beta )
  6. I had the same reaction, sadly. Why not let the actual free user keep their free account (kind of when Google apps removed their free tier).This website seems to be an alternative : http://blogwith.co I'm gonna try it.
  7. Tommy, Sorry my original post wasn't very clear - instead of signing into evernote by clicking the "Evernote" button in the app, you'll need to click "More" and choose Evernote from the list of apps... I know this is weird but it won't "Business Card" the scans. Thanks, P.J. that was doing the job the other day, but not today. App still disconnected from my evernote account, but the problem is: Evernote extension isn't one of the"more" options anymore. Still got FB, google+, icloud and some other extensions, but evernote disappear. Went to check if extension was disable, but it's simply not shown on the extension list page. That's weird, since it's there in Safari
  8. Same problem here with some documents. Maybe a button aside the "save to contact" and "delete" when tapping on the scanned document to remove the business card formatting on selected document
  9. Good news last week since the 2.8 pebble firmware now support characters from other languages. Still, it would be cool that the evernote app for pebble adapt to this new feature. i have french characters like é and à in notes, that simply don't display on the watch. so instead of "prévoir" , I get "prvoir". Second bug on the evernote for pebble app: search doesn't work. doesn't matter which search I select, i Always get the same result. Still. love the fact that I can access notes really fast on my pebble
  10. I really don't know if it's because of the last beta, but Attached files in notes started to randomly disappeared. I put two notes in a shared folder i joined yesterday, and now only the text is there. No more files on the iOS or mac app. Online, it look like this: https://www.evernote.com/l/AF-9s3g1qjJDuZIZpm7W_bNm27baIC-JjZ8 also, Can't access version history since the note is in a notebook i joined.
  11. I have the e-book you're talking about. And I read some time ago TSW manifesto. About the GTD Evernote e-book: It begin with a condensed version of the GTD workflow, with brief explanation of the weekly review, a workflow chart, etc... The book then explain how to setup Evernote and how to capture item in Evernote. I understand you know how to use Evernote since you use TSW, so there's nothing new here. The difference is: The GTD ebook structure is based entirely on notebooks, notebook stacks and reminders vs TSW that is based a lot on tags. You basically get a inbox notebook, a next actions stack with a notebook for each context: call notebook, agenda notebook, work notebook etc. this, and the project, support material and reference notebooks. SO, the real debate between these two system In my own opinion: tags or notebook for organization. The answer isn't clear, since it depends on how big and flexible your system need to be. I personally use ideas that came from both of these system.
  12. I don't think it'll be possible. As you can understand by reading here http://blog.evernote.com/tech/2013/07/18/how-evernotes-image-recognition-works/ , the recognition of a specific word give several matches with different weight. It would be hard for the software to know which one is right with handwriting.
  13. I realize it isn't for photos, but for scanned documents ( tax form, receipts, handwritten reports etc...) Evernote is good at it!
  14. Since we are discussing here of scanning to Evernote, does someone is able to get multiple page into a single note (Jpg format) with the scansnap manager? Say you scan a 3 pages document in batch. When finishing the scan, it create 3 notes with each a different title, containing a single jpg file (which go EN OCR etc...). Beside merging these notes and manually erasing the notes title between each image, how to get then in one note with one step (merging is ok for 2-5 pages, but 30...).
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