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  1. I have the e-book you're talking about. And I read some time ago TSW manifesto. About the GTD Evernote e-book: It begin with a condensed version of the GTD workflow, with brief explanation of the weekly review, a workflow chart, etc... The book then explain how to setup Evernote and how to capture item in Evernote. I understand you know how to use Evernote since you use TSW, so there's nothing new here. The difference is: The GTD ebook structure is based entirely on notebooks, notebook stacks and reminders vs TSW that is based a lot on tags. You basically get a inbox notebook, a next actions stack with a notebook for each context: call notebook, agenda notebook, work notebook etc. this, and the project, support material and reference notebooks. SO, the real debate between these two system In my own opinion: tags or notebook for organization. The answer isn't clear, since it depends on how big and flexible your system need to be. I personally use ideas that came from both of these system.
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