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  1. I've just tried this and am having the same problem. Will submit a bug report and let you know.
  2. Hi Garloot I've been searching in the forums for other help re Penultimate and found your unanswered question. Is this ok now for you? I ask because I've just tested it in Penultimate myself and have no problem selecting 'Export PDF' from the sharing button and then selecting Mail. An email opens with the PDF attached and all seems in order. Let us know if it's still a problem for you. Helen
  3. I 'tried' to use this feature yesterday and was surprised that it does not exist..... I would definitely use it!
  4. I agree with @Jane Manthorpe - I don't often have the need to login to evernote web and I only just realised after reading this post that it was essential to keep the clipper active and signed in. I've despaired at the number of times I've seen that red dot and couldn't understand why I needed to log in every time I wanted to clip!!! Please could we have it that however we login whether manually or via google that we can stay logged in for 30 days like before. cheers.
  5. I would like this - a bit like we have on the mobiles as in offline notebooks. One of my latptops is quite old - it struggled with my 10000 note account. Now I've taken that off and have a small account Evernote is running like a dream. Some people need selective sync for sure.
  6. I'm voting for the ability to search 'all' as we have had in the past. Unfortunately my business notes are a mixture - if I am sharing notebooks with clients I get them to share with me so they have the notebook in their business section but it comes through as a personal notebook. It will be hard fro me to remember whether all notebooks are personal or business so it will add extra time to my searches. Thank you.... Helen Crozier Technology Coach Evernote Certified Consultant
  7. I would love an answer on this from Evernote as some gmail users have been testing Inbox for quite a while now.
  8. I just tested it in the Evernote app - the result when I scanned a mobile number which was in this format 0400 123 456 it came into evernote like (040) 012-3456 - still not super useful unfortunately. Scannable does the same.In Australia we have local area codes of (02) for landlines but the format listed above is the most common for mobiles.
  9. I am in Australia and the format is not correct for us. There does need to be some localisation settings so this is fixed. I always have to go in and edit the phone number which makes it less than satisfactory. Is this the correct area to report this and get feedback on such issues?
  10. Thanks Scott for your reply. A strange thing happened today however so I thought I would post a video in here just for 'evidence'.... I was having serious internet issues and ended up removing Chrome and reinstalling it. I couldn't believe it but the first time I went to use the clipper I was asked what would my default option be for opening an evernote link and I chose 'in evernote'. I was thinking 'this won't work' but hey it did so what does this mean? If you notice on the video a web link it also opened in Chrome but very quickly the url goes into Evernote desktop, synchronises and opens. I'm pretty happy about that but the question is what is the truth here? http://www.screencast.com/t/G0FByN12UPwI
  11. +1 - I am sure we had the option before to choose and this has been removed. It's bizarre...
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