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How to TOTALLY uninstall on MAC?

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How to uninstall Evernote MAC 1.5.2 and all of the associated files including the "Growl," the Elephant in the top menu bar, etc?

I did find this in another forum, but have also read of many people having problems to TOTALLY uninstall:

"To remove Evernote completely from your system, via the Finder, drag Evernote from the Applications folder to your trash. Also, in your User Account>Library>Applications Support, drag the Evernote folder to the trash. Finally, in Your User Account>Library>Preferences folder, trash the com.evernote.Evernote.plist file."

Thank you for your help.

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Here's another helpful tip:

After dragging the application to the trash, reboot your Mac, and the rest of the Evernote helpers will also be removed from your system.

Hmm...that's not what many other forums have said. People have needed to re-install Evernote in their attempts to totally remove ALL related files in ALL directories. Trial users have reported some VERY bad experiences trying to REMOVE Evernote.

Ironically, since Evernote Customer Support ignores and is not available to free users, I have upgraded to Evernote Premium just to get the complete instructions to REMOVE it. :) We consider this 5 bucks well spent. (provided their "Premium Customer Support" can successfully address this issue within 30 days!)

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Evernote Support does answer all support queries that come in through our web form - from Premium *and* Free users. Premium users are handled first, however.

We do get busy, so Free requests can take a while to get handled, whereas Premium requests are handled in one business day.

However, the key is *rebooting* the computer. We often find when people write in asking us how to remove the software from a Mac that they have missed that important step.

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tambling received this reply via Premium support, but I'll paste it here for future reference by anyone else interested in this:

To remove all Evernote software and data from your computer:

From the Evernote icon in the Menu Bar, select Quit

Drag the Evernote application from the "Applications" folder to the Trash on your Mac

If you added Evernote to the Dock on your Mac, then Control-click on the dock icon to remove it from the dock

Open your "home" directory on your Mac in the Finder

Go into: Library / Application Support

Drag the "Evernote" folder there into the Trash

Go back to the "home" directory in the Finder

Go into: Library / Caches / Metadata

If you see a folder there named "com.evernote.Evernote", drag it to the Trash

Reboot your Mac

Empty the Trash on your Mac

This should delete all Evernote software and data from your system.


Evernote Support

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And to remove Growl from your Mac:

1) Go into the Growl preferences in system preferences

2) Uncheck "Display Growl Status in the menu bar"

3) Uncheck "Start at Login"

4) Stop Growl

5) Click on Show All at the top of system preferences

6) Control+click the Growl preferences, then click to remove Growl

See the video at the top of this page to show how to do this:

http://growl.info/documentation/growl-p ... emoval.php

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7 hours ago, alexakar said:

Several months ago I needed to reinstall evernote and this tutorial helped me a lot. 

After putting you through all the manual steps, he recommends:


Easy way to Delete Evernote

You can uninstall Evernote or any other application on Mac in a quicker and easier way. For that use a free uninstaller App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro. This application helps to remove programs on Mac, clear cache files, change extensions and even find leftovers of earlier removed apps.


Personally, I prefer:

Key Points:
  • All files to be deleted will be previewed first to the user, and then the files will be moved to the trash not removed immediately. There's even an Undo!
  • Finds associated items that are invisible or hidden
  • Updated Tools menu with features such as showing Library folder and deleting .DS_Store files
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I installed evernote on my macbook air in 2014.  I found the program awful.  It is an intrusive program which will insert itself everywhere on your machine.   it also doesn't work all that well.  I saved receipts to it for reimbursement and then could not print them.  I tried to unsucessfully remove the program from my computer because I didn't really like it. .  It is totally impossible.  Now, everytime I go to print a return label from Amazon, some Evernote thing comes up and totally crashes the process.  Nothing prints, it shuts down my browser.  It is the hugest pain in the buttt ever.  I am going to have to get a new computer to be able to print a frigging return label from Amazon or wipe this disc and start again.  What a mess.  

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To prevent any issue during the uninstallation process, you should first quit Evernote. Then remove Evernote into the Trash. And the most important part is that you have to remove Evernote's support files as well. They are stored in the following locations: 

~/Library/Application Scripts/
~/Library/Application Support/CrashReporter

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove Evernote's remaining files

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... or simply get the app AppCleaner (free) and install it on your Mac with Admin rights. Give it all the necessary access in the Macs settings, Security.

Open it, drag the EN program icon to the AppCleaner window. A list with all program components will show, some preselected. For a full uninstall make sure to check all, scroll down the list and set the checkmarks.

Then run the uninstall.


You can keep AppCleaner for other uses. Who made bad experience using it probably did not check all elements in the uninstall popup window - then these components will stay. This is the option if you just want to remove a program, leaving the data on the Mac. In case of EN, I would always do a full uninstall, because the data will sync again from the server. Only caution: If you use legacy clients, local notebooks will be deleted as well. Make sure to have a backup of these.

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