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How to hide the note editing toolbar in windows version?

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I found in the evernote website that I can display or hide the note editing toolbar by input "Ctrl+F8". This worked for the 4.x version, but it doesnot work for the 5.x version I am using now.


So can I hide the editing toolbar ( with time, tag, font and other options on it ) with any other method?







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No, not in the version 5 series for Windows. The note toolbar is always present, but the lower portion of it changes depending on whether the note has focus (the actual editing tools -- font, bold, italics, indent, outdent, etc. appear) or doesn't (in which case, the date / URL display appears).

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On 3/27/2017 at 11:25 AM, ashwinraghu said:

Annoying that it can't be turned off. Why change something that was working just fine in previous versions? Screen space is precious on small laptops...

You can hide/show the editing toolbar in the current version by pressing F8.

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