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Note Links lost moving notes between personal & business notebooks

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Hi!  I first noticed note links are not preserved when importing/exporting notes.   now that I've upgraded to Evernote Business, I'm noticing the same behavior and it's a bit of a bummer given I would imagine Evernote's goal is to make the transition from Free and Premium users to Business a smooth path.


I have over 10k notes and thought it would be nice to move all my business related notes to business notebooks and let the discovery mechanism do its magic especially as I add new colleagues - Evernote Business does an amazing job with information hiding as you don't need to join every notebook.


While it's not a complete showstopper for me, what I am now starting to notice is how hesitant I am to move notes to my business notebooks in fear I will break any notes previously linked to the note I am moving.   even simply moving a note to business and then changing your mind 5 seconds later results in possible loss of meta-data.   point being: loss of freedom upgrading to Business - not good, literally, for business!


I would love to see more support for Premium users to partition their data to Evernote Business to help grow their business.  This is what I'll be doing for the next year!

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Yeah note-linking isn't exactly a rock-solid connection especially if notes are moved from one notebook to another.  It's been suggested by various people that if you do link notes together you should also include an easily-searchable reference - a random character code - so the note can be found independently if the link is broken.

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I'm having the same problem right now.  I rely heavily on my links and spent a lot of time organizing notes using links.  I want to convert a notebook to business but just can't until I know the links will work. 


I was working with a tech support today who is trying to help create a work around. Will keep all updated. 

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@José R & @AronsLaw - I did say a couple of years ago:


note-linking isn't exactly a rock-solid connection especially if notes are moved from one notebook to another

- and it looks like that still applies.  If you're business subscribers you'll have access to contact support for assistance - not sure whether they will be able to help,  but it's worth asking... if you do find a fix,  please post it here for general information.

Meantime and as no help at all in this situation I can only bang the drum of personal and local backups for valuable information...:(


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@gazumped Access to Contact Support is no longer available, so we are not in the best shape. What is going on in Redwood City?

Still, is ridiculous that this problem exists, even more so that it still exists after years of being identified? Does Evernote really has this little amount of Business accounts? Or is it that they just don´t care?

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In 2020 the problem is still there. Disappointed Evernote missed this important aspect and continued disregarding it despite complaints. Due to this flaw, I have kept my personal notes personal to preserve links...   I was living with that but now Evernote forces me to separate my business and personal accounts on separate usernames and breaks my thousands of links between personal and business notes.  OneNote is free with my Office 365 subscription.  I might as well start the transition.  Using both Evernote and Microsoft for many years, I find Microsoft listens to our intuition more than Evernote does. Disappointing.

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You may feel it is disappointing, because you have build over years a structure that can not survive what is a logical step for any business tool.

Data an employee creates on the job don’t belong to him, they belong to the company. He gets paid, so any output created is property of the employer. There may be exceptions, but this is the general rule.

Any employee can be terminated from the company, and when he leaves, his work related data needs to stay. Even the owner can be terminated, for example in case of bankruptcy by court action. All personal data the employee can take with him, like the cactus he used to have on his desk.

This separation of personal and professional data is legally binding in many countries now. So it is necessary for a software company offering a business software to make sure this is designed into the software. EN has created a business solution where each user has 2 accounts. The business account belongs to the company, and is controlled by an admin. The personal account belongs to the person that is employed, is private and not under Admin Control.

Internal Links can’t work between 2 accounts in this setting. Any breaches in the Chinese wall between the 2 accounts would violate compliance.

So maybe you do not have a real business use case, or the world has turned, and your setup is no longer viable.

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