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  1. I"m still having this issue. It is incredibly annoying and ruining my productivity at work. Anyone have any solutions?
  2. I have a new mac book air, and recently I've been experiencing a crazy lag while typing and using the evernote app on my mac. I can barely use it. Very frustrating. Anybody else have this same issue, or know what can be done to rectify it. Thanks. Jeff
  3. i just start typing in the search box and click the tag when my typing leads to it appearing. I just tried cmd J and seems to be working better. thanks!
  4. I've been told for months they are aware and working on it. They also told me a work around is to just type tag:____ and the actual tag. But obviously this doesn't help because it takes much longer, but mostly, you have to know exactly how you worded the tag for the correct notes to appear.
  5. This is just so frustrating. I will have to switch services due to this lag. I don't understand why it can't be addressed.
  6. I really wish if I knew for sure evernote acknowledges this problem and is working on a fix.
  7. Hey. Appreciate the response. But the issue I have is when you start typing in a search and tags are suggested. When you select the suggested tag you want, there is a serious lag in how long it takes the system to pull up your tagged notes. Anyone else having issues like this?
  8. I am a business user with about 26k notes. I primarily use tags to sort everything, I have just under 10 notebooks. The tags works as my case file. I use the mac software. When I type a name in the search bar and select the tag I want there is a serious lag. I thought it might be my computer, as I have been using a 2012 macbook air. I just got the new macbook and reinstalled evernote. The lag is shortened but it is still there. It is incredibly frustrating to wait 20-30 seconds every time I select a tag. Anybody have any solutions? I pay a lot for evernote with multiple users I may have to switch services.
  9. Yes. I click that. enter my credentials. Then it texts me a code. I enter that code, and it takes to me an evernote page that simply says "you are logged out" and then i have to do it all over again. There is no longer away to get customer service number or chat option.
  10. I have been having lagging issues with my account and been trying to get help. Now, when I click on support, it logs me out and then when I click it again, I log back in, go to support and this happens over and over again. what is going on?
  11. There is a lot of news out there about Evernote being in a "death spiral" after many executives have left due to lack of growth apparently. I use Evernote for my small law office to run my business paperless. I'm concerned about losing this system I've had in place for 5 years now. Anyone know if there is real reason to be concerned? What happens if the company does go under?
  12. I have about 5-6 business notebooks with about 7k notes in each, some containing large files. I arrange my files by a tag, and so when I select the tag in the 'search notes' box, it quickly finds the tag i'm looking for, but after I select it, it could take 30-60 seconds to wait until all the notes are pulled up. I'm using a Mac Sierra OS version 10.13.4 and the update mac software. It's getting to the point I can't use the software because of this lag. I would try the online site , but apparently you can't search by tag yet on the new portal. Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions? Thanks. I emailed customer service and they seemed to say they were working on it....
  13. Yeah. Huge flaw for conversion from personal to business... It was never resolved. I just have some notes with old links. Alhtough the note is there, the links don't work.
  14. I'm having the same problem right now. I rely heavily on my links and spent a lot of time organizing notes using links. I want to convert a notebook to business but just can't until I know the links will work. I was working with a tech support today who is trying to help create a work around. Will keep all updated.
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