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Remove CMD+Select to highlight




somewhere in one of the latest betas this feature appeared: CMD+Select to highlight text. It's very annoying.

How can I remove it?

It continuously interferes with a copy and paste workflow, where I try to select and copy (by pressing cmd+c) and the text gets highlighted and copied with the yellow highlighting. This is very, very annoying. How can I deactivate this feature? You may also want to rethink this keyboard shortcut, as cmd is used for so many things that this shortcut gets easily in the way. Maybe using the option key would be less troublesome.

Thanks in advance.

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The yellow highlighting is still in the regular release (non-beta).  I much prefer the previous behavior which on the third click of the highlighter button completely removed the highlighting - can we please re-implement this?  As far as things are now, I cannot remove highlighting after pasting in from the mac's terminal!



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This issue has still not been resolved in the final version of 5.6.2. Text is still highlighted when pressing the Command button and selecting text. This interferes with copying and pasting depending on how quickly you push CMD+C. Please remove highlighting from CMD when selecting text. It would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Am losing patience with this yellow automatic highlight really...

That really is a strange idea (to say the least)

I would appreciate a QUICK fix now

I am on Mac 5.6.0


Your latest updates are a mistery for me...

Another example is I used to have spotlight search working fine through OCRed pdfs loaded inside Evernote, that was a cornerstone of my paper-based workflow.

But since the latest update where you the update notes claimed that you actually fixed spotlight search (?) spotlight is not searching my OCRed pdfs anymore and not even standard text evernote notes

I have been working on this with your support for more than 10 days now.



My comment is your updates are a total mistery to me and that is the case since quite some time now.

  • Either I see no significant improvement but no major drawbacks (except after sometime that the whole app has become so easy and slow but that is another story)
  • Or this is so obvious that these supposedly improvements are broken pieces of [yellow] *****

I hope you are not attempting to sabotage your product because I kind of rely on Evernote so far and I was not considering to invest time now to switching to something more clean/simple and robust

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There were many complaints when this feature was implemented.  I believe it was in one of the EN Mac 5.6 Betas, but I'm not sure.


At the very minimum, EN needs to change the keyboard shortcut from "CMD" to something else.

But I don't really see the need to have this at all.  It is easy enough to just select the text to be highlighted, and then press CMD+CTRL+H.

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