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  1. I really like the new editor toolbar. It adresses almost all of the issues I had with the original 6.0 editor. The icons are clear and easily distinguishable from each other, the sharing information is subtle and out of the way but tells you everything you need. I still think the Title could benefit from being more distinct from the copy in the note, but it's only a beta
  2. mac

    Yes, Evernote employees read these forums. No, they do not disclose road maps or the status of particular feature requests.
  3. I dislike the disproportions of icons. Or rather, I dislike that they do not address the glaring obvious usability issues with the ridiculously small editor toolbar icons. The old icons were good enough. I suspect the only motive for making these huge icons is to make the new "Update"-button stand out more and WorkChat - if enabled - steals more focus ... Here's a side by side comparison I didn't realise it yesterday, but it seem the highlighting has changed too. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Regarding images: Yes, I use the image link function as well. And Skitch has a very convenient option to share a link to the direct URL of an image. Sometimes it even works. Yesterday it didn't hence my sour remark.
  4. Oh man, this would have been such an easy request to fulfill if Skitch did not suck as much as it currently does ... But there ya go. (For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to attach images)
  5. What's up with those huge new sidebar icons? They look completely outlandish compared to the small shortcut/recent notes icons and the freakishly tiny and barely distinguishable note editor icons.
  6. I have played with a bit, it seems to be hit and miss. Sometimes it does work, sometimes it does not. This is major headache if you have gotten used to just make sure your notes are listed in the way you want them to merge since this is not realiable anymore either. Edit: This was in the latest version direct download version (6.0.13).
  7. I experienced a weird clipping bug today where the clipping actually overlaps the title field in Evernote. See the attached screen shot. OS X 10.10.2 (14C1514) Evernote: Version 6.0.7 (451372 Direct) Safari Version 8.0.4 (10600.4.10.7) Evernote Clipper 6.3
  8. My hair is made of cheese and thats why I smell funny. I said it ... does that make it true enough to pass on as an excuse for my bad smell? I guess for you it's of no consequence to buy into Evernote's spin regarding the Mac version if you don't use it. For those of us who do, holding Evernote accountable for their explanations - especially the unreasonable ones - is necessary.
  9. Please stop perpetuating this Evernote spin. It's been sufficiently shown in the threads dealing with this issue that Evernote 6 strays from the Yosemite standards as much as it follows them.
  10. Looks pretty much like the notebooks list on the iPad including the addition of "Recent notebooks" to the Mac client as well (except with more whitespace). I like the current list view better where I am able to see all of my notebooks (40+ when all stacks are uncollapsed) in one view. You could easily fit in a "Recent notebooks" list to this view - although I'd rather you didn't. So yeah, if I can't see all my notebooks at a glance, anyway ... what's the point?
  11. Thank you! Took you long enough, but this almost changes everything. It's still the bleakest looking app I know of, but we're finally able to get the Activity Stream abomination and the Work Chat woe out of sight. Helps a lot.
  12. I agree. Also, the Evernote edition of the ScanSnap scanner is considerably more expensive than the S1500. And not really worth it in my opinion. Also, don't buy the Mac edition of the ScanSnap S1500. The only difference from the Windows version is the colour. You have to be really fond of white to pay a $100+ premium for the Mac version. If you buy the S1500M Mac edition, it comes bundled with Mac OS X versions of client software, including Adobe Acrobat. (At least that was the case when I bought my scanner a few years ago.) While you can download more recent versions of OS X ScanSnap off the net, you can't acquire the OS X version of Adobe Acrobat that was bundled with the scanner. It is still the same scanner that would work with any software the S1500M would work with. Anyways, you got Adobe Acrobat bundled with the Windows version too. So, whether you have the need for Acrobat on OS X or not, it's still a ~$100 premium for the Mac version. Good news is ScanSnap has stopped charging Mac users more - no dedicated Mac versions of the ix500 or Evernote Edition.
  13. I agree. Also, the Evernote edition of the ScanSnap scanner is considerably more expensive than the S1500. And not really worth it in my opinion. Also, don't buy the Mac edition of the ScanSnap S1500. The only difference from the Windows version is the colour. You have to be really fond of white to pay a $100+ premium for the Mac version.
  14. mac

    The new design is not what breaks the deal for me, but I feel compelled to post anyway on the notion that this new design is all about following Apple's design guidelines. It's already been pointed out by others that Evernote does not necessarily follow Apple's design guideline (such as it is perceived by those of us just using the native apps). For instance the different approach to applying Vibrancy and selection highlight in sidebar, where Evernote only follow their own concepts. Here's another example regarding icons: Safari: Finder: It does not take much explanation. These white background icons - especially the back and forward buttons - are obiquitous in most Apple apps. My point is: Since it does not take much analysis to realise that Evernote strays as much from Apple's design guidelines as they adhere to them it is obvious that it does not really make sense defending the design choices with Apple's design guidelines.
  15. This is a contradictory statement (my emphasis). And one key reason why the old share by e-mail feature or even e-mailing a link to a public note is a far superior option in most cases where you just want people to view your note. Here's a couple of other issues that makes Work Chat seem a step backwards: - it often takes quite a while for the recipient to get the notification. Anything from 10-15 minutes in my experiences playing around with my accounts. - if you're sending the note/notebook to an e-mail-address which has already an account attached, the owner will not receive an e-mail. - what kind of notification do the recipient get if they do not have a client with Work Chat? None, at all? Another thing is that "New chat" button on the tool bar. Whether you want to use Work Chat or not it serves no purpose but being an eye sore. There's references to Work Chat literally everywhere in the interface, why do we need this button at all? I also don't understand why you do not make a unified Share menu to decrease the confusion about which is where. But that would obviously not serve your efforts to doomphasise other sharing options. Running from Herod to Pilate everytime I want to achieve anything (not just sharing) in Evernote is what has slowly but steadily driven me to seek greener pastures (no pun intended). Every releases since 5.0.0 has been a new disappointment.