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  1. Been there, done that. Now, if Evernote acts up, I just use Notes.
  2. This is a definition of 'easier' that I am unfamiliar with.
  3. I haven't used Brave, but I am fervently in favour of Vivaldi. Using the current Chrome extension, I can't think of any reasons why you shouldn't use it with Brave and the like.
  4. I wish the new Template-function also saved tags, notebook, and the title. In fact, I am not sure I understand what the point is so long it doesn't save these things.
  5. I replied to this in the other thread where you posted this. There used to be an indication, but it was lost in 6.0. Managed to find a comparison I made when the change happened almost 4 years ago: https://www.evernote.com/l/AeZUG256SJ5IfITSm0hlDl82ao6oAWI6T_A
  6. There were no visual indicator in the previous version (7.3) either. Back in the days (before version 6.0, I believe) you had a visual indicator if you had made a public link, but you no longer do. However, there is a blurb of texts in notes you've shared via e-mail (Work Chat).
  7. I deleted my post realising the language is a bit colorful. I apologise for that. However, it expressed a valid opinion that this "brand refresh" is a storm in a teacup and massively underwhelming. If stating my opinion makes me a troll, then let me be a troll. I left the other post be. You have to click four times to get to the announcement. That's just a fact. And a good example of Evernote's focus on user experience.
  8. Also, the banner at the top of the forum ... it takes FOUR clicks to get to the Medium post. At the third post, you have to look for the third entry in the forum. Why not a direct link?
  9. Evernote is already using ⌘ + [ and ⌘ + ] to go back and forth between notes. It's unfortunate when signs like [ and } are used for keyboard shortcuts, as it does not work on all keyboards. However, you can change the shortcuts yourself in Preferences > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.
  10. I know this, you know this. Most users won't know this. It does not change the fact that some of Evernote's keyboard shortcuts are non-functional for a large group of the users out of the box. I would say that it is bad design, but it is probably just complete ignorance.
  11. What good are those, if you are not using an American keyboard? Ok, some are fine, - but others are incredibly cumbersome or downright impossible to use on non-American keyboards. Like ⌘ [ and ⌥ ⌘ {.
  12. I believe the point is that you can now use the character / in names of attached files when renaming them. It's not a keyboard shortcut.
  13. I don't know when Evernote introduced the large unsightly headers for merged notes. But I do know exactly when they started becoming more than just an aestetichal problem, more than 4 years ago: The issue is, that the first header would be repeated if you merged notes with merged notes, see the example in the post above. A complete deal breaker for me. I filed a bug report all those years ago, but have no hope of ever seeing it fixed.
  14. Have you tried Word or Google Docs? Evernote is not a word processing app.
  15. It seems the wheel of green boogers have been spun again. On my iPhone it changed from white background, small button to dark background, oversize button.
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