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  1. You were asking for a roadmap, release dates or time when your bug is fixed. And it is a known fact that Evernote generally does not provide such. So no point in hoping for them to do so. Thank you, you're welcome. (Yes, the guru label is random and pointless. I have earned it by complaining a lot.)
  2. The merge sequence is a bug in my opinion. However, not a big issue to me personally. But the duplication of the titles. I've made many complaints about this already, just search for my posts. The gist is that Evernote inserts a grey bar repeating the title of the first note perpetually.
  3. Touch Bar support!!!1! Woohoo!! It changes everything!
  4. Merging notes on Evernote is permanently broken on Mac, so I wouldn't trust them to get it right on iOS.
  5. Evernote does not disclose roadmaps on the forum or anywhere else. Neither for product development nor bug fixings. Period. If you think 10 days are long to wait for Evernote to fix their bugs, you're going to suffer a lot frustrations. Edit: I thought I was quoting the above post from Chad CEO. So it was a response to that. Obviously.
  6. Couldn't agree more. Sadly, Evernote is the only reason I have disabled automatic upgrades.
  7. The description you get, when you look into what a new update entails on the device. I figure it is the same message in iTunes, though. (If you have automatic upgrades ... alas). And no, leaving it out from what's included in Premium is not being clear.
  8. I wish it was possible to dislike comments. Because I dislike this comment. Evernote was *not* clear about this change - except in a forum post that the majority of Evernote users will never see. This is the kind of thing you disclose in the description. Apparently Evernote learned nothing from Penultimagate.
  9. This has been requested for years and years. It has been made abundantly clear that Evernote is not going to implement this. For unknown reasons. To be diplomatic.
  10. My private theory is that Evernote decided to remove the presentation feature from iOS because it never got implemented in Android, despite requests. This way, Android users won't have a valid reason to be angry that it is still not present when Android 8 rolls around. But, of course, it is just a theory.
  11. It's hilariously ironic how the blog post is full to the brim of butt hurt Android users thinking they're being ignored. They don't get it. They simply don't see it. They don't feel the iOS users' pain of continually getting a prettier and prettier interface that does less and less. Evernote is the reason I do not use auto update on any of my iOS devices. They will go ahead and remove features and functionality, so it's better to have some time adjusting to a new reality before it puts you on the spot. I hope not too many people who were planning on using presentation mode today in an important meeting kept their apps up to date ... It just boggles my mind.
  12. I really like the new editor toolbar. It adresses almost all of the issues I had with the original 6.0 editor. The icons are clear and easily distinguishable from each other, the sharing information is subtle and out of the way but tells you everything you need. I still think the Title could benefit from being more distinct from the copy in the note, but it's only a beta
  13. mac

    Yes, Evernote employees read these forums. No, they do not disclose road maps or the status of particular feature requests.
  14. I dislike the disproportions of icons. Or rather, I dislike that they do not address the glaring obvious usability issues with the ridiculously small editor toolbar icons. The old icons were good enough. I suspect the only motive for making these huge icons is to make the new "Update"-button stand out more and WorkChat - if enabled - steals more focus ... Here's a side by side comparison I didn't realise it yesterday, but it seem the highlighting has changed too. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Regarding images: Yes, I use the image link function as well. And Skitch has a very convenient option to share a link to the direct URL of an image. Sometimes it even works. Yesterday it didn't hence my sour remark.
  15. Oh man, this would have been such an easy request to fulfill if Skitch did not suck as much as it currently does ... But there ya go. (For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to attach images)