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  1. I'm not familiar with how to enable "Paste and Match Style" on my Mac or on Evernote, but you mentioning that promoted me to investigate an app that I run called "FormatMatch". I decided to disable the "FormatMatch" application and now I'm able to copy and paste checkboxes in Evernote as I normally would in the past, so I guess this was just a problem on my end and not Evernotes. I never had any problems with this app in the past, but I suppose I'm relieved to know it was a minor problem on my end rather than on Evernotes end. Thanks for your help!
  2. I make a number of schedules and to-do lists with Evernote, and as you can imagine I use the check box feature to check off items when I'm finished. I often have to copy and paste a number of items from one note to another that are empty checkboxes, but since the update, every time I copy and paste checkboxes it now leaves square brackets within the note instead of pasting the blank checkbox. I now have to either delete each square bracket individually or temporarily disable the checkboxes altogether to get rid of the square brackets. It's quite a nuisance and very inconvenient. Here is an example of what happens now since Evernote updated to 6.1: Septembers Bills:[x] Rent due on 1st[x] Comcast bill due on 9th[x] DTE bill due on 9th[ ] Ting bill due on 16th[ ] Car insurance bill due on the 20th (Again, in the past after copy and pasting checkboxes it simply pasted the checkbox rather than these square brackets.) I hope there is a fix soon!
  3. I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to simply add a singular shared note from Work Chat all week! So frustrating to finally learn that this is currently impossible to do, unless your on windows. Unfortunately I use Evernote on my Mac and Android. I don't remember Evernote being this complicated to use in the past.
  4. Awesome! Looking forward to it. Thank you for the prompt reply.
  5. This issue has still not been resolved in the final version of 5.6.2. Text is still highlighted when pressing the Command button and selecting text. This interferes with copying and pasting depending on how quickly you push CMD+C. Please remove highlighting from CMD when selecting text. It would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  6. Well, more and more I'm realizing that the Evernote "auto save" option is becoming more an more inconsistent for some reason. Sometimes it works, however more than often it does not. This is the real issue. In the mean time, I've learned to use the Command + S shortcut to manually save notes.
  7. Yeah, I've found that the checkmarks only save now when you exit out of the note (without closing), and then click the sync button. It's frustrating because it's kind of inconvenient to do that, especially when you're used to it saving automatically.
  8. No I don't link my notes too often, but if I run into this problem again in the future I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!
  9. When making a checklist in Evernote, when I click an empty checkbox to checkmark it, it does not automatically save. For instance, if I close the note, and reopen it, the checks are no longer checked but left blank. The only time that the checkmarks will remain within the note is if I sync the notes first before closing them out. In the past I did not have to sync a note for it to save a checkmark. I'll find myself checking 20 things off of a checklist I made, only to close it out and reopen it a little while later and see that all of the checkmarks are gone and the checkboxes are left empty. I made sure that I upgraded to the earliest version of Evernote (5.2.2) from the website download yesterday.
  10. I initially could not even fully uninstall Evernote. When I tried, I kept getting a message that said "A Mac App Store installation of Evernote has been detected". I finally was able to resolve the problem by installing App Cleaner in order to remove all of Evernotes hidden files, after that I was finally able to reinstall Evernote from the website download and quickly access my notes.
  11. This is the message that I am seeing when attempting to download Evernote: "A Mac App Store installation of Evernote has been detected. Evernote needs to make a new copy of your notes. This may take up to several minutes if you have a large account." Obviously this is taking much longer than "several minutes".
  12. When trying to manually update my Evernote from 5.5.1. to 5.5.2., an Evernote App Store installation was detected. So I had to switch over to the Evernote website download instead. The problem is that it's taking way too long to make this transition. There is no way to truly detect if my notes are actually being copied at all being that there is no actual progress bar showing the download speed. This is a extremely frustrating being that I have been unable to access my notes all day. Is there any way possible to detect if this transition is actually even working, or how long it may continue to take?
  13. Since the 5.4.2 upgrade as well as upgrading to Mavericks, I am no longer able to copy and paste in the same manner that I used to. In the past, I could copy text that went beyond an Evernote window by pressing Command+C and using the trackpad to scroll up simultaneously. Yet now, I am restrained to the top of the Evernote window, even though there is text beyond the top of the window. I've had to downgrade to Version 3.2.0 in order to copy and paste large portions of text that may go beyond the Evernote window It's not pretty, but Version 3.2.0 is the only version that I've found to be able to copy and paste as I used to and so desire. It's simply too inconvenient to copy only sections of text at a time. I should note however, that this is not an issue on the Evernote web extension, but still, it is much more desirable and convenient to use the actual Mac application than the web app. I hope this issue is resolved as soon as possible. Thank you.
  14. Raph, are you still running EN Ma 5.4.1? If so, you might want to consider updating to the latest ver just out last week, ver 5.4.2. If your bugs/issues still exist, you can report them to Feedback for Mac Evernote Version 5.4.2 Yeah I tried the latest 5.4.2 version but the problem still persists. I'll make sure to report it to the Feedback thread. Thanks.
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