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  1. Well I confirm yes @DTLow I completely dropped Evernote, I do not use any of the platforms. I still receive emails notices from Evernote forum when any of the few topics where I and many begged for may years for improvements are updated (I used to follow these). I receive such update every 6 months or so now.. You are right on 1 point that is my old legacy data still on Evernote servers in Evernote proprietary format. When I have 2 hours to spare I need to erase all yes, while checking that Evernote policy is fine on really erasing (I think this part is fine). I hope no-one got offended for my "better life" claims. But look: I have been with Evernote since 2011 and paid user right away.. I have been an early advocate of Evernote, I had shared to many colleagues and many friends that Evernote rocks: they have joined and paid, I have done the 5 star App Store review stuff etc... For these I think I got the right to say that now in my opinion: Evernote really sucks (seriously just look simply at the state of your hacks on simple checklists. Or simply look at how slow that is to search a note in Evernote..Or simply look at the lack of features to allow quick/efficient sorting of your notes) It has not improved for me over the years and has rather really degraded, and that I have lost time (and I regret) not realizing earlier that grass is much much much greener elsewhere. No offense but Yes: I get a much better life since I dropped Evernote yes.
  2. Great script @BM1957 and thanks much for sharing your answering this Sept 20th 2011 legitimate question (in the meantime nothing serious on tasks from Evernote) As for me I am no longer concerned: For tasks (or even simple checklists) I have stopped using evernote 3 years ago as this proved to be barely usable for task management (or even simple checklists) and a waste of my time. Overall (and for core user case that is notes & other doc management) I have completely dropped Evernote 1 year ago I have moved docs and notes to DevonThink Pro and am 10 times happier with my life since then, and my wife loves me much more.
  3. I considered trashing Evernote after 3 years premium usage for OCR index getting worse and worse on Evernote Mac (and also I lost for some reason with a recent update my Spotlight Integration) Still I just noticed that in fact Evernote OCR and index work consistently fine on Ipad ! So I might look at "Should I try to stick to Evernote" again for few days because there is some hope there is an OCR working actually fine in Evernote. So yes for some reason Index result of OCR pdf significantly differ on Evernote for Mac (not reliable) vs. Evernote for Ipad (Index is reliable). I have a Evernote notebook called "ScanToMac" where I load all pdf (mostly results of my paper mail that I scan). If I search the word "Facture" in this folder (facture means "invoice" in french) my Ipad brings me (correctly) 100 results that are pdf where the word facture is contained https://www.evernote.com/l/AHYW_hBPmARMI43dMkln2sTd3ZrndlJTrTE My Mac evernote search function brings me only 42 results that is incorrect and missed many pdf that include the word facture that was correctly OCRed / Indexed by Evernote engine and correctly delivered to the Index/Search function on Ipad // incorrectly delivered to Evernote Mac. That 42% ratio is decreasing dramatically lately to less than 30% https://www.evernote.com/l/AHaKL3jcppREGa-q1hCqDd3-AtvrbSmrsMA When I look at the details of which notes are correctly identified by Mac index and which ones are missing vs. Ipad it looks quite random it is like 1 in 3 pdf is indexed correctly/searchable in my Mac vs. in my Ipad but which ones is a bit random. What steps should I take to have my Mac reflect the index of my iPad that seems correct and prevent having my Mac delivering incorrect results ? Is there a way to "rebuild" index on Evernote Mac to make it correct and similar to Evernote Ipad ? Thank you Also please find below more details on what I notice on EvernoteMac when searching word "facture" 1st result is http://glui.me/?i=rs8cin85khp8kj9/2014-11-09_at_13.10.png/ > Says 1 pdf has not been indexed although the word "facture" was correctly detected inside the pdf. This word is found but not highlighted inside the pdf 2nd result is http://glui.me/?i=o0dx4qmizlap2cp/2014-11-09_at_13.15.png/ also says pdf is not indexed but it looks like it was indexed since the word facture is found. Also please note that here, the word is highlighted in the pdf (2 instances) 3rd result http://glui.me/?i=udeafzqgbjp4cm6/2014-11-09_at_13.18.png/ is the 1st result where I got the message"All attachement have been indexed" and I also have the word facture highlighted in the pdf when doing the search On these results 1, 2 , 3 please note that on Ipad these results (sorted the same way) are respectively results 3, 17 and 19 (the ratio of 1 note out of 3 correctly found in EvernoteMac sames as Evernote Ipad is getting worse these last weeks and Evernote Mac now "rarely" sees pdf results that evernote ipad continues to see. [Also on a sidenote does someone know how to get back to spotlight search to Evernote working - I have 5.7.2 Direct non sandboxed evernote and I run OSX 10.8.5 and it was working fine before an update that broke the access from spotlight to evenote pfd OCRed content. Sio I used to be able to find through spotlight pdf loaded in Evernote containing a specific word, not anymore and that is the 2nd deal breaker for me ]
  4. I need that too and I would be able to stop loading standard actions in my todo list (Omnifocus) that is a bit too heavy as a thing for trivial stuff like packing your luggage or else I would get rid of average iphone apps for shopping list etc... You really need a light Evernote note with checkboxes for simple stuff like that and the power of evernote behind (sharing on the cloud, indexing etc...) and you want to avoid piling up otherwise useless apps and keep a short number of hubs not fragments of systems everywhere. That said a simple hack I use for some daily routines I have is: Today I check all boxes one by one in my Evernote note.The next day I uncheck them one by one the same way as I follow the stepsCertainly not clean and not reliable as a system (eg if you have routines where you search for actions that need be closed in all Evernote or anything else a bit robust around checkboxes) ....but workable at a micro level.
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