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Highlighting, how to remove?

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I've been googling and googling to no avail. I understand how to highlight, but how do you remove it? I've tried two very obvious solutions, neither of which work:


1. Select all highlighted text and hit the highlight button to remove highlighting (doesn't work)

2. Right click on highlighted text and find some menu option called "remove highlighting" (I do not see any such option)


What do I do? 



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@xblade, the OP resolved his issue. Have you tried selecting the exact same highlighted text and hitting the highlight button again? To my best recollection, it worked fine for me on Windows at about 7:15 PM last night.

Granted - when you hit the highlight button while your text is selected, it doesn't look like any change has been made. Be sure to hit the button just once and then deselect your text. It should work. If you hit the highlight button an even number of times, you'll end up with your text still highlighted. You need to hit the highlight button an odd number of times for it to work, i.e. 1,3,5,7,9,11,13. Just once will do.

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Bump -- still not working for Windows. Clicking on highlight again will NOT remove highlight.

Works for me. I just reselected the highlighted text and click the highlight button. Gone.

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Nope, not working for me, either.  I tried Ctrl-A, hit Highlight button once, no change - all the text is highlighted.  I tried hitting highlight button twice, and then 3 times, and I cannot get rid of the highlighted text.   I'm using Windows 7 and Evernote

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I've run into the same issue on Windows desktop, say, if I triple tap to select an entire line/ paragraph. If, however, I select the highlighted text - no more, no less, I am able to remove highlighting. That may work for some, hopefully. 

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In Windows 7, I finally found a trick that worked for me; hope it helps others:


When I highlight, I usually select the whole line by double-clicking on it, then the highlight button.  I was trying to do the same thing to un-highlight (double click on the line, then click the "highlight" button again).  As others have reported, this doesn't work.


To "un-highlight", you have to select only the highlighted text by clicking at the beginning and dragging to exactly the end of the text.  THEN the "highlight" button appears "pressed", and you can click it to "un-press" the button... voila!  Un-highlighted.


Agreed with others this isn't the most intuitive functionality.  I'd also like to see more highlight color options (starting with a brighter yellow!).


Still, Evernote = awesome!

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