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  1. I understand what you mean about tags but it's not very intuitive. Sometimes I forget the tag names and want to just visually see the hierarchy. I shouldn't have to use this method. Tags is for searching, not hierarchy.
  2. Hate to say it, but the better suggestion is try ANY other note app out there on the top of Google and it will, 100% without a doubt, have subfolders available. This is such a basic feature that even Windows 3.1's Explorer had. Until they get this, if you want any form of organization if you have more than, say, 5 notes, go elsewhere. No idea why this isn't implemented.... if it would confuse users, just add an option in settings to enable "advanced" features (cough). I really can't believe this isn't a feature, yet.
  3. Bump for a key feature missing in Evernote .. DevelopmentVisual StudioVisual BasicC#Work-RelatedProjectsHR DocsMeetingsAndroid StudioGuidesProjectsTemplates...etc Missing this key feature strays me from Evernote to use other programs (that all seem to contain subfolder heirarchy's except Evernote)
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