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  1. Well, thanks for the fix, jbenson2, but It bugs me too. I now have to allow third party cookies just to use the very tool I use most in Evernote? What changed? Was it in Chrome or Evernote? Or is this Evernote-the-company turning into Facebook, mining users' data? 😯 Ed
  2. Today Chrome updated to v71 and at the same time Evernote Web Clipper stopped working. First thing that happens when I try to use it is a pop-up window appears saying I'm now logged in. This pop-up window shows up every time I try to use the clipper. Then a smaller window appears about cookies... "Evernote Web Clipper uses cookies to identify your account..." Finally, all Evernote overlays disappear and I'm back to the article I wanted to clip. I've made no changes to Chrome or Evernote that could cause this. Any ideas? Windows 10 up to date, desktop and laptop both
  3. Thanks for the replies. The problem I've described happens with the web version of Evernote, in both Chrome and Firefox. It's also more pronounced on my laptop than my desktop. I've downloaded the Evernote stand-alone app and do not have the problem there. As gsmith58v3 said, the real question I have is how to control the table border style. If there is a way to do this, it would solve the problem. As they point out, there is no option I can find in either the browser version or the stand alone to modify table borders that I can find. Thanks, Ed B
  4. I'm having trouble seeing the cell lines in a table inserted into a note. When I create the table before I start editing, the faint cell lines are visible. As soon as I click into a cell, all the cell lines disappear. Normally I'd fix this by making the lines black or somesuch, but I can find no way to adjust table lines, cell colors, etc. Some old tutorials show there being an arrow that takes you to cell formatting, but it is not available on my Evernote. How do I make the cells visible? Thanks, EdB
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