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[Feature Suggestion] - insert search-link in notes





As we can insert hyperlinks or note links in notes, it could be usefull to have search-links in note.


I know we can have saved search in the shortcut panel, or that saved search appear by clicking in the search field, and it's very usefull... but I keep them to very recurrent search or current concerns. I don't want to overstock thoses places, particularly the search field drop-down list. 



And you, would you see an utility to these search-links in your EN-system ?


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Not currently possible,  but you can at least save the more complicated content of the search field in a note to copy/ paste it back into search when necessary.  Search also suggests content,  and of course you can save searches and add them as shortcuts - do we really need another option?

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I've the habits to deal with existing features (as far as I know them) with all tools I use, so I've already considered thoses options and then can do the job - so no, I'm not "in need", it's just what it is, a suggestion :)


If such a feature would exist, I'd use it for some kind of table of content notes. For the moment I can deal with notes mixing link-notes and plain text search I can copy/paste.

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EDIT: I should have fully tested this before posting.  It works in terms of links, but Evernote will not allow you to put the link in the note.  It says the link cannot be accessed.  You can create a hyperlink elsewhere, and probably by accessing the actual plaintext data of the note you want to edit, but Evernote will not allow you to do it.



This functionality is possible through the evernote:// protocol.  I found this out by just typing "evernote://search/" in my web browser--it selected the search bar in Evernote.  So then I typed some after that, and it put what I type in the search box!

What you can do is enter your search query into a URL encoder (or know how to encode them).  So, for example, the query:

notebook:"paco42994's notebook" tag:"in progress"

should come out looking like:


It's a little annoying and looks weird, but it works.  Just put "evernote://search/" at the beginning of that (not encoded) and it will become a search link.

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I checked this up after you posted about this: thought your suggestion was very nice.. Always shared public links, but didnt know about private...

I think you can share private link from note to note like this: Let me know if it does what you want.


You can right click onto note in snippet view....


Then go more sharing -> copy public link (To get a link to be uploaded online that anyone can access)





For private use posted only to yourself:


Right click on snippet view note: click "copy note link" and then paste it in the other note you want...

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Unfortunately, links in the following format - starting with 'evernote://search/' (or 'evernote:///search/') don't work anymore. I've tried from both Firefox and Internet Explorer.
(Side note: Links for notes - starting with 'evernote:///view/' - still work from browsers.)

On 12/4/2014 at 0:51 AM, PacoD said:


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